The Ultimate List of 200+ Non-Phone Work from Home Jobs

Are you seriously considering a non-phone work from home job? Luckily, there are many other non-phone alternatives that one can choose from. Check out the best non-phone jobs for freelancers, work at home moms, stay at home dads, teens, and more.

Non Phone Work from Home Jobs 

The list below has been made brief and has a description of the job as well as the companies that offer that type of job. The information available will help you decide if the opportunity is something that you might want to work with. There is a combination of full-time jobs, part-time jobs, side cash gigs.

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Data Entry 

Data entry jobs are one of the most conformable online opportunities available today. If you have an elementary computer experience and can work with MS Excel and MS Word, you can start working on this online opportunity.

>> Click here to view the full list of data entry jobs.

Chat and Email Support 

This is another non-phone opportunity that you can do from the comfort of your home and make a good income online. You are expected to reply to emails and reply chat messages in this customer service-oriented position. >>

>> Click here to view work from home jobs as a  Chat Support Agent.

Get Paid To Test Websites

  1. UserTesting (Read Review)
  2. Userlytics (Read Review)

>> Click here to view more non-phone work from home jobs as a Website Tester.

Get Paid To Take Surveys

Another great non-phone opportunity for making money is taking surveys online survey panels.

  1. Toluna ( Read Review)
  2. Pinecone Research (Read Review)
  3. Opinion Outpost (Read Review)
  4. Swagbucks (Read Review)
  5. Survey Junkie (Sign up)
  6. Inbox Dollars (Sign up)
  7. Paid Viewpoint (Sign up)

>> Click here to view more places that pay you to take surveys online.

Online Errands and Miscellaneous Tasks 

You can make a good income online by performing simple tasks and errands. You might be asked to search the internet, carry out online surveys, or watch videos on channels such as YouTube among others. You will also get opportunities online that might require that you perform offline tasks such as getting groceries, doing the laundry, and many other errands. Here are the platforms where you will find such tasks and errands.

  1. Amazon mTurk ( Read Review)
  2. Bankroll Bucks (Watch video tutorial)
  3. ClickWorker
  4. TaskRabbit – (Read review)
  5. Slice the Pie – (Watch video tutorial)

>> Click here to view a list of sites that pay you to run errands and complete simple tasks.

Make Money Teaching English Online 

ESL tutoring is a very good opportunity for making money online. This is especially so because more and more people are globally interested in learning English as their second language. All you need is fluency in the English language and an online video link. If you have Skype, you are good to go. Here are some online platforms that provide this opportunity.

  1. VIPKid ( Read Review)
  2. Cambly (Read Review)
  3. Education First (Read Review)
  4. Chegg (Read Review)
  5. English Hunt

>> Click here to view more places that pay you to teach English online.

Make Money Online in Healthcare 

There are numerous avenues for people to make money online in the healthcare industry. You need to have a little educational background in healthcare although you do not need too much experience in healthcare.  Below are some sites where such opportunities are available.

  1. FoneMed
  2. LifeBridge Health
  3. McKesson
  4. Sirona Health
  5. UnitedHealth Group Careers

For medical coding, here are several companies.

  1. Amphion Medical ( Visit Website)
  2. AviaCode (Apply online)
  3. Code Busters (Apply online)
  4. Mayo Clinic
  5. MedQuist

>> Click here to view more medical coding jobs.

Here are some sites for medical transcription.

  1. Ascend Healthcare ( Apply online)
  2. Advanced Transcription
  3. ScribeCare
  4. StenoMed

>> Click here to view more medical transcription jobs.

Online Opportunities for Graphic Designers 

Anyone with knowledge in graphic design has an opportunity to work from the comfort of their homes and make a good income. All you need is a computer with a good internet connection and the required software and you are good to go. Here are some wonderful platforms for finding legitimate online graphic design opportunities.

  1. 99 Designs
  2. Crowdspring
  3. Fiverr (Visit website)
  4. Zillion Designs
  5. LogoMyWay

Are you seriously considering a non-phone work at home job? Luckily, there are many other alternatives that you can choose from. Check out this list of 200+ opportunities!

Get Paid To Complete Transcription Tasks

There are many companies offering online transcription opportunities for beginners and professionals where a good income will be made.  Here are some legitimate sites that offer online transcription opportunities.

  1. 3PlayMedia (Read Review)
  2. AccuTran Global (Read Review)
  3. Appenscribe
  4. Babbletype (Read Review)
  5. Casting Words (Read Review)
  6. Crowdsurf ( Apply online)
  7. Daily Transcription (Read Review)
  8. Focus Forward
  9. GMR Transcription
  10. Net Transcripts
  11. Quicktate ( Read Review)
  12. REV
  13. Scribie (Read Review)
  14. SpeakWrite
  15. Tigerfish
  17. Transcribe Me (Read Review)
  18. Ubiqus
  19. Verbal Ink
  20. Way With Words

>> Click here to view the full list of non-phone online typing jobs.


If you have a computer and a good internet connection and you have the skills for bookkeeping, you could work from home and make a real income as a bookkeeper. Below is a list of companies that offer this work at home opportunity.

  1. Accounting ( Apply online)
  2. Bateman & Co.
  3. Book Minders ( Apply online)
  4. Click N Work
  5. Click Accountant Bookkeeping Services
  6. TAD Accounting
  7. BIDaWIZ

>> Click here to view the full list of accounting and bookkeeping jobs 

Become A Mail Decoy 

This opportunity involves getting mail sent to your address. Afterward, you would fill out an online form that requires specific details to be added and then depending on the company’s requirements, you will keep the mail for 6 months. The following companies offer mail decoy opportunities.

  1. Hausernet
  2. US Monitor

Micro Tasks 

Micro-tasks involve small tasks that can be done online without much effort and quickly. You can be able to provide more services and make more money depending on your skills and time. These tasks can be found below.

  1. Fiverr
  2. Amazon Mechanical Mturk
  3. Inbox Dollars
  4. Click N Work
  5. Task Rabbit
  6. Crowd Flower

>> Click here to view a list of sites that pay you to run errands and complete simple tasks.

Online Moderators 

This is another online opportunity where you work as a moderator in various forums, social media sites, and chat rooms. Your work is to moderate or manage the comments that people make and if people do not follow the rules and regulations on these platforms, you will kick them out while ensuring that engagements remain vibrant and positive.

  1. BabyCenter
  2. Metaverse Mod Squad (Read Review)
  3. Ask Community
  4. ICUC
  5. Yelp
  6. Lithium

>> Click here to view the full list of moderating jobs and learn more about the role.

Online Proofreaders

With great English, good grammar and spelling, you can work online as a proofreader. Here are some sites where legitimate online proofreading opportunities can be found.

  1. (Read Review)
  2. Sibia Proofreading
  3. Cambridge Proofreading Services (Read Review)

>> Click here to view more non-phone work from home jobs as an Online Proofreader.

Search Engine Evaluation 

Your job is to analyze the results of search engines to determine their accuracy and find out if they are free from spamming and are timely. You are also expected to find out if the relevant keywords have been used. Here are some legitimate online platforms for search engine evaluation opportunities.

  1. Appen Butler Hill
  2. Leapforce
  3. Lionbridge
  4. iSoftstone

>> Start here to view more non-phone work from home jobs as a Web Search Evaluator.


Anyone that has a good command of another language and can also speak and write well in English can find online translation opportunities. There are many translation tasks including meetings, correspondence, documents, and calls. Here is a list of online platforms where legitimate translation jobs will be found.

  1. 1-800 Translate
  2. Aberdeen
  3. Clickworker
  4. Appen Butler
  5. World Lingo (Read Review)
  6. Affordable Translations
  7. AccuRapid Translation
  8. Butler Hill Group
  9. African Translation
  10. Creative English Solutions
  11. Dialog One
  12. Global Link Translations
  13. Pacific Interpreters
  14. Responsive Translation
  15. SDL International
  16. TeleLanguage
  17. Trusted Translations
  18. We-Translate

> Click here to view more non-phone work from home jobs as an Online Translator.

The Ultimate List of 200+ Non-Phone Work from Home Jobs

Online Tutoring 

If you are good in certain subjects, you can work as an online tutor and teach students one on one. Most tutoring is done through Skype although other video links can be used with learning done virtually. Below is a list of genuine websites where online tutoring opportunities will be found.

  1. 2U
  2. Brainfuse
  3. Berlitz
  4. Creative English Solutions (Canada)
  5. Chegg
  6. Eduwizards
  7. EleMental Learning
  8. Expert Tutors (Canada)
  10. Homework Tutoring
  11. Tutor ABC
  13. VIP Kid

>> Go here to view more non-phone work from home jobs as an Online Tutor.

Become A Virtual Assistant

If you are skilled in the areas of administrative and secretarial tasks, you can work online with businesses and individuals. You will also help them with social media and other technical chores. Here are some legitimate virtual assistance companies that have such opportunities.

  1. Contemporary VA
  2. Belay Solutions – (Read Review)
  3. Fancy Hands – (Read review)
  4. Time Etc. (Read Review)
  5. Worldwide 101
  6. Zirtual
  7. Virtual Gal Friday (Read Review)
  8. Virtual Office VA – (Read review)

>> Go here for a full list of Virtual Assistant jobs.

Get Paid To Write

If you have a good command of English, great grammar and spelling, online writing opportunities might be ideal for you. You will be expected to write blogs, search engine optimized articles, product reviews, press release articles and many more. The list of companies looking for online article writers is quite huge as seen below. The following websites pay writes upfront.

  1. Article Document
  2. Crowd Content
  3. Content Divas
  4. Textbroker (Apply online)
  5. Iwriter
  6. LoveToKnow
  7. HireWritesr
  8. WordsofWorth
  9. Wordgigs
  10. Break Studios
  11. eCopywriters
  12. Knoji
  13. Zerys
  14. Listverse

>>  Go here for 30+ freelance writing sites.

Resume Writing 

Resume writing is a great non-phone opportunity for working online and making a good income. With many job seekers looking for great resumes, anyone with a good command of English and the ability to write persuasively can take advantage of this opportunity. The ability to produce a resume that looks professional is also essential. You can find resume writing opportunities in the following sites.

  1. ResumeEdge
  2. Resume Writing Jobs 
  3. RiseSmart

Final Words

Working online is a good opportunity for making extra cash even for people with no prior experience with the above websites. With this huge list of websites where one can find work from home jobs where you don’t have to use the phone, there are numerous options to choose from. The list might not be exhaustive but it is a good reference point to start from. It is possible to gain online working opportunities as a freelancer through numerous other platforms. Once you know what to look for online, you can go ahead and find an online opportunity that is relevant to your skills.

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