Toluna Review: Get Paid To Take Surveys and Test Free Products

Want to get paid to take surveys and test products? Check out this Toluna review to learn more about how it work along with the pros and cons. #producttesting #onlinesurveys #surveys #makemoneyonline #paidsurveys #getpaidto Voice your opinion on Toluna and get paid! Research firms use Toluna to find out consumers' thoughts on different products and services.

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This Toluna review will explain all you need to know.

Signing Up with Toluna

The process to sign up isn’t too bad. Users will just need basic information like their zip code, gender, and age. Toluna having information like this on file will help them find the right surveys for you. The email will be the primary way to contact, but you do have the option to also add a phone number.

Toluna won’t use the number to call members but use it to text exclusive survey opportunities straight to cell phones. Which is a plus for people who don’t check their emails regularly. Validate the email that was provided during registration within 24 hours and start earning!

The Toluna Consumer Insight Program is an optional way to earn extra points by just sharing how you use your device. It is available on both desktop and mobile versions. Just browse like normal and earn points! This is another way to earn points besides just taking surveys.

Getting Started

You can automatically receive 500 points for joining the Toluna team. Completing profile surveys earn users an extra 100 points per survey. When you complete these surveys they credit to your total right away.

Some profile surveys included in Toluna are media, health, video games, and automotive. The surveys are basically just trying to get a feel for the Toluna user which will result in more survey opportunities.


What Type of Companies Does Toluna Partner With?

Market research agencies, brands, public organizations, large cooperations, and maybe even just individuals that are seeking information.

The goal of any of Toluna partners is to find out opinions from people who know and maybe even enjoy their products. By answering surveys truthfully these partners can take the feedback and make improvements on products if they feel necessary.

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You can earn 15-50,000 points per survey based on its length. Depending on the survey some points can take up to six weeks to update in an account. The reason for that is sometimes points aren’t distributed until a survey closes. This depends on the client, but Toluna tries to limit the number of times this happens.

To increase your chances of getting surveys users must complete as many as the profile surveys as possible. Don’t forget that 100 points are rewarded for each profile survey that is finished. When moving onto the regular survey’s you could be disqualified while in the pre-screening process. If that happens don’t get frustrated because sometimes a someone isn’t the right fit and some pre-screen surveys take a little longer to find that out.


Turn points into rewards by going to the Toluna rewards center. The rewards center is filled with different gift card options. Gift cards are the prize for a majority of people. Once a user reaches 30,000 points they can cash in the points for a $10 gift card.

Restaurant, home improvement, and clothing stores are just a few of the gift card options. In the rewards section, consumers can also enter the Toluna millionaire point sweepstakes.

For each survey completed, users are entered into a sweepstake for a daily drawing of one million Toluna points. There is also the option to use current points to increase your chances.

For 500 points, users can buy additional tickets to better the odds. This can be an option if users have a few points to spare, the more tickets the better chance to win big! There is also the option to get paid out by bank account or PayPal. Be sure to use all points before they expire. Toluna gives users 12 months to use their points before they expire.

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  • Your information can’t be used if you don't qualify for a survey
  • Can complete surveys on your mobile device
  • No limitations on points you can win
  • Nice gift card options


  • Pre-screen process
  • Takes a lot of points to earn rewards
  • Wait time for certain points
  • Points expire
  • No referral bonus


We hope you enjoyed this in-depth Toluna review and it answered some of your questions about the platform. If you can spare some time, this can be an easy way to earn some extra income. Just hope you don’t get a ton of the surveys that make you wait up to six weeks for your point payout.

Go here to get started.

If that becomes a regular occurrence, then you will be trying to collect points for a long time! Surveys are pretty straight forward and just request your honest opinion on a product. If you don’t mind then go for it!

You can also check out some of the other top survey sites we recommend here. 

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