Get Paid To Test Free Products: 6 Legit Product Testing Sites To Join Now!

Finding ways to save money on everyday products is a part of most people's plans for managing household finances. What if you could take it a step further and save money by getting some items for free instead of paying or them regularly?

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Merchants are always looking to put the best product out in front of consumers and gather valuable feedback. In order to find out what customers want companies will actually pay consumer feedback and offer freebies to build brand awareness. 

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Get Paid To Test Free Products Online – 6 Legit Sites To Join Now!

Here are some of the best sites to use to test free products from home and save big.


Toluna is a site where you personalize your profile to get matched up with surveys.  You can choose to get paid out in gift cards, PayPal, or a check. Sign up here!

While Toluna offers online survey opportunities, the site also invites many of its users to test out products after completing a survey. There's also a page on their site where you can talk about products to earn rewards. Either way, you can use your points earned to get gift cards that you can use to get free products you use every day.

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She Speaks

SheSpeaks is a place where females can voice their opinions on a wide variety of topics. A big part of what they do is to try and figure out what products women choose to use and why. She Speaks not only offers surveys, but you would also participate in polls, discussion forums, and attend VIP events.

You may also have the opportunity to have a role in SheSpeaksTV. SheSpeaks TV is a YouTube channel where you can share important tips and advice for fellow women, wives, or mothers. Easy meals and date night ideas are just a few of the things shown on the YouTube channel.  

Click here to join SheSpeaks community.

The Pink Panel

The Pink Panel is an opportunity to test makeup and cosmetic products. You share your opinion and review some of the newest product on the market firsthand. After signing up you will receive a few full-size products in the mail and get a chance to share your honest opinion on it.

The incentives for participation are revealed before you test the product and can range from $25  up to $500. The Pink Panel Facebook community has grown to nearly 152,000. Due to the larger number of testers, the wait between selections can be up to six months. Sign up here.


Valued Opinion

Valued Opinion is another site that allows you to get paid for your opinion and test out free products. They give testers credits for completing surveys or completing studies at home. You share your opinion and earn up to $5 in credit per survey that can be put towards gift cards.

Valued Opinon is available in 15 different languages, and 20 different countries worldwide. Each survey takes about 15-30 minutes to complete. The estimated time to complete the survey is given before you begin. Valued Opinion isn’t currently looking for new members, but you can check back in periodically to see if enrollment has opened back up.

Companies That Send You Free Product Samples


Bzzagent uses a word of mouth approach to marketing. They have people test products and share their opinions with friends and family.  L’Oréal and Nestle are just a few of the many companies you may be asked to test out a product for.

If you are chosen to test a product you will receive the product for free. One of the big things that Bzzagent asks is that you share social media posts about the product across your platforms after testing. So the “bzz” you get from your review, pictures, or videos including comments and interactions determines how many credits you will receive.

BzzAgent is currently updating their website and isn’t accepting new agents at this time, but you can get updates here.


Influenster is also a popular social media review and online review site. Like BzzAgent you will receive a product for free and give your honest review on what you think about it. Once you are signed up you will receive a VoxBox from Infuenster.

You will usually have more than one product in the box, so you might have to review more than one product. After you try the product Influenster suggests you use social media or a blog to share a review on what you thought.

It can be a regular post or a story, whatever gets your point across best. Because you will have to use social media so much Infuenster has an option to download their app and suggests to sign up for Infulenster and link your Instagram page to their app. You will be contributing reviews for beauty products like Dermalogica, BECCA Cosmetics.


With Smiley 360, you can be the first to try and review a product for a company. Your voice and opinion can be a big influence on what a company decides to put out into the market. After signing up you will need to complete the introduction mission for  Smiley360 to get a gauge of what kind of products you will be reviewing.

It’s also a way for them to know if and how much feedback you will be willing to leave. To get free products to test you have to participate in community discussions in addition to completing surveys and keeping up to date profiles. Smiley360 is currently only open to people who live in the United States.

You have a certain timeframe determined by each individual “mission” to complete it. Each completed mission requires a review of what you think about it. The better your review the most points you will receive for it. The more points you have the more opportunities for missions. Learn more here.

Get Paid to Test Free Products From Home

Your opinion can be a big influence on what products are available to you. You can use these sites to test a product for free and give your honest review on what you think of it. Some of these sites also have survey opportunities so you can earn some extra money by sharing your opinion as well.

For sites that are looking for influencers, it helps to have a blog or platform of your own to promote the product, but this isn't always necessary. Anyone can make money testing products and receiving free samples.

You can lower your expenses by receiving free items that you use in your everyday life without even leaving the house. 

Have you ever thought about getting paid to test free products?


Get Paid To Test Free Products Online – 6 Legit Sites To Join Now!


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