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  1. Phyllis Smith

    HI! I am interested in getting into medical transcription, but I need to take some some courses on it. Could you recommend where I could take courses and maybe work while I learn – that is legit? Do you know anything about A to Z Medical Transcription?

  2. Caroline

    Hi Lashay – I suggested your site to someone on Facebook. This person has a question and wants to be contacted on the site.. Thanks

      1. Jerry Vang

        Hello Ms, Lashay, I don’t know if you did received my Gmail messages about my questions about your work at home base online site. I did gmail-ed you last 5 days ago but I don’t see any response back from you and wondering if you could please reply back to me on my Gmail and I can get back to you hoping to get a new job online and learning to work at home instead of going to work in person as I asked you that on my Gmail.

  3. RODAN

    Hi Ms. Hudson. Back on March 16, I sent you an email requesting your assistance. It was sent from email “[email protected]”. Could you kindly look at that email please. RODAN.

  4. Umar Babar

    Hi Miss Lashay,
    Hope you’re doing well.
    I sent you an email today. Please reply at your earliest convenience.
    Umar from UDS Med

  5. Katia Benke

    Good afternoon!
    I am a constant follower of your site, I love your work very much.
    I would like to be receiving some vacancies for remote jobs for residents in Brazil, can you help me?

  6. Linda Hurley

    Could you private message me on fb please about remote jobs

  7. Branded Resumes


    I read your 120 Real Work at Home Jobs You Can Start from Home post last month and was really blown away.

    I took your advice and started to implement in my life.

    Thanks for the awesome tips, I’m building a piece of content off of it, I’ll be sure to send it your way once it’s finished.


    Ashley at Branded Resumes

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