25+ Easy Online Jobs That Anyone Can Do, Completely Free!

I absolutely love easy online jobs! If you want to earn more for less work, or do what you love doing, then these 25+ easy online jobs are for you! #makemoney #onlinejobs #earnmoneyonline #jobs #workfromhomeI absolutely love easy online jobs!

If what you need is a job that allows you to fix your own schedule, earn more for less work, or do what you love doing, then you should consider these types of work from home jobs.

In this post, I will be showing you 25+ easy online jobs that anyone can do, completely free! I have taken time to research each of these companies and I can confidently state that they are legitimate.

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If you can type fast while listening to a voice recording, then you should consider working as a Transcriber. The job of transcribers is in very high demand. No matter how hard technology tries, it may not fully transcribe what the mouth speaks. This is why many companies hire Transcribers and pay them for their work.

Examples of company that hire Transcribers are:

Interested in this job? I’ve got a list of the best online transcription jobs here.

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    Virtual Assistants

    If you can handle simple activities such as Scheduling appointments, taking notes, gathering data, or acting as a personal assistant, then you can work as a Virtual Assistant. There are numerous virtual assistant opportunities available online. The following companies hire Virtual Assistants regularly:

    Interested in becoming a Virtual Assistant? I’ve got a list of the best online Virtual Assistant jobs here.

    Survey Takers

    Another easy online job to make money online is to take surveys. Companies want to seek your opinion on their products and services. To achieve this, they hire companies to carry out surveys for them. These companies then pay people to give their opinion on the product or services. Companies that constantly hire Survey Takers are:

    Check out this full list of legit cash-paying online survey websites.

    Get Paid to Deliver Groceries

    If you visit the grocery shop regularly, then you can make money while at it. There are companies that will pay you to deliver groceries. Some of them are:

    Don't mind delivering groceries? I’ve got a list of the best sites that pay you to shop for groceries here.

    Get Paid to Complete Easy Online Jobs

    You can also make money online by completing simple tasks. The type of tasks you will be required to complete varies. However, the constant factor is that all the tasks can be complete within a short time. Companies that hire you to complete micro-tasks are:

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    Become an Online Receptionist

    Your job as an online receptionist will be to ensure that customers are well attended to at any time of the day. Your job involves Picking calls, chatting with customers, and providing feedback. Companies that employ Online receptionists are:

    Get Paid to Draw Greeting Cards

    If you are very good with the arts, you can make money from it. Numerous companies hire you to draw greeting cards. Some of the companies you can work for are:

    Interested in more companies like these? I’ve got a list of the best sites that pay you to draw greeting cards here.

    Get Paid To Click Ads

    Did you know it was possible to make money by clicking ads? There are paid to click sites that simply hire you to click adverts placed by their customers. Examples of companies in this niche are: 

    Check out – Get Paid To Click Ads Online: 9 Legit Ways To Make Money

    Video Watchers

    It is possible to make money on the internet simply by watching videos online. It is easy and interesting. Companies that pay you simply for watching videos are:

    Check out – 6 Ways To Get Paid To Watch Videos Ads Online For Easy Money

    Get Paid to Review Music Tracks

    Can you listen to music and give your review on it? Then you should consider applying to all or some of the companies below.

    Courthouse Researchers

    Do you know you can make money as a Courthouse researcher? Your job entails visiting courthouses and collecting public record information. The research company you work for then uses this information. Easy right? Companies that hire in this niche are:

    Check out: How To Work from Home Part Time as a Court Researcher

    Get Paid to Answer Simple Questions

    You can also make money by answering simple questions on survey websites. Companies that pay you bucks to answer simple questions are:

    Check out 17 Sites That Pay You To Chat Online by Answering Questions

    Get Paid $200 for your Poems

    Do you have a flair for poetry? Do you know you can make money simply by writing poems for people? There are several online platforms where you can make money simply by writing poems. Some of them are:

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    Easy Online Website Testing Jobs

    Some companies will pay any amount for you to test their website. The information you provide will help them improve the friendliness of the website. Some of the companies are:

    Interested in becoming a Virtual Assistant? I’ve got a list of the best online Virtual Assistant jobs here.

    Get Paid to Help Blind People with Reading Tasks

    You can make money by simply helping blind people perform simple activities. You can help them shop, read emails, and identify colors. Companies in this niche are:

    Teach English to Chinese Students

    If you know you can do well as an English Teacher, then you should consider teaching it to Chinese Students. It is a very good way to make great cash. Companies that hire in this niche are:

    Get Paid to Caption Videos

    You can make money by providing closed captioning on videos. The following companies will hire you:

    • CrowdSurf
    • Rev
    • AI Media

    Check out Best 5 Closed Captioning Work from Home Jobs To Apply for Today!

    Telephone Mystery Shoppers

    You can make money by working as a Telephone Mystery Shopper. All you need to do is place a call through and gather information on certain products. The following companies will hire you:

    • InteliChek
    • ARC Consulting
    • Telexpertise
    • Yardi Matrix

    Go here to view list of companies that recruit Telephone Mystery Shoppers

    Product Tester

    Product Testing is a fun work from home job. You can make money while reviewing products that you like. Apart from getting free products, you also get paid for your work. Companies that hire you in this niche are:

    • Toluna
    • American Consumer Opinion
    • Vindale Research
    • Nielson

    Check out Get Paid To Test Free Products Online: 6 Legit Sites To Join Now!

    Social Media Manager

    You can also make money from home as a Social Media Manager. Your job simply involves managing the social media accounts of different brands. 


    If you have an eye for spotting grammatical errors in articles, this job is for you. You can make money proofreading posts, articles, and even internal memo for Organizations. The following companies will hire you:

    • EditFast
    • GramLee
    • Kelly Services
    • Proofreadingservices.com

    Interested in becoming a Proofreader? I’ve got a list of 38 best online proofreading jobs here.


    You can make money turtoring others on your preferred study area. To get started, you can visit any of the following companies

    • Wyzant
    • Chegg
    • VIP Kid

    Interested in becoming a Virtual Assistant? Check out list of the best online tutoring jobs here.

    Search Engine Evaluator

    You can also make money online with this service. Search Engine Evaluators provide feedback on the relevance of search engine results to the search. The companies you can apply to are:

    • Lionbridge
    • ZeroChaos
    • Appen

    Want to apply now? I’ve got a list of the best online Search Engine Evaluator jobs here.

    Data Entry

    You can make money by assisting with Data Entry activities. There are lots of companies in this niche. Some of them are:

    • ClickWorker
    • DionData Solutions
    • Birch Creek Communications
    • Accutran Global
    • SmartCrowd
    • SigTrack

    Interested in becoming a Data Entry Agent?  I’ve got a list of the best online data entry jobs.

    Other work from home money-making jobs are:

    • Freelance Writing
    • Graphics Designing
    • Bookseller
    • Selling photos online

    Looking for More Easy Online Jobs?

    If so, make sure you grab a copy of my e-book, 20 Beginner-Friendly Ways To Make Money Online with 150 Companies. It's only $10. I've also included a printable application tracker to help you track the companies you've applied with and more!

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        Hi, I just recently lost my job and I’m still looking for work from home jobs. Most of the jobs wants me to work at the site. I am disabled and cannot work outside the home. I researched your website always looking for a job but I am unsuccessful because the employer is looking for on-site interview and employment. How can I find a job for disabled persons?

      2. Tameka

        I love your site! Thanks for all the hard work you put into this.

        Do you know of any jobs that offer daytime hours (no night shifts) and actually hire employees and not independent contractors? I have found independent contractor positions that allow me to work when I want, but they don’t pay well. And the companies I found that hire employees want you to be available nights. I’m a stay at home mom so nights are a no go for me. Thank you in advance.

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