Appen is Hiring Part-Time Work from Home Social Media Evaluators

Are you searching for a part-time social media opportunity with flexible hours? Then apply as a part-time Social Media Evaluator at Appen now!

This job lets you interact and monitor the activity on social media platforms. All you need is a laptop or a smartphone. Seriously, that's it! Continue reading to know more about how to apply online.

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What does a Social Media Evaluator do at Appen?

Social Media Evaluators with Appen evaluate the quality and relevance of information in their local area or country of residence in categories such as news feeds, advertisements and search results.  Tech companies around the world need the knowledge and experience of the very people who use their services.  Social Media Evaluators have a direct impact on the effectiveness and relevancy of the service these companies provide.

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Who Is the Ideal Candidate?

Appen is searching for candidates who have excellent social media skills and are adept in following and interpreting certain guidelines. So if you are a frequent social media user who is reliable and has a flexible schedule, then you are a perfect match for this job.


There are a few qualifications you should be aware of. These qualifications include:

  • Knowing how to read and write in English
  • Capable of performing tasks and a resident in the United States
  • Accessibility to an updated computer, laptop, or smartphone
  • High-speed Internet connection
  • Can work independently with minimal supervision

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Pay and Schedule:

Pay is based on the project. Unlike Lionbridge, Appen has been rumored to pay better. And, evaluators can choose from a flexible part-time schedule with the ability to work between 1 and 4 hours a day, 5 to 7 days a week up to 20 hours a week.

How To Apply for a Position with Appen?

Finally, are you ready to get started? Click here to apply directly with Appen. Best wishes!

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