Best 99 Remote Companies Offering Part-Time Work from Home Jobs

Want to know which companies offer part-time work from home jobs?

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Part-time stay at home jobs can be ideal for moms, college students, and young teens who need the flexibility to balance work and life. We've compiled a monster list of 99 companies that will allow you to work part-time hours from home.

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Part-Time Online Chat Support Jobs

Working from home as a chat support agent is one of the most popular non-phone part-time work from home jobs. Your role involves assisting customers by chat or email.

  1. Apple  – ( Read Apple review)
  2. Live World
  3. Outplex – (Read Outplex review)
  4. The Chat Shop – (Read Chat Shop Review)

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Remote Part-Time Customer Service Jobs

Most part-time work from home jobs is often available in customer service. These companies will hire you as an employee or independent contractor depending on the location and job requirements. To work in the customer service field, it requires you to have a quiet work environment.

Many of these part-time customer service jobs are:

  1. Apptical
  2. Amazon 
  3. Working Solutions
  4. ACD Direct
  5. LiveOps – (Read LiveOps Review)
  6. ContractWorld
  7. Great Virtual Works
  8. Kelly Services
  9. Omni Interactions
  10. Parameds
  11. Rent The Runway
  12. Sedgwick
  13. S&E Group LLC.
  14. Westat – (Full Westat Review)
  15. Alorica at Home – (Read [email protected] Review)
  16. SourceSolve
  17. UHaul – (Read Uhaul review for more information)
  18. Skyworld

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Remote Part-Time Online Transcription Jobs

Transcription is one of the fastest-growing part-time work from home jobs. If you are a fast typist, a good listener, and very accurate at keying in information, this job may be for you. Here are some companies that offer part-time work at home jobs in transcription. I recommend checking out Janet's FREE 4-day transcription course to help you turn your passion into a full-time career.

For companies that hire, start with:

  1. AccuTran Global 
  2. Babbletype – (Read Babbletype Review)
  3. Casting Words – ( Read Casting Words Review)
  4. Quicktate –  (Read Quicktate Review)
  5. Cactus Global
  6. Transcribe Me – (Read Transcribe Me Review)

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Remote Part-Time Bookkeeping Work at Home Jobs

Even bookkeepers can work from home part-time. If you have the knowledge and ability to work as an accountant, this job may be for you.

A few places to find part-time bookkeeping jobs are:

  1. Bookminders 
  2. BidAWiz
  3. Balance Your Books
  4. Click Accountant
  5. Good Cents Bookkeeping
  6. Robert Half

Find more bookkeeping jobs at

Part-Time Online Data Entry Jobs

A data entry work from home job is ideal for those who have small children or a noisy background. Here are some companies that offer part-time work at home jobs in the data entry field.

To find companies that data entry keyers, start with:

  1. Dion Data Solutions
  2. Scribie  – (Read Scribie review)
  3. Microworkers
  4. OneSpace ( Read review)
  5. Great American Opportunities
  6. Vitac
  7. Ubiquis
  8. Amazon Turk ( Read review)

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Part-Time Freelance Writing Jobs

Freelance writing is a way to express your creativity in the form of words. If you have excellent grammar and research skills, you can deliver great content and get paid for it.

A few places to find part-time online writing  jobs are:

  1. Copify
  3. Wise Bread
  4. Cactus
  5. Love to Know
  6. Hubpages
  7. Online Writing Jobs
  8. Hire Writers
  9. Verblio
  10. Writers Access
  11. Writers Domain
  12. Find more writing jobs at

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Online Moderators

Have you ever considered managing comments in forums, deleting blog comments, or perhaps clean up fights in chat rooms?  Then you can work from home as an online moderator.

  1. Mod Squad ( Read Modsquad review)
  2. LiveWorld
  3. The Social Element
  4. BabyCenter– (Read full review)
  5. Zynga

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Product Testing Jobs

Product Testing is one of the easiest ways to make money from home part-time. Many companies will pay anywhere between $5-$150 per product you review.

  1. Toluna
  2. I Love To Review
  3. Influenster

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Part-Time Proofreading Jobs

A proofreader reads a text, corrects all grammatical errors, adds the right punctuation, and removes spelling mistakes. While specific skills may vary from job to job, some skills common to all online proofreading jobs for beginners include: impeccable English skills, reading skills, a sharp eye for detail, and a degree (helpful, not always required).

Proofreaders can choose to work for a company or to work as a freelancer. A few options are:

Remote Medical Coding and Transcription Jobs

Medical coding and transcription are very rewarding careers. Most companies will require you to have at least 2 years of experience working in this field.

  1. Ascend
  2. Conifer Health
  3. MModal (formerly known as MedQuist)
  4. Fast Chart
  5. SpectraMedi
  6. Tiger Fish
  7. Find more medical jobs at

Part-Time Search Engine Evaluating Jobs

A great part-time work from home job for those that would prefer work at home option that doesn't involve them being on the phone. A Search Engine Evaluator is responsible for keeping search engines updated. You must be good at browsing and navigating through the internet. Here are some companies that recruit search engine evaluators below:

  1. Appen  – (Read Appen full review)
  2. Lionbridge – (Read Lionbridge review)
  3. iSoftstone 
  4. Magnit Global

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Remote Part-Time Tutoring Jobs

Online tutoring is another part-time job you can do completely by working from home. Online tutoring is a new way for a student to receive help, either scheduled or on-demand. Sessions are done online through Skype video or application where a student and tutor can connect face-to-face. Here are some companies that offer part-time work at home jobs in the educational field:

  1. Course Hero
  2. iTutor
  3. Aim-for-A Tutoring(Read review)
  4. ISUS
  5. Gofluent
  6. Kaplan
  7. VIPKid  (Read VIPKid review)
  8. Remilon
  9. Pearson Scoring
  10. Elevate K12
  11. ETS
  12. Wyzant
  13. Find more high-paying teaching jobs at

Telephone Mystery Shopping

Your role as a mystery shopper involves calling businesses and asking about products or services. This part-time work at home job is ideal for stay at home parents with a noisy background.

  1. Call Center QA– (Read review)
  2. Intelichek– (Read more)
  3. Perception Strategies
  4. Yardi Matrix
  5. Maritz Research

Part-Time Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants can also be called virtual administrative assistants. Your role is to provide assistance to clients from a home office in the form of administrative, technical, social, or creative. Here are some companies that offer part-time work at home jobs as a Virtual Assistant.

  1. Fancy Hands – (Read Fancy Hands Review)
  2. Time Etc.
  3. Vicky Virtual –  (Read full review)
  4. Gabbyville
  5. Profit Factory (Great Assistant)
  6. Virtual Office VARead full review)
  7. Virtual Gal Friday
  8. Boldly
  9. Find more virtual assistant jobs at

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    This Post Has 48 Comments

    1. Vivian

      Hi Shay,

      My name is Vivian Mills and I have been receiving your Dream home-based work emails for a while now. Thank you for all of the work you put into distributing great information to everyone. I do have a question to ask, and that is, “are there employment opportunities for individuals that are already retired”. I have spent many years working as an executive/administrative support professional and I have significant experience. I have, however, been trying for over a year now to secure at home employment through the Dream Home Based work site to no avail. I have received positive feedback from some of the companies hiring but no employment.

      When I was not accepted for a position earlier this year, I emailed the contact at that organization and I inquired about not being hired since the advertisement stated there were many positions available. The contact replied, indicating that my not being hired for the position as a virtual assistant was (and I quote) “not a reflection of your skills, experience, or your capability, all of which were very strong and were of great interest”. They actually started by saying they were sorry they didn’t have better news for me – that it was a pleasure reviewing my application and they sincerely thank me for the time that I invested. They ended by saying if I would like their recommendations for other web-sites, please let them know.

      Now I mention this particular instance because they pointed out specifically how they felt about my application submission. I did, however, ask if they could explain why I was not considered. They never did give an explanation for me not being hired, just that they were sorry to say that my application has not made it to the next stage. With the positive comments made above but without a reason for not considering me for hire, I came to the conclusion that it is probably because of my age. When I applied I was age 67. I am now 68 and my skills and abilities are still intact.

      Also, I know that a lot of organizations work with some social media areas and I did not work in those areas specifically when I was in the work force. However, I always ensure that the positions I apply to are totally specific to my skill sets. I am sharp and a fast learner and always willing to take on new ventures if needed. I am very capable with an up-to-date home office set-up and positioned to carry out the tasks that are before me. I am dependable, professional and focused. So at this point I’m asking, do you think there is a possibility of age discrimination in some of these processes? I would appreciate any assistance and/or direction in this endeavor you can provide.

      Many thanks,

      Vivian Mills
      Experienced Executive Support Professional
      [email protected]

    2. Barbara

      Hi Lashay,

      What companies would you recommend for people who are interested in Virtual assistant jobs, and research jobs that don’t have previous experience? The companies I’ve tried applying to so far require you to have previous experience as a VA and or a bachelor’s degree

      1. Lashay

        Hi Barbara,

        I would suggest taking a look at this article as it lists ideas for working from home with no experience needed! This may be a good way to develop your skillset and then potentially reapply to some of the other VA assistant jobs. For example, data entry is a good skillset that Virtual Assistant jobs look for and this site has links to data entry jobs that are good for beginners too.

        The research jobs for beginners may be a little more involved but, take a look at this article on research jobs. If you are able to pass some of their preliminary tests, you could potentially land one of the research jobs.

    3. Nanci

      I was wondering if there are any online customer service positions that don’t require fast internet speed. I get about 5-7 down about 1-2 up. A lot of companies that I have found require a lot more.

      1. Christopher

        Issue with Live World being on the list (and ranked at number 2?!)

        When you apply with them, you get no confirmation, zero, nada. When you write to the human resources, you get no response as well.

        When checking the review on Glassdoor, they have one of the lowest ratings I’ve ever seen. 1.8 out of 5. And of that 0% of people approve of the CEO.

        But don’t take my word for it, all the information is available online.
        I just wanted to give a friendly heads up because I don’t want people getting frustrated at you or this amazing resource and website for having a company with a bad reputation on here.

    4. Gloria

      Hi Lashay, I am a newbie to online jobs and I have not yet found something that I can do. Am live in East Africa and Africans are usually left out. I would love to something with Data entry but I have not yet been successful. I really need to find one that can work for me hence earn well.

      Your assistance will highly be appreciated.

    5. Obaid

      I need a part time job.

    6. Nick D.


      I recently registered for Slicethepie. Its kind of not worth it, you have to rate songs and fashion and apps, which is great, but you only get .01 for every song review. Thats a lot of work for .01

    7. Dharmendra

      nice information is delivered by you in this post thanks for such informative post.

    8. Raviprasad

      Hi ,
      very good article. thanks for sharing nice imformation.

    9. Deborah Beckett

      Hi Shay! I see you’ve featured the Happiness Engineer role at Automattic in your list of part-time support agent jobs. I want to clarify that we only hire for this position in a full-time role. We don’t hire for any part-time positions at Automattic.

      1. Lashay H.

        Hi Deborah! Thanks for reaching out. I will definitely remove the job from the list. Thank you!

    10. Harish Kumar

      thanks for the list,lashly I am following all your articles,its quiet useful and helpful for all the job seekers,keep doing this this great work,keep sharing with us.

    11. Juanita Mullen

      Hi Lashay,
      Why is it that every site so far I have visited for part-time work available now! is wanting a fee or payment? You have a great abundance listed that is for sure however, there is always a charge. This is never mentioned. Truly. Is there any that don’t want an upfront amount to get started?

    12. Vivien Sujbert

      Hi Lashay, I just found your website and am totally amazed by how professional your posts are. I was wondering however, if you could give some advice to a Hungarian, who would love to work from home but has to realize that most of the websites only offer jobs for US citizens. I would be so glad if you could help me with your opinion! Thank you in advance!

      1. Lashay H.

        Hi, Vivien! Thanks a lot for your feedback. Do you have experience managing social media activity, writing articles, tutoring, etc.?

        1. Vivien Sujbert

          Hi Lashay! Thank you so much for your reply! I am a third year business student and will acquire my degree this December. I do have some experience in social media as the topic of my thesis work is based on that, and also I use social media for personal purposes very often. I think that would suit me the most. I also would be glad to write articles as I consider my communication skills good, however I’m not sure if a company would accept me for such a position, knowing that my mother tongue is Hungarian. As far as tutoring, I also do have some experience (I was teaching English for some kinds on a basic level) and would gladly do that as well. Do you have any recommendations? Thank you so much for your answer.

    13. martha

      Hi which are the best sites for accounting,bookkeeping,payroll,reconciliations etc that do not have a limitation as to where you come from

    14. Hasnain

      When You are updating your site, please also mentioned the jobs related to Photo retouchers and video editors. coz my expertise are in these fields but i haven’t found anything like that ..

    15. Jacqueline Perera

      Hi! I’m from Sri Lanka. Are there any worldwide part time jobs hiring from my region? Ratracerebellion as indicated on this post does not hire from my country. Please indicate other websites which hire from outside US, especially from South Asia.

    16. Yash Raykwar

      please update your site, some jobs and surveys are out dated.

      1. Lashay H.

        Thanks for your feedback. I am in the process of updating the links on my site.

    17. shalique zamaan

      I am a freshman of college from Malaysia. looking fro a part time job, Is any companies offering jobs

    18. Kaytia White

      Hi, I am a teen mom, trying to find a job, and go to school so I can provide for my child

    19. Ingeang Ngitong

      I am a freshman of college. a student who stay home and go to school and i am looking for real site or real online part time job. Can you help me

    20. Jebastin

      How about Indian people. Any companies offering these opportunity to Indian’s or overseas?

    21. Lucy Njoora Wangari

      Thanks for sharing this great tips at least this an eye opener to stay at home moms that are so many jobs that can do at home while looking after their children. Since not every mom who is talented working online at least, you have shared other offline or handmade business they can do at home

      1. Lashay H.

        You are so welcome! Thanks for stopping by and sharing your feedback 🙂

    22. rhodah

      hi,i am looking for a part time work from home job where i can makes my own hours and earn a little to get me by,i have tried surveys but have been scammed before and also most did not work because i live in china,kindly help me as i am a student and still depending on my parents for help 3 quarters of the time

    23. Milly Combs

      I started working for nexusop on 8/4/16, little skeptical at first, but they have lived up to what they say, paid on time, every week and accurately. Just got paid today! YaY!

      1. Lashay H.

        Hi Milly! That is awesome. I really hope things go good for you at NexusOP 🙂

      2. Jennifer Bush

        I been working there about a month and love just signing in and working and all my checks come on time – they are usually in on Thursday before time.

        1. Hector

          Hi Jennifer,

          Which one of the jobs did you pick to work from home? I have been looking for a while. Any assistance you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

      3. Haylea Lujan

        Do you need to have a headset?

        1. Lashay H.

          Hi Haylea! Which company are you referring to?

    24. dnohands2

      I enjoy working for NexusOP! It’s a great opportunity to learn new careers and the hours are flexible. Pay is weekly and there’s not a lot to complain about especially if you’re looking to make extra money.

    25. Shantina Richardson

      NexusOp is the first true “work when you want”, from home jobs EVER! You don’t need all the requirements and extra equipment. You won’t have out of pocket expense,just to make money. Just answer/make calls utilizing the training and materials offered. There is no set schedule, and various types of opportunities. Sale and Customer Service positions available, with great services.

    26. Priscilla Pomeroy

      I juSt wanted to let you know, #3 Cloud Crowd under Data Entry gives an error that the site is not found.

      1. Lashay H.

        Hi Priscilla! Thank you very much for informing me. I have updated the link!

    27. Lisa Jordie

      Lashay – this is such an awesome list. You obviously put a lot of work int it and I appreciate that! I actually found a job from one of your posts a while back and it really helped me when I was in between jobs (captioning) So I genuinely love your site and just needed to drop you a quick note to thank you 🙂

      Even though they are mostly FT jobs and not PT, I also posted about this, too:

      Thanks for all your awesome content, and your new site design looks beautiful 🙂

      1. Lashay H.

        Hi Lisa! I really appreciate you sharing such kind words 🙂 You have an amazing site as well.

        I’ve checked out and shared your article several times on Pinterest. It is a blessing for us to keep helping people find legitimate opportunities.

        Thanks for taking the time to connect with me. Many Blessings!

      2. Yesenia

        Hello Lisa,
        Would you mind sharing which company you worked for from the list that Lashay provided. I would really appreciate it thanks in advance! Ps. I want to work from home and be able to take care of my 2 year old.

    28. Corrisa Malone

      Great list Lashay!

      I wrote a post on this very topic also.

      Christopher (the comment before mine), stated that a particular company didn’t fulfill their agreement to him. If you went to one particular work from home forum, you would get valuable feedback like this before you even apply because some jobs look very appealing on the outside, but on the inside, it can be a completely different story.

      You can check out the post that I wrote here:

      Keep up the great posts Lashay!

    29. Christopher

      Nice list. I would not recommend working for Transcribe Team. The work available with them is very sporadic. They say that they pay up to $0.65 per audio minute. I never made more than $0.50 an audio minute when I worked for them. They blocked me from logging into their site without even sending an email to let me know why. They did allow me to login again once I contacted them. I’ve read in different forums though from transcribers who were blocked from Transcribe Team from logging into the worker interface without giving a reason why.

      They give you 12 hours to transcribe one hour of audio not accounting for number of speakers, quality of audio, etc. This is all right if it is only an hour or so. However, if it is a three hour audio file you only have 36 hours to transcribe it. They don’t account for time to sleep or rest with the longer files. I did contact them about this and got no response. is a good company to do transcription work if you are just starting out, as they’ll hire newbies if they pass their transcription test. The pay is not the greatest with them but once you build up some experience you can apply for companies that pay better.

      I actually just wrote a post on my blog of four legitimate ways to earn money online, including general transcription.

      Look forward to reading more of your blog.

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