Working Solutions Review: This Company Offers Flexible Day and Night Schedules

Do you have a good laptop/PC, foot pedals, quality USB headset, and impeccable communication skills? Well, don’t just sit there doing nothing, send your application to Working Solutions and start earning good money.

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About the Company

Working Solutions is a reputable work -at -home contact center Services Company that was founded in 1996 by Kim Houlne. The company focuses on helping their clients to provide outstanding customer experiences, better customer satisfaction, improve sales, improve efficiency and achieve greater average order values.

Currently, Working Solutions has over 110,000 registered home based agents working as independent contractors all over the United States. Their diverse team mainly comprises of work at home seniors, career-change professionals, home-based parents, college students, and military spouses among others. Working Solutions was recently ranked as among the top most home based outsourcers by Ovum due to its exceptional services.

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What is My Job Role?

Working Solutions agents are hired to take & place calls, data entry, chat online, and send emails among other things. To be proficient in all these, individuals who have signed up for respective projects must have a distractions free environment. The beauty of working for this company is that they encourage their employees to handle multiple projects provided they can deliver high quality work efficiently.

Who is Eligible To Apply?

Working Solutions mainly hires virtual agents from all over the United States and Canada to work as independent contractors’. The company is NOT accepting applications from California, New York, Pennsylvania, or Washington at this time. 

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At Working Solutions, agents are allowed to schedule their own working hours every week for their respective programs for convenience and flexibility purposes. For proficiency, agents are required to work for a minimum of 15-25 threshold hours per week.

Job Requirements

The company is always looking for competitive, trustworthy and reliable home based independent contractors with proven customer service experience. In addition, you must have excellent verbal/written communication skills and a great sales attitude. Additionally, Working Solutions agents must also have a:

  • Conductive & dedicated work space
  • Reliable Windows PC/Laptop with high-speed internet connection
  • USB headset
  • Phone line with standard voicemail and call waiting

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How much do they pay, how and when?

Working Solutions virtual agents can earn from $ 9- $30 hourly depending on the programs they handle. Agents are required to provide invoices for completed projects after which payments are made twice a month. Payments are done via direct deposit or paper check.

Do they offer any benefits?

Unfortunately, they do not since you are recruited as an Independent Contractor.

Does the company have a referral program?

Yes, Working Solutions has a referral program which allows their work at home agents to earn extra pay for referring others to the company. All Working Solutions agents need to do is to convince the agents they refer to include their name on their applications for compensation.

Is Working Solutions a scam or a trustworthy company to work for?

Well, it is clear from the available positive feedback online that Working Solutions is a tremendous company to work for. Unlike other work at home companies, Working Solutions job applicants are not required to pay any monthly fees before being considered for any advertised employment vacancies. In fact, people get paid for going through certain projects training sessions.

Visit their official site to apply online

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Working Solutions Review: This Company Offers Flexible Day and Night Schedules



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