Top 8 Ways College Students Can Make Money Online

I am very excited about sharing today's post for my college students that are looking to make some side cash from home. Going back to college can be challenging if you work regular hours. But the flexibility of having an online job can be very handy, especially when you're trying to juggle on and off-campus classes.

The EASIEST Ways To Earn Extra Cash Online...

There are a number of online jobs for college students. Learn how college students can make money online in customer service, data entry, writing, and more.


While most college students won't qualify for many jobs that require a degree, they are typically smart enough to grab a number of other great positions. But in order to work with your schedule, the jobs must be willing to offer flexible hours. Now this will cut down a number of online opportunities. Thankfully, there are still some great part-time, flexible jobs out there.

List of Things College Students May Need

Before you get too excited about working your next online job, make sure you are prepared to do the work. Here are a few things you’ll need to have to land a job on the internet:

  • Access to a computer with high-speed internet
  • Microsoft Office ( Word, Excel)
  • Paypal Account
  • Bank Account for electronic or check deposits
  • Email Account ( Optional)
  • Skype (Optional)

Here's what's available for college students…

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Customer Service

There are many companies that offer flexible customer-service jobs for college students. You should expect to make an average of around $8 to $15 per hour depending on your prior experience, call volume, and company. Be prepared to work a minimum of 15- 20 hours per week, although some agents work more hours when their schedule permits. Please note: You will need an updated computer with high-speed internet, headset, and/or landline phone. Each company will have different technical requirements.

Here are some customer service jobs, that would be ideal for college students:

Data Entry

Data entry is a great option for college students if you are a fast typist. Your role is to enter and update information into a computer database. When it comes to data entry, these companies listed are the real deal.

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Taking online surveys is one of the easiest ways for college students to make money online. This work is only for side cash, so don't rely on it to pay your rent. Give your honest opinions and you will be rewarded for it.

Great survey sites that actually pay cash:

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Search Engine Evaluator

If you are great at browsing the internet, then you can become a search engine evaluator. Your role is to keep search engines relevant by giving your feedback on the quality of search results. This is a non-phone job, great for college students who need part-time cash.

Telephone Mystery Shopping

As a telephone mystery shopper, your role is to call various businesses and gather competitive information. College students must have an excellent telephone presence and access to an email account. This should only be considered as a part-time gig. Check out the following telephone mystery shopping companies below:


Transcription is another area that you can find work online. While most transcription jobs require prior experience, some transcription companies don’t require any at all. However, you will need to purchase your own transcription equipment which includes a headset and a foot pedal.

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Do you enjoy tutoring other college students? You can simply help other students with homework assignments completely from home. If you’re hired, you can work from your home and set your own hours, like most online jobs.

Here are some companies that hire online tutors:


If you have great grammar skills,  freelance writing is probably the easiest and best-paying way to make money online while in college. In this position, you are assigned to write articles for a variety of client’s. This may include writing blog articles, tutorials, or marketing material website. Your pay is based on the amount of work you do.

Check out these freelance writing sites below:

Other Places To Check Out

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Final Thoughts

I have shared with you some pretty awesome opportunities. So, if you are a struggling college student looking to make some side cash online, these options can be very rewarding in the end. Make sure to research all jobs and browse through more ways to make extra cash in your spare time.

Disclaimer: Some links in this post are affiliate links, Please read my disclosure policy here. Thanks!

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