Lionbridge: Non Phone Work at Home with Flexible Hours

lionbridge work at homeLooking for work from home job that doesn't require you to be on the phone? Or perhaps, with flexibility and great pay? Learn how you can work online with Lionbridge from the comfort of your home.

Who is Lionbridge?

Lionbridge, is a company founded in 1966, who offers both Bilingual and English work at home positions. It is part of a much bigger company called Lionbridge Technologies. Lionbridge helps its parent company generate around $450 million in revenue. This company works with more than 10,000 freelancers from around the globe. So if you are fluent in your language, great at browsing the internet, have a computer with high speed internet, and you feel that you are up to the task, this might be a great non phone option for you.

Why should I Work for Lionbridge?

Lionbridge fully understands that without the help of self-motivating and hardworking freelancers, it would be would be difficult to stay in business so they go beyond to ensure you enjoy the work you do for the company. Benefits you’ll love include:

  • Working your own hours.
  • No Dresscode.
  • Excellent pay and incentives.
  • The ability to work on several projects and have plenty of time to complete everything.
  • The company does a great job of matching its freelancers up with projects they’ll love and that they’ll find energizing.
  • The company shares all sorts of many tips on how to be more successful and happier as a freelancer.

What type of Work at Home Positions do LionBridge Offer?

There are several positions that you can apply and become a Lionbridge independent contractor. Most of the positions they offer are search engine evaluation related, however here is a list of their positions:

  • Multimedia judge
  • Internet Search Administrator
  • Speller Web Content Assessor
  • Query Understanding Judge
  • Ad Assessor
  • Internet Crowd Worker
  • Web Content Assessor
  • Internet Assessor
  • Social Media Internet Assessor

What is the Pay?

This is another company that require their workers to sign a non-disclosure agreement. However after doing some digging, the pay varies depending on the position and country. Starting pay rate can range anywhere between $9-$15 per hour and you are paid by direct deposit at the end of each month.

What type of schedule does Lionbridge offer?

As for the actual job, you must work a minimum of 15 to 20 hours per week, considering there is work for you available. The hours are flexible so you can easily squeeze this in as a part-time gig.

What is the application process with Lionbridge?

Once you apply for an available job opening and pass the initial filter, you are required to pass a three part exam. They'll also send you manuals so you will need to study those carefully.

Then once some time has passed, you will receive confirmation that you’re “in” so you can start working. The whole process of applying could take a few weeks, before you can actually begin working at Lionbridge.

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Lionbride is not the only legitimate company of this type, there are alternatives, you may also want to check out Leapforce or Appen butler hill.

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