11 Reasons It’s Awesome Working From Home At Christmas

Christmas is just around the corner which means spending a lot of time at the mall doing last-minute shopping for loved ones and planning for special celebrations.

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11 Reasons It's Awesome Working From Home At ChristmasThis also often means working double-time to have money to spend. Instead of working overtime in a seasonal position, working from home is a better option. Here are 11 reasons why it's awesome to work from home around the holidays.

Perk #1 – Avoid Holiday Traffic

Christmas is a worldwide holiday. This means those who celebrate it will be busy doing last-minute gift and grocery shopping. If you go to work, chances are you’ll be stuck in traffic.

But if you work from home, chances are you will save more cash from cutting the expenses of commuting whether via public transportation or your own vehicle.

Perk # 2 – Increased Productivity

One study shows that 13% of the employees find working from home more productive than working at an office. With greater productivity, you may also find time to improve your skills and earn additional income as:

While working from home this holiday season, you might discover you have more skills than you realized. There are many job opportunities online that will help you discover your hidden talents and skills, or pursue the job you always wanted to do.


Perk #3 – More Time for Loved Ones

Though working in person provides an opportunity to socialize with coworkers, working at home provides you with increased free time to enjoy with family or friends.  If you have a flexible work at home position, you often choose when you work and how many hours.  This, combined with eliminating your commute, provides you with the opportunity for more free time.

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Perk #4 – Be Your Own Boss

This is not always the case when working from home, however, if you start your own home business, you will be your own boss.  There are many flexible home businesses or freelance positions you can do such as:

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Perk #5 – Save Money

Ever wondered where a sizeable percentage of your daily budget is consumed? It's probably spent on food. That’s why working from home this Christmas season comes with a lot of perks. You won’t have to pay for office snacks, prepare your lunch ahead of time, or spend money dining out for lunch.

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Perk #6 – Eliminate In-Person Meetings

There comes a time in every employee’s life where they just want to finish their daily task and not be troubled by attending meetings, which are sometimes proven to be useless. Working from home means cutting all the meetings, and just attending them in front of your laptop with a webcam. Even better, if you are your own boss, you can decide when to meet with clients and the format in which to do so.

Perk # 7 – Flexibility

After all, it’s Christmas! This is a holiday best spent with your loved ones and working seems unreasonable. But imagine working while at the same time being with family? It’s definitely a win-win situation for you and your employer.

Perk # 8 – Work Where You Want

Whether you work from a home office, a coffee shop, or a tropical destination, you can choose. If you want, you can even go on vacation with your family while working because all you need is a laptop and a strong internet connection.

Perk #9 – Comfort

Do you dislike your office desk? Jealous of the people having fun outside while you are there, stuck in the office doing nine to five? Nothing can give you more comfort than the goodness of your home. You can throw your legs up without looking unprofessional or wear a cozy pair of slippers if you desire.  You can even take breaks on your comfortable couch.

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Perk # 10 – Time for Fitness

Most people including myself, gain weight during the holiday season. But working from home means you can use your commute time for your personal health.  For example, you can walk for twenty minutes instead of the time you would have spent driving to work.

Perk # 11 – Happiness

Working from home helps improve your work-life balance.  As noted before, you'll have increased free time to enjoy with loved ones or to take care of yourself, flexibility of when and where you work, less time spent commuting, save more money on transportation expenses and food, and you can even be your own boss. And the best part, you are already at home. Each of these perks equates to increased happiness.

Final Thoughts on Working from Home at Christmas

Working from home during the Christmas season is mutually beneficial for both employees and employers.  You can supplement your current job with a flexible one at home or even earn extra cash on the side with a hustle or side gig.  Doing so may provide you the opportunity to spend more time with your family and enjoying the holidays while earning additional income.

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