How To Earn Money Video Blogging (12 Steps To Help You Start Vlogging Today)

Vlogging, better known as video blogging, is very similar to blogging in the sense both are used to express your ideas and earn money from home.Videos have become essential in marketing and statistics have confirmed this. When on a landing page, videos can increase conversion rates by 80 percent. In addition, videos generate more user interaction. One-third of all online activity is spent watching videos.

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As the importance of video has greatly increased during past few years, more people have chosen Vlogging, better known as video blogging, over traditional blogging. Vlogging is very similar to blogging in the sense both are used to express your ideas and whatever you have to say to the public.

The rise of live streaming platforms such as Periscope and Meerkat has greatly expanded possibilities for vlogging, enabling bloggers to reach new audiences.

Read on to learn how you can start video blogging and earn money without leaving your couch.

#1 – Install WordPress

WordPress is the most popular platform to host your blog. It is easy to use and you can set up a free domain on although you should know that free hosting comes with limited options which can be disadvantageous if you plan to use blogging for business.

Consider using Premium or a Business plan. By doing so, you can set your own custom domain, use advanced design customization and have access to Google Analytics.

Watch my step-by-step tutorial on “How To Start A Free Blog on”

#2 – Choose a Video Platform

Your next step is to choose a platform for your video blogging. You Tube is probably your best choice, it is the favorite, and by far the largest, video site on the web, and it is constantly expanding and introducing new features.

You Tube gives you access to a huge audience anywhere on the globe. Even more importantly, people are using You Tube to earn by posting ads on their channels and also promoting brands and business in their videos. Good alternatives to You Tube are Tumblr and Periscope.

Periscope is a massively popular video broadcasting app letting you share with a wide audience.


#3 – Start Creating Your Content

Once you have a domain to store your content and a platform to post your videos, it is time to get started and chose a tool to create your content.

If you are just starting with video blogging for the first time, using your computer or mobile camera to record videos is fine.  Most computer and mobile cameras today offer solid quality performance, so it is not necessary to invest in the expensive camera device unless you want to create highly professional videos. If necessary you can purchase this good quality inexpensive web camera from Amazon which is great for beginners.

It is also a good idea to practice with several videos before posting, especially if this is the first time you’re doing something like this.

#4 – Find Your Audience

The next logical step in your video blogging adventure is to find an audience for your posts. Even if you have created the best content, it is of no use without the right audience to share it with.

If you are posting on You Tube it is a good idea to optimize your videos. You can do this by increasing video quality, consistently uploading new content and getting subscribers.  Here is how.

  • Increase your video quality – HD videos perform better than lower quality videos. It is recommended you capture and upload your videos in HD format.
  • Upload new content regularly – Keep in mind You Tube is huge. Thousands of videos are uploaded every minute. If you want to establish a video blog, you will need to post new content on a regular basis, which will increase your chances in search rankings.
  • Get subscribers – Subscribers are your audience. As soon as post a new video, your subscribers will see them in their search and this means a far greater chance of getting views. Promote and share your videos on every social media platform you can find.

#5 – Increase Video Views

Without viewers your chances of earning from your Video Blog are minimal. Therefore, your first aim is to increase your views and, even more importantly, encourage viewer action. Promoting on various social media platforms can increase your viewers and bring awareness to those who have never heard of you.

#6 – Encourage People to Subscribe

If you watched videos on YouTube, you have probably heard the uploader asking you to subscribe to his channel. You should do the same and ask viewers to subscribe.  But this is probably not enough.  You will also need to motivate viewers to subscribe. In order to do this, it is good to post a Call-to-Action to subscribe to your You Tube channel and embed videos within your content.

# 7  – Commenting and Sharing

Encourage viewers to comment and share. You create activity and increase the chances of getting new views and subscribers. Share videos on your social network profiles to attract more viewers.

#8  – SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Search Engine Optimization helps your content perform better in search engines and search rankings. SEO optimized content has a lot more chance to generate traffic to your video blog and ultimately contribute to your income. To learn more about how to optimize your YouTube videos, read this article.

#9 – Choosing the Right Keywords

Keywords are essential for SEO. Properly targeted keywords boost your search ranking performance. Pay special attention to your titles, because most of the time, people will navigate to your videos using search engines and the title is displayed in search results. You can use keyword generator to help you target the right keywords and phrases.

#10 – Use Google AdSense

Google AdSense is the best way to start advertising online. It is simple to use and you don’t have to use complicated marketing tools to post a single ad. The easiest way to earn money from your vlogging is to link AdSense to your You Tube account. By monetizing your You Tube channel, you are much closer to earning income from your video blogging.

#11 – Add Tags and Description

Optimizing your metadata (the data that basically tells what your video is about) should also be your priority. Your description should serve as an overview of the content in your video. Optimize it using proper keywords, and include links. Lastly, tag your video with relevant tags. Again, don’t forget keywords, they should be specific and popular, which means they will perform better in search rankings. However, don’t overuse keywords. Your tags and description should seem natural. A description stacked with random keywords may have a negative effect and drive viewers away.

This video will break down how to properly add tags and descriptions.

#12 – Upload Thumbnails

Thumbnails are extremely important for your video blog. Viewers will often decide whether to click on a video or not based on thumbnails, so it is crucial that you upload the best possible image and the one which will motivate the viewer to click.

On YouTube, the size of the image should be 1280 x 720 pixels. The thumbnail should be clear and capture the viewer’s attention, but also be relevant.  You can also put your headline on the thumbnail to attract attention.

Final Thoughts

Yes, you can make money full-time or part-time Vlogging, however, most people have been at it for a long while. The reality is it will take time and dedication, just like anything else. If you stay consistent I can guarantee that you will see the benefits of why many people have turned to Vlogging as a steady income.

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