8 Easy Ways to Earn Cash Back During the Holiday Season

One of the best things you can do when out shopping is to save money and a simple way to do this especially at this time of year is to earn cash back for holiday shopping this season. Plan and budget for seasonal shopping with some of the many cash back and reward apps out there. You can save some serious dollars on your everyday purchases.

The EASIEST Ways To Earn Extra Cash Online...

Many of the apps are free and easily downloadable to your smartphone or can be added as a Chrome extension to your pc or laptop so no matter where you shop; online, on the go or, in store you should still be able to get the benefit of earning some cash back with these apps.

8 Easy Ways to Earn Cash Back for Holiday Shopping

For this holiday season why not save money by getting paid to spend money with some of the best cash back apps you can sign up to today:


A super user-friendly and interactive free mobile app that gives you cashback from most retailers, restaurants and grocery stores. You can get cashback deals by scanning receipts and even barcodes. Start here to sign up and get a $20 welcome bonus. 


The Rakuten app is a great way to get excellent discounts from all your favorite stores such as Amazon, Macy’s, CVS and many more through cash back. You can also refer a friend so that the both of you can earn some extra cash too. Join now!!


Swagbucks is a free app that has more than a cashback function.  With Swagbucks you can get coupons, answer paid surveys, earn gift cards, watch videos and play games all with the aim of earning points and cash. Start collecting your Swagbucks now for the holidays.


Dosh is a free to join automatic cashback app. All you need to do is sign up, connect your cards and everytime you shop, travel and dine you will automatically get cashback from your purchases which will go straight to your chosen payment method of bank, PayPal or Venmo account.

Top Cash Back

Top Cash Back has been around for quite a while and if you are highly organized you can plan your seasonal holiday buys and purchase gifts with your cashback savings. It’s quick and easy to sign up to and any money you receive can be added to your bank, PayPal or you can get gift cards instead.

Fetch Rewards

With this app you can scan any grocery shopping receipt to get cashback benefits. Fetch Rewards will get you into the habit of holding onto your receipts to earn points on a whole range of grocery products and redeem them through rewards such as gift cards.


The Shopkick app allows you to earn points that can be redeemed as gift cards from a number of retail stores. Scan QR Codes online and instore, and in and around stores and shopping malls to get great deals and discounts. This is the Pokemon Go of shopping cash back apps. Get started now!


Although not exactly a cashback site the Honey app does offer you the chance to save money online. Just download the app and start shopping. Honey will search the internet for the cheapest prices in your shopping cart saving you dollars. Perfect for when shopping for the holidays.

Final Thoughts on Earning Cashback for the Holiday Season

The exciting thing about cashback apps is that you learn to develop good saving habits, which is definitely a help during the expensive Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons. Try out these user-friendly apps and discover bargains that will regularly reduce your spending by offering rewards. 

You can use one or more of the apps to take full advantage of the discounts available and have fun at the same time..

Another great benefit of some of the cashback apps is that you can redeem points as gift cards which are great items to offer as a gift to friends and family or to use yourself during the holiday season. 

There is also the opportunity to share savings with friends by joining Refer-a-friend programs where you both can earn cash incentives. Using cashback apps also encourages a way to not go over budget for the holidays as you happily get to spend what you save from your cashback rewards.

One of the best things you can do when out shopping is to save money. Learn 9 easy ways to earn cash back for holiday shopping this season.

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