Top 7 Part-Time Holiday Work from Home Jobs For Extra Cash

Needing to spend money around the holidays is always a given. It’s best to plan for Christmas spending throughout the year and establish a budget and savings plan. If you're behind on holiday spending don't worry. 

The EASIEST Ways To Earn Extra Cash Online...

You can always do some side hustling or pick up a seasonal part-time job. Even if your schedule is busy, consider working from home part-time to make money online for the holidays.

Check out these top part-time holiday work from home jobs to earn extra money.


One of Amazon’s busiest times is obviously Black Friday and around the holidays. Amazon's work from home positions will keep you busy during the holiday season and something to keep an eye out for if you’re looking for seasonal work. Part-time agents will typically see a minimum of 20 hours if not more.  Search the keywords “remote” or “work from home”


The Apple At Home Call Center (Read full review) looks to hire both college students and no students trying to prepare for the holiday season. All at-home advisors receive some sort of benefits package even those that work part-time. Training is provided. Agents will also be given an iMac to complete their work. 

Students in college can also get a schedule that helps accommodate their college schedule so they can work and go to school full-time. The main responsibility will be answering questions able Apple services and products. They just ask for employees to do work in a distraction-free area of their home in a room that the door will shut. In addition to the iMac, Apple also provides a headset.  


Foundever, formerly Sitel which was founded in 1985, hires holiday work from help. You’d be in charge of helping customers with an account or product questions, billing inquiries, service orders, and installation. The paid training program can be done right from your home. Payments can be made directly into your bank account or onto a pay card.

All applicants that successfully apply and get hired are in as employees and not independent contractors. Schedules will vary depending on client needs. If an agent happened to ever have questions they have a coach and subject matter expert to lean on if needed. 

Jackson Hewitt

Jackson Hewitt hires seasonal workers during the fall season . They hire remote tax associates throughout the US and worldwide.  Locations vary, so be sure to check back often.

The tax experts help answer simple tax questions to help customers prepare their tax return via Turbo Tax.

Tax Experts must have at least 2 years of tax preparation experience, excellent problem solving and a passion for helping others. Attendance is key with this position and they want people they can rely on to be there.  Apply here!

Amazon Flex 

Delivery for Amazon with Amazon Flex. Amazon Flex drivers can pick a block of time they’re available and that’s when they’ll be fulfilling orders. Time slots are available seven days a week. When drivers arrive to pick up the packages at Amazon they can scan and load the boxes themselves.

The Flex app will give the address and directions to the customer's destination. The best way to schedule would be in advance. If something comes up the day of your scheduled blocks you can go into the calendar and forfeit the block 45 minutes prior to the start. Drivers typically earn $18-$25 per hour. 


LiveOps agents get to enjoy a flexible schedule. Live ops is another customer service based position that allows customers to earn an income while taking phone calls.  Requirements for your home office with Liveops include a corded telephone with a compatible corded headset and a computer with an internet connection.

The phones don’t need to be top-notch they just have to be able to plug into the wall jack. Features like call waiting and voicemail must be enabled. Liveops doesn’t allow services like Skype, cell phones, or satellite phones. Computers are also required. Agents must have an Internet Explorer 11 or the latest Firefox internet browser. 

Final Thoughts on Part-Time Online jobs 

Getting money together for the holiday season can be stressful.  There are plenty of places that hire people until the holidays end. Most are customer based so if you’re a friendly face that doesn’t mind solving problems these positions may be exactly what you need.  They won’t just throw you out there and must have some sort of training program in place.

If these ideas aren’t what you’re looking for Flexjobs is filled with plenty of flexible work opportunities as well. 

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