Best DIY Homemade Crafts To Sell During The Holidays for Extra Cash

One of the best things that you can do to make some extra cash for the holiday season is to sell your own handmade crafts. If you have a crafting skill that you want to share with the world, now is the time. You can find out what the best DIY crafts to sell are during the holidays to make some extra money. 

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When wanting to make extra cash, it’s always a good idea to check out which are the most profitable crafts to sell and if you can make them quickly. Which crafts are you good at making? Are you prepared to learn different crafts fast? Also, make sure to do some research and find out what crafts are trending.

Here are a few DIY crafts that you can sell for the holidays, all with a minimal start-up cost.

Traditional Crafts to Make and Sell

Knitted or Crochet Items

Can you knit or crochet? Then you can start selling your handmade knits. If you’re already a knitting or crochet expert you might not need to make the items to sell. Just sell your easy to follow pattern designs instead.  There are many online entrepreneurs using this method to make extra money at home.

Thanksgiving and Christmas Wreaths

The earlier you can get your wreaths made to make extra cash for the holidays, the better to avoid the rush you will receive from eager customers. You can use recycled items from in and around your homes such as decor from previous years, leftover fabric and ribbons, natural items from your local park, and even the forest. Smart Cent Mom shares several beautiful wreath ideas to make and sell for extra cash.

Money Making Self Care Crafts

Need more ideas of what craft items you can make and sell from home? Why not promote self-care by making natural spa products? You can make and sell them as individual items or put them all together and sell them as gift baskets.

Scented Candles

Scented candles have always been a favorite selling product for the holiday season. Why not use great-looking containers for your candles such as a patterned cup and saucer, or mason jars to keep the wonderful smell lasting longer? 

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Soap Making

Promote and sell a self-care routine with health and beauty products such as soap making. Using wonderful smelling and therapeutic organic ingredients such as turmeric, lavender, oatmeal, honey, and even sea moss that are known ingredients for promoting healthy glowing skin will have customers ordering from you again and again.

Body Butters and Body Scrubs

No need for bath and bodywork products when you can make your own and sell to others. You can easily whip up a batch of wonderful smelling body products at home, put them in jars, and label them with your own attractive logo and gift bag.

Scented Hand Sanitizer

In this ever-changing world making something that is in high demand is an excellent way to make money. Why not create a hand sanitizer that actually smells nice?

Start making and selling hand sanitizer to reflect the seasons such as apple and cinnamon for the autumn or a zesty lemon and lime for the summer. Create a unique product that can easily make you money.

Quick and Easy Edible Crafts

When it comes to edible crafts to make and sell, the options are endless. You can make extra money making popular edibles such as homemade fudge, decorated cookies, cakes in jars, granola bars, gourmet popcorn, and more.

You can never go wrong with quick and easy edible craft ideas. Your customers will save time by not having to make it themselves and assured that natural ingredients are used. Plus, homemade always tastes better.

Where To Sell Your Crafts?

You can sell your DIY crafts at craft markets, local fairs, or on online platforms such as Etsy, Amazon Handmade, and iCraft. You can also use these platforms to purchase key ingredients and supplies.

One of the great things about making crafts is that you can easily use things around your home and turn them into beautiful items that are not only useful but an easy and fun way to make extra money from home.

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One of the best things that you can do to make some extra cash for the holiday season is to sell your own handmade crafts. Try these fun ideas!

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