10 Fun Ways to Make Money for the Holidays

We all know the summer has past and the winter season has quickly approached. This means you're most likely going to be spending money on gifts for the upcoming holiday season. So finding different opportunities to make money on the side are much needed.

If you’re looking to make extra money before the holidays, hopefully this list will help make your desires come true.While many may be wondering how they are going to afford the high priced gifts, I want to share with you ways to make quick money from the comfort of your home. So, if you’re looking to make extra money before the holidays, hopefully this list will help make your desires come true.

Here are 10 Ways To Make Money For the Holidays…

#1 – Sell Your Used Clothes and Items Online

Do you have a closet filled with stuff that's just catching dust, too? These sites can turn your old, unused clothes into cash for the holidays.

  • thredUpRead Review – Thredup will allow you to sell your high quality clothes online. Items they will except: Woman clothes and handbags, Juniors, and kids clothing.  The pay is anywhere from $.25 – $13 per item depending on the quality. They will not except clothes with stains,rips, fading, shrinkage, or blemishes of any kind. If you have the original tag, you can earn more. Payout is through Paypal or you can use the funds to shop on their site.

#2 – Take Online Surveys

There are several companies out that will pay you for simply testing products by putting in your own two cents. This is a legitimate way to make money before the holidays, and even teens can do it. Here are some U.S. survey companies that want to hear your thoughts and opinions!

  • Pinecone Research – It’s easy and fun to test and evaluate new product ideas in the comfort of your own home. Usually most surveys pay around $3 each.
  • Vindale Research  – Get paid to review products and share your own thoughts.
  • Opinion Outpost  – Share your opinion and get rewarded with cash, Amazon gift cards, game points, and more. Payments are typically made instantly.
  • MySurvey.com – By sharing your feedback about products and services, My Survey rewards you with Reward Points that can be redeemed for cash and merchandise.


#3 – Review Music

This is a truly fun way to earn money online by listening to music. Record companies and new artists would love to hear your feedback. Check out the following music sites below:

  • Slice the Pie Slice the Pie is a website you can use to rate and review music online. You can sign up as young as 13 years of age. The payout is every Tuesday and Friday via Paypal. You must have at least $10 to request your money. So it is very possible to earn at least $20 per week before the holidays.
  • Music Xray – Music Xray is very similar to Slice the Pie, where you are paid to listen and review songs. You actually get paid real money to listen to and rate songs. You must link your Facebook account to get started. The pay is $0.10 per song you listen to. Payouts are made via Paypal, once your account reaches $20.

#4 – Review Websites

Make money for sharing your thoughts on websites, apps, and more. To sign up, you would simply fill out some basic information, and then wait for an invite to complete a website test. Once your test has been submitted and reviewed, you will receive between $8 – $15 per task via PayPal. These 11 user testing sites will help you earn cash for dedicating only 15-20 minutes of your time.

#5 – Earn Cash Back for Shopping Online

The secret to earning hundreds of dollars of free money is by simply adding one more step to your online shopping process. Before purchasing an item from a store's site, go to a cash-back portal like Ebates  or Mr. Rebates and click to your desired store through these sites. This simple step will help you earn 1 to 30 percent cash back off your purchases.

#6 – Make Money with Your Smartphone

Usually, most of these money-making apps are used outside the home, but during the holidays you spend a lot of time out and about anyway. These 12 money-making apps can help you earn cash while shopping or traveling.

#7 – Tutor Students Online

Working as an online tutor is a great way to make money in your spare time, and it doesn’t take much to get started. Check out these tutoring options available and you may be able to start earning just in time for the holidays.

#8 – Mystery Shopping

In-store mystery shopping can also make you some extra cash, if you don't mind leaving the house. If you are located in a rural area, you’ll most likely get receive more opportunities as a mystery shopper. This will require some travel and may or may not be worth it depending on the distance. Check out some legitimate mystery shopping companies here.

#9 – Write Articles for Extra Money

There are many ways to begin a freelance writing career, but if you are just starting out and looking for ways to make some quick cash for the holidays, Textbroker and Content Mills are great ways to start. These sites pays weekly. Looking for more writing options, here's a monster list of 100 sites that will pay you to write.

#10 – Offer Gift Wrapping Services

Anyone who has waited until Christmas eve to start wrapping gifts knows the terror of this situation. Remind the ones around you early in the season, then offer gift wrapping services by the hour. You can buy wrapping a bulk of wrapping supplies and make beautiful wrapped gifts to take the burden off others.

Final Thoughts

Enjoy your holiday season and make some extra money without applying for a full-time job. After you make the extra cash, continue making good spending decisions and seek to save money all year round.

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