How to Make Money on ThredUp by Selling Your Used Items

How to Make Money on thredUp by Selling Your Used ItemsSo, you are looking to earn some extra spending money, but not sure what to do? Do you want to get rid of clothes that you do not wear and do not like? If you want to make room in your closet by getting rid of items that you no longer wear or do not like you can sell them via ThredUP to make some extra cash.

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How to Make Money Selling Your Used Clothes on thredUP

It's really easy!

Simply order a cleanout bag, which is pre-paid by thredUP. Put your stuff in it and return it to them for free. Once your bag is processed, thredUP will email you stating how much your bag has earned. If you are looking for some extra cash, clean out with thredUP.

What Clothing Items Can I Send To thredUP?

You can send women’s and kid’s clothing items that are defect-free, in excellent condition, on-trend, and top brand names. You can put all your gently used clothing items that are top brand names in the bag. Clothing items with stains, holes, pilling, etc will not be accepted by thredUP. Do not sell cheap clothes because they will not be accepted. Keep in mind thredUP accepts items from certain accepted brands. The first step to selling your women’s and kid’s clothing items is ordering a bag. The bags are free and every bag comes with a pre-paid shipping label. When the bag arrives at your house, pack it up with your gently used items that are on-trend and top brand names, and then send it in.

What Happens After I Send in My Bag?


Once you ship out your bag, it will be processed within two to four weeks. Once it has been processed, you will receive an email stating how much your bag has earned for you. If your items are listed under $60, thredUP will pay you upfront. You will receive a payout as soon as the items are processed. They do not guarantee a minimum payout.

If your items are listed over $60, they will be listed on thredUP for sale. You will be paid for these items once they sell. If your items are listed on thredUP for sale, you can adjust the price of your consignment items within the first 7 days. If your items are not accepted by thredUP, they will be sold to third-party sellers, and items that are no longer in wearable condition will be recycled. If you want your items back that are not accepted, you can choose Return Assurance when you order your bag.

Why Sell Things Via thredUP?How To make Money Selling Your Used Items on ThredUp

Selling via thredUP is easier because you do not have to take pictures of the items, write descriptions of each item, and list them yourself on thredUP for sale. Instead, you simply request a FREE shipping bag from thredUP, put your items in the bag, and send it off. You can order another bag if you have more stuff to get rid of.

Every day, hundreds of bags arrive at thredUP’s processing warehouse where they are carefully reviewed by their team of quality specialists. Typically, they accept about 50% of the items they receive.

ThredUp Payment ProofHow Much Can I Earn?

After you send in your bag, each item will be inspected thoroughly by professional buyers. They will evaluate each item to determine its quality so that thredUP can resell it. Once your bag has been processed, an email will be sent to you indicating how much your bag has earned. The amount your bag is paid depends on the quantity, quality, original price, brand, and category of each item. You can use Earnings Estimator on the site to find out what others have earned for similar items.

Again, thredUP will pay you upfront if your items are listed under $60. You will receive a payout as soon as the items are processed which is roughly around 3-4 weeks. They do not guarantee a minimum payout. If your items are listed over $60, they will be listed on thredUP for sale. You will be paid for these items once they sell. I personally sent in about 10 garments from my child's closet. Most were designer clothes from Ralph Lauren and this was what I was sent for selling my items.

How Can I Use My Payout?

Once you have received payment for your items, for the first 14 days you can use your payout to shop on the thredUP. After 14 days, you can cash out your payout via your PayPal account.

Final Thoughts on Selling Via thredUP

A lot of people sell their women’s and kid’s clothing through thredUP. Earn a little cash for the items that you are no longer wearing. From my personal experience, this is a legitimate site I would use again. My only complaint is the length of time it took for me to receive my payment. If you would prefer a faster way of selling items online, consider using eBay.

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