How to Find Freelance Jobs with No Experience

You are probably reading this post because you have heard that freelancing is a great way to make money from home online and that you want to break through freelancing online even though you may have no experience.

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Freelancing is one of the best ways to make money online. We've provided some online tips and how to find freelance jobs with no experience.So, is it possible to start a freelancing career if you have no freelance experience? The truth is, you cannot gain any freelance experience if you cannot get into any freelance job. So, landing your first freelance job can seem difficult when you have no freelance experience.

So, how to find freelance jobs with no experience? Whether you are looking for freelance writing jobs or you are interested in web design or something else, here are some tips on how to find freelance jobs with no experience:

Start a Blog

Starting your own blog is a great way to gain some valuable skills. You can use your blog as a portfolio for your potential clients to look at when you apply to freelance jobs related to blogging such as writing, blogging, graphic design, web design, etc jobs for beginners, depending on the skillset related to the service you are interested in providing. You can learn about all of the different things related to writing for your blog and managing your blog. These are valuable skills and experience you can leverage to find freelance jobs related to writing, blogging, and website management. You will also learn how to use keywords in a blog post, how to drive traffic to a blog, how to promote your blog using social media sites, learn more things. Starting a blog will give you an idea of freelancing online. If you like blogging, you will probably like the idea of blogging for others where you will write content for others on topics you are familiar with.

If your blog has built a bit of traffic, it can help attract clients in your niche. Potential clients may find you through your blog who may hire you to write blog posts or articles related to the topics covered by your blog. You can create a blog easily and quickly. The steps to building a blog quickly include:

  • Buy a domain name from a reputable domain registrar company such as GoDaddy or Namecheap
  • Buy hosting service from a good hosting company to publish your blog live on the web
  • Choose a blogging platform such as WordPress to set up your blog
  • Design your blog yourself or hire someone to do it for you if you want more advanced features on your blog
  • Start blogging

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Improve Your Existing Skills

If you have no professional or work experience, you may have some other skills acquired while studying at school or college. Some skills may include research skills, typing skills, communication skills, and much more depending on the area of your study, level of education, etc factors. If you are good at something, hone your existing skills to be better at them. Besides, focus on other areas that may interest you and be good at them. If you can type in fast, keep practicing it. You may be interested in doing work at home typing jobs online one day. If you spend a lot of time on social media sites, try and build a following of loyal audience. You can learn how to gain more following, how to engage them, what time they are more active online, and much more. You can become an expert in using social media sites and use your expertise to land social media marketing jobs.

Have Samples of Your Work

Even though you have no freelance or work experience, you can create a few samples of your work that you can showcase to your potential clients to land your first freelance job. Once you get hired, one job leads to another. So, if you do not have a portfolio of past work because you have not any employment history, you may need to create sample work to show to your potential clients. For instance, if you are interested in finding freelance writing jobs online, you can create a few sample articles or blog posts about a topic or more you are familiar with. Your sample work must be free from grammatical and spelling mistakes, and it should convey your personal style and voice so that the potential clients can see your writing style.

Look for Jobs That Do Not Require Any Experience

There are jobs that do not require the expertise of a professional to complete. There are some jobs like researching jobs, proofreading jobs, typing jobs, and even writing jobs that involve writing a blog post or article on a topic of general interest or personal opinion, do not require any skill or experience to do. If you are reliable, can commit to deadlines, and adhere to the instructions given by the clients, you can do these jobs and gain freelance experience that can help you land more and better-paying jobs.

Be Prepared to Take on Low-Paying Jobs or Work for Free

When you are looking for finding freelance jobs without experience, you should not be looking for high-paying freelance jobs that require the expertise of professionals with relevant experience. Instead, look for low-paying jobs that are easy to breakthrough. Once you have done a few jobs, you can build a portfolio of your work to show to potential clients who will pay you more if they hire you. You may even offer to work for free if the job lets you build your portfolio.

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Network with Others Online

Once you have created a few samples of your work or built a portfolio of your work, start networking with others on places like social media sites, forums, and blogs or websites where you can post comments and engage with others to reach out to your potential clients. You need to put your name out there where your potential clients are. Networking with others may lead to any job openings that they know of. Send emails to potential clients to inquire about any possible job openings. If they find your portfolio, proposal, and social media presence suitable, they will hire you.

Jobs That Do Not Require Past Experience

There are many freelance jobs that do not require you to have any past experience to do. But, having no experience does not mean that you do not need any particular skills at all to do these jobs. Some clients will hire you to work on some freelance jobs even if you have no freelance experience. These jobs usually require you to have some common sense, basic computing skills, and research skills. Below, you will find some work from home freelance jobs online that do not require past experience to do them and make money online:

Final Thoughts on Finding Beginner Freelance Jobs 

Freelancing is one of the best ways to make money online. Thousands of clients post thousands of freelance jobs on various freelance sites each day. If you are looking to build a career in freelancing, whether part-time or full-time, you need to find a niche to get started. Finding freelance jobs with no experience can seem difficult and landing the first job can be the hardest part of all. You could keep in mind the above tips when it comes to how to find freelance jobs with no experience.

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