Selling Books Online for Cash (Get Paid for Book Reviews Too!)

Selling books online can be the perfect way to not only get rid of some clutter in your home but also to help you earn extra money.

The EASIEST Ways To Earn Extra Cash Online...

There are some places out there that will actually give you a good amount of money for a used book. It all depends on the title, author and condition of the book as well.

Selling a book that is popular and in good condition is the best way to maximize your earning potential. Some books are worth keeping, then some may be better off in someone else's possession. You have plenty of options when it comes to selling books online. Here are a few of the best sites to get started with.

Selling Books Online for Cash


Bookscouter matches you with over 40 used book vendors. You can get quotes on your books by just entering the ISBN number. Compare prices to figure out the best deal and get the shipping label printed out ready to go.

After you decide who you are going to sell the books to you will get paid for the book once the buyer receives the book. You can view vendor ratings straight from the mobile app, and there is no cost to ship your books. Bookscouter is one of the top places for selling books online.


Amazon Trade-In is another option for people interested in selling books online. Their Trade-In will take certain books and give you credit in return. Just look through the list and see if you have any of the titles they are looking for. You will receive payment for your item within 10 business days of sending it in the mail.

Within two days of receiving your item, the team determines if they want to approve or reject your item. So make sure you are sending books that are in top condition. Shipping is free and books are updated all the time to make sure to check in regularly.

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Cash 4 Books

Cash 4 Books also lets you get quotes by entering in the books ISBN number. They accept both the 10 and 13 digit ISBN numbers. The numbers are located on either the back cover or inside the front cover of must books. Free shipping from USPS or Fed Ex on all your books. Payments are typically issued within 13 days of the time you sent the books.


Facebook Marketplace

The Facebook Marketplace has grown into a profitable way to make money selling items online. Books are no different. Facebook lists items in categories and all people have to do is use the search bar to locate what they are looking for.

It’s really simple to sell through Facebook all you need is the amount you are looking to sell it for, the condition the book is in, and the title. Submit a few good photos and point out any details you feel should be added.

Once it’s added it could be minutes before you start getting messages. They don’t have to be your Facebook friends, just anybody that searching for it. You can set up a time and place right through Facebook. You can even continue messaging if you need to change the time or have any last minute questions.

Half Price Books

Half Price Books is not only a place for buying books but you can also decide that you want to start selling books online as well. You can get the most money from recent best selling books.

Those are the books that you’ll get the most money from. If you decide to sell a book online with Half Priced Books you should keep in mind you’ll get the most if they are high in demand and in good condition. Just in case you leave a personal item in a book Half Price Books takes down your phone number.

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Decluttr is another site to use for selling used items. Books are also included in the list of items the site will accept. Like half priced books, books are not the main focus with Decluttr. Depending on the title you are selling you can make some good money. You get a free shipping label from Decluttr.

The company pays you the day after they receive your items. Sellers can get less money then they were promised if they lie about the condition of whatever they are trying to sell. So make sure you are telling the truth because Decluttr will check. You can be paid by direct deposit, check, or PayPal.

Make Money Reading Books

If you do not have that much book to sell but you are still looking to make money with books, then you can also make good money by reading books and offering to write a detailed review on the books. There are lots of sites that are willing to pay you to write book reviews and some of these sites are:

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If you are someone that loves reading and writing for pleasure like me, then I am sure you are happy to know that there are ways to make money by reading and selling your old books. So take advantage of this opportunity!

Do you have any additional resources for this list? Share them in the comments below.

Love reading books? Do they just collect dust on the shelf when you're done. Selling books online for cash with these websites can help you earn good money. #sellbooksonline

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