Amazon Online Jobs: Work from Home Part-Time or Full-Time

Want to #workfromhome for Amazon? Here are the best full and part-time Amazon online jobs to choose from. Don't miss out!

Amazon has become a very popular site to shop on over the past few years. That said, it's also become a great company to work for. They offer plenty of delivery and factory work options but also work from home opportunities as well. Amazon is continuing to grow and the company likely isn't going away any time soon.

Amazon online jobs are the perfect way to earn money from home on your time with a great company. Here are the best full and part-time Amazon online jobs to choose from. is another place to find legitimate work from home jobs online. They have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. Learn more by reading my full FlexJobs review

Which Amazon Online Jobs Are Available:

Full-Time Work from Home Associate

If you have at least 1 year of customer service experience, you can apply to become a work from home customer service associate with Amazon. You'll be in charge of moderating all customer reviews, responding to email, telephone, and online chat queries in English, answering customer questions, and more. Apply here!

Employee Relations

Employee relations staff make sure workers at Amazon are treated fairly. They are currently looking to fill an Employee Services  Manager position.

Not all employee relations workers have to travel, but the Employee relations manager would have to travel 50% of the time on the job. You must have a bachelor's degree and pass a background and reference check. Apply here!


Amazon's online jobs also include becoming a recruiter for the company. Amazon is always looking to add new people to their team, and as a recruiter, you would be in charge of bringing in new employees.

You have to be proficient with Microsoft office products like word and excel. Recruiters are asked to have a bachelor's degree or two years of work at Amazon. 

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Migration Engineer

A migration engineer is another one of the Amazon online jobs that you will have to have some sort of technical background to be successful. Migration engineers also help AWS customers have a smooth transition into Amazon’s business products. You may have to do some travel, but the majority of the work should be able to be taken care of remotely.

The engineers need at least two years of hands-on experience with cloud services, and a master or advanced degree is preferred. Go here to apply!


Solutions Architect

One of the many Amazon online jobs the company offers as a work from home option is a Solutions Architect. You would be in charge of addressing business customer problems and help them get used to Amazon Web Services (AWS).

AWS products include a ton of different web and technology tools that can help a company grow. You must be self-motivated and have a background in technology sales and consulting to be considered. Solutions Architects have training sessions to convince or keep customers using Amazon Web Services.

Some basic qualifications for the position include seven years of design, implementation, or consulting experience. Amazon also asks you to have a technical degree or something equivalent. A computer science or math background is something else Solutions Architects are hired on having. Apply here!

Collaboration Specialist

Amazon is looking for a collaboration specialist to join the team. They will also work with AWS customers. Your focus would be to help business customers in managing, migrating, operating, and building Amazon Connect. Amazon Connect is a call center that can call or chat in at any time you have issues with any AWS products.

It would be like you had your own personal IT department, but they would be working remotely. You would be in charge of coaching your team and working to improve Amazon Connect in any way you can.

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Field Readiness

This department's main focus is to help push the Amazon Books program. A manager for this department is also needed. A few key abilities you have to have to work in field readiness is to execute consistently and have attention to detail.

You should also be able to prioritize and complete multiple projects with tight deadlines.


Amazon needs a team to help adopt and keep AWS in K-12 school districts. As a member of the K-12 sales team, you should have K-12 education technology sales experience and must have either a BA or BS.

It would also be a plus to have strong leadership skills and strong written and vocal skills as well.

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There are many Amazon online jobs to choose from and a wide variety of departments within the company. There always seems to be a range of positions open. With Amazon always looking to expand and do something new, that most likely isn’t going to change anytime soon.

The pay for all of these jobs isn’t clear, but most do seem like they would keep you busy and give you plenty of hours. With limited or no travel time included with the jobs, you can save a ton of money sitting next to your computer and working from home. Amazon also seems to have the option to have growth within the company.

A few different supervisors or manager positions pop up from time to time with Amazon. Once you get your foot in the door, you will have many different opportunities within reach as we highlighted today!

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