7 Ways To Earn Money Online Posting on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram

There are multiple ways to make money online posting on social media platforms like #Twitter,# Instagram, and #Facebook. Here's how to get started.Who doesn’t have at least some sort of social media page today? It seems like everyone has some sort of platform whether it be Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. Some people use all three and others rarely use one. 

The EASIEST Ways To Earn Extra Cash Online...

Either way, they can actually be nice tools to help bring in some money. If you do it right it can actually be some really good money.

It all depends on the audience and how you build your business. It’s great that we are in a time where doing something we already do every day (and most times effortlessly) can actually earn us a nice amount of money. There are multiple ways to make money online posting on social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Here's how you can get started.

Promote Affiliate Products on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram

One way to start earning is by promoting a product on your platform. All three social media platforms are great for just promoting a product. Bloggers can use social media to post articles that lead to affiliate products that they are pushing to promote. Try and stay with products that are within your niche and something you think your audience would benefit from. Some of the top affiliate networks I recommend are:

Promote Coaching Services

If you have a skill that they think will benefit someone else they should promote it on social media. Whether it be a credit rebuilding service, or fitness or even tutoring, there are so many businesses out there. A great way to promote that business is through social media. Facebook lets users customize the type of audience they feel will like their product. 


Join an Influencer Network

Becoming an influencer and helping other people promote a product is a simple way to earn more money.  Influencer networks will pay people to post about different products. There might be a requirement for a certain amount of followers. Or even the amount of engagement a regular post gets can play a factor. There are networks out there that will pay for people to post on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram! Some great options are Influence.co, HelloSociety,  TRIBE, etc.

Write Quality Social Media Posts 

Simply having quality posts and well-written copy can be a ticket to earning more money. Quality images will go a long way and you don’t want crappy images that don’t turn outright. The copy is the next thing people will see after the image. So saying the right thing on a social media post can help boost sales.

Take it seriously and hopefully, the money can start rolling in. Make sure to include hashtags in any post you are trying to get seen. The more hashtags that are on the post the bigger the chance of a sale. Don’t go overboard though and do a little research to see which hashtags work best for the niche that you’re in. 

Online Instagram Shop

With over 1 billion users on Instagram, I’d say it’s a nice candidate to help generate some income. The first step in this process is changing an Instagram profile into a business one. If this turns out to be something a user doesn’t want to do they can always go back into the Instagram settings and change the profile back into a personal one.  

If a user happened to have a physical location in addition to the Instagram shop they could list the location, phone number, and email to the business right on their profile as well. It’s nice that people can use both Instagram posts and stories to help promote their products! 

Page owners can choose to just try and make sales by themselves or they can choose to promote posts through paying Instagram to help. Posts can also be promoted through Facebook as well. 

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace has grown into a nice way to earn some easy money. Some people constantly check the Facebook Marketplace for an item they need. It’s so convent and has become a nice option to buy and sell items. 

As a seller, they are in charge of setting the price for the items they are trying to sell. If it's initially set to high and an item isn't selling thats ok just go back in and decrease the price.  Sellers need to make sure they have the messenger app installed because depending on the item people could be asking a ton of questions about it and the quickest way to see the messages and answer the questions is through Facebook Messanger. 

Buyers usually pay in cash and the meeting place all depends on what the seller and buyer agree on but most of the time it will just be at the seller's home. 

Manage Social Media Posts 

People will pay for help posting on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and some of the other social media platforms. Some people are just to busy or don’t have the skill to get the job done. You could set your own rate on this and if things go well this might even become a career. Many people are trying to use social media as a marketing tool and if they aren’t having the success they might start looking elsewhere. Companies like Modsquad, Crisp Thinking, and Voice Hub are great spots to apply with.


Social media is a powerful tool that can make people a ton of money if they use it right. It shouldn’t take a lot of time per day to get the posts set up. Social media posting doesn’t have to be something that is done every day to be effective either. Just take a few moments out of a couple of days a week and if you have the right strategy money can be made in a hurry.

Just know that is something isn’t working right away don’t give up. Try new strategies even if it’s something as small as changing a picture or tweaking a word or two in the copy of the post. Be patient and keep working at it and you’ll quickly find out there are ways to make money posting on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.  

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