Top 10 Places To Find Remote Social Media Jobs Online

If you enjoy spending time on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, you may enjoy a work at home social media job. There are many companies and people who need help to grow their social media presence by promoting their products, services, and brands to their targeted audience.

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Let’s look at 10 specific companies that offer remote social media jobs.

If you spend lots of time on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, this post can help you find several social media jobs online.

What Are Remote Social Media Jobs?

Social media jobs involve helping companies of all sizes, blog site owners, and entrepreneurs to build an active and engaged audience. Corporations and people from around the world know how important it is for them to use the power of social media. It can be overwhelming to know what to post and when, how to create engaging content, and how to run social media marketing campaigns. To build an active and engaged audience these elements are critical, however, keeping up with trends for each platform requires time and effort.

What Type of Tasks Will I Perform?

Depending on the client, jobs may require you to provide various services, including:

  • Monitoring social media accounts and profiles of the clients
  • Gaining relevant followers
  • Managing Facebook page
  • Managing Facebook ads
  • Gaining relevant Twitter followers
  • Managing LinkedIn accounts
  • Commenting on forums and in chat rooms
  • Creating articles

In addition to the above, you may also work as a content curator, proofreader, or moderator depending on the social media job and your skills.

Where To Find Remote Social Media Jobs Online?

If you are interested in earning money for a company by managing their social media accounts, check out the following companies below:


1.  Electronic Arts (EA)

As a social media assistant with eaHELP, you will manage and execute your client’s social media campaigns. The company has been in business since 2010 and services the needs of their clients worldwide. They offer competitive pay. eaHelp mainly looks for self-motivated individuals that are comfortable with navigating through various computer programs.

2. Yelp

Yelp only hires from specific locations so if you want to work for them as a community manager, you will need to go to their website. On the “jobs” page click on the “community” button to see if you are in an area that they are hiring from. This is a part-time gig with the potential to go long term.

3. Modsquad

Working at Modsquad (Read my full review) can be a great way to work from home.  If you know how to moderate a website, blog, forum site or social media site, become a Modsquad social media moderator. You will work as part of an experienced team of managed professionals to help companies stay on top of their online presence in respective industries. As a social media moderator, you will interact with your client’s customers via chat, email, social media channels and forums.

4. Appen Butler Hill

Appen (Read my full review) is a global company that hires social media moderators along with search engine evaluators, transcribers, and translators. This is a work from home opportunity that offers a  flexible schedule. Your job will be to improve the relevancy of the client’s news feed. You will be required to work 1-4  hours a day, 5 days a week.

Some projects may require you to work at least on one of the weekend days. If you are a daily social media user, able to follow instructions, work independently and are a good communicator, then working as a social media evaluator can be a rewarding job for you.

5. Time Etc.

Time Etc (Read my full review) is a reputable virtual assistant company that also hires social media assistants for their clients. You will use your social media experience to help clients promote their businesses. Tasks can include writing posts on Facebook, tweeting and retweeting, and much more. This position generally offers flexibility as long as you are available to work during normal business hours as needed by the client.

6. Indeed is a massive job site where you can find social media jobs advertised by smaller brands or companies, startups and other clients. You can search the site to find any available social media jobs. Many clients, particularly small companies post remote social media jobs on this site.

Just type the keyword “social media” in the “what” box and “remote” in the “where” box below, then click “Find Jobs”. You will find a variety of social media work-at-home jobs on Remember to do your own research diligently.

7. Upwork

Upwork is a large freelancing site where thousands of jobs in a wide variety of industries including social media are posted daily. If you have social media skills, you will find plenty of social media jobs on Upwork. Clients can range from small companies to large corporations to busy professionals and bloggers. Sign up to the site and then create a professional profile listing your skills to apply for social media jobs. You may find work as a social media moderator, social media marketer, social media manager, or consultant depending on your skill level and the client’s project.

8. Mediabistro

If you know how to engage an audience on social media, how to write well, manage social media for a company or individual and increase social presence of a company online, there are plenty of social media jobs to pursue on Mediabistro job board for you. Depending on your skills and the clients’ needs, you can work as a social media manager, director, coordinator or consultant.

9. Crisp Thinking 

Crisp Thinking hires social media moderators to work as independent contractors both in the US and in the UK. The company operates  24/7, and a minimum of at least 15 hours  of work is required per week. The starting pay is around $10 to $15 hourly.

10. FlexJobs

FlexJobs is another great site that offers social media job listings but the site charges a monthly subscription fee to access their job board. The site makes job search experience easier, faster and safer as FlexJobs hand-screens every job and company for legitimacy. So if you do not mind spending a bit of money every month, FlexJobs can be a great site for finding not only social media jobs but also all types of freelance and telecommuting jobs.  In the search bar, type “social media.”

How Much Can I Make?

How much you can make as a social media expert depends on your skills, and the duties you carry out. Many clients will pay you more to do specific social media jobs. You may be able to earn anywhere between $13 to $30 an hour as a pure social media consultant or marketer working part-time. If you are responsible for brand awareness you can earn $30-$60 per hour. And, if you do lead generation via social media, you can earn $100 per hour or more.

Final Thoughts

If you know what to post and when, are able to create engaging content, and can run social media marketing campaigns to build an active and engaged audience, social media jobs are the best fit for you. Lots of companies and people from around the world are looking to outsource their social media activities to social media experts like you. So if you have the right skills, I encourage you to give it a try!

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