Uhaul Hiring Seasonal Work from Home Center Sales & Reservation Agents

Uhaul Hiring Seasonal Work from Home Center Sales & Reservation Agents

Uhaul Hiring Seasonal Work from Home Center Sales & Reservation Agents - $10/hr plus paid training and bonuses.If you’ve always wanted to work from the comfort of your home and not have to beat the traffic each morning so as to avoid getting a lecture from your boss, then Uhaul provides you with the perfect solution to your problem. You can freelance from home as a Seasonal Center Sales – Reservations Agent.

By applying for this job, you will be in the front line to making a difference by being part of an enriching campaign in customer experience when customers are moving. Uhaul is on the look for motivated and enthusiastic agents to help the customers with making reservations for trailers, trucks, towing devices, hitches, U-BOX as well as storage units.

You will get to do all this from the comfort of your home! So what kind of person are they after?


  • You should find joy in helping people and also love being rewarded for your work.
  • You should perform exceptionally well in a sales environment that is fast paced and be focused on quality and pay attention to detail.
  • You should be an empathetic and enthusiastic individual who loves creating enjoyable experiences.
  • You should get your kicks from challenges, be goal oriented, be quick to learn using different systems and be at ease with navigating between several screens.
  • You should be able to communicate articulately through Instant Messenger.
  • You should be able to work independently in delivering practical solutions and also be at ease in a collaborative team environment.
  • You should own a perfect home-office environment that is free of distractions or background noise.
  • You should have a good bearing of the US geography.
  • You should be willing to take part in a successful 4-week remote training.

Uhaul Requirements

  •  All applicants must be at least 16 years old, either in school and/or holders of a high school diploma.
  • Should have a quiet, private work area.
  • The team members also working from home are expected to supply their own USB headsets, high speed or broadband internet and also have a laptop or PC with Windows 7, 8 or 10 installed. The internet speed and computers must meet the minimum requirements.
  • The PC or laptop’s minimum RAM is 4GB though 8GB RAM is recommended as well as 5GB space on the hard drive or more. The processor should be Core i3, an equivalent or even higher.
  • Since competition is stiff for this role, the applicant is expected to have 100% commitment during the training period so as to have a successful career with Uhaul.

One perk to working with Uhaul is that the 4-week training from home will be paid. However, one should be aware that the work status is temporary as it is seasonal.

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