Work from Home Jobs for Citizens on SSDI or SSI Disability Benefits  

Did you know it is possible to work from home with a disability? This trusted resource provides job assistance for those on SSDI or SSI disability benefits.A new partner of mine, Employment Options, specializes in Work At Home for those receiving SSDI or SSI disability benefits from Social Security (ages 18-64).    

You may already know about Employment Options from their national Online Job Fairs that I have posted about in the past!

On a daily basis, they provide free job placement help to those receiving SSDI or SSI, as part of a federal ‘return to work’ program called Ticket to Work. This free and voluntary program allows someone on SSDI or SSI to work with an authorized agency of their choice, such as Employment Options, who can help them ‘gradually’ return to work and find suitable employment.  They serve clients in 47 states. 

The free program has built in safety nets and work incentives to help protect disability benefits and medical insurance when starting back to work.  They have been a part of the Ticket To Work Program since it started.  In 2017, they helped over 500 job seekers get back to work! 

Employment Options partners with numerous leaders in the Work At Home industry who love to hire their clients! They offer a variety of remote jobs from entry level and higher in areas such as Customer Service, Tech Support, ChatBilling & Coding, Information Technology, Nursing, Concierges, Sales, Reservations, Travel, Case Management and more. They continue to find new employers and new jobs every month!  Examples of their jobs can be found on their website. 

Their free career services include (but are not limited to):

  • Assessing skills and abilities 
  • Help in finding suitable work At home job leads
  • Resume writing & Interview practice
  • Application assistance
  • Career advancement
  • Accommodation issues
  • Benefits counseling  
  • & Moral support 

They believe in the personal touch and each client works with their very own personal job counselor who helps them every step of the way.  Employment Options also offers fun contests and rewards for their clients who work hard to achieve their goals.   

Many of their own staff have also used Ticket To Work personally and are happy to share their own stories of having a disability and finding work again. 

They have a Certified Benefits Counselor (CWIC) on staff who helps track each client’s income and helps guide them through the stages of the program.  

Work at Home Jobs for Disabled Persons

Search Engine Evaluator 
Freelance Writer 
Data Entry Agent 

Jobs for Disabled People with Limited Movement

Customer Service Rep
Online Tutor 

If you (or someone you know) receives SSDI/SSI, Employment Options may be able to help!   Apply Online @:

After an application is submitted, their screening staff will give each applicant a call personally. Applicants can apply for both Work at Home and Onsite jobs.

If you have questions about their free services or jobs, you can visit their website or give them a call at 800-441-3114.   

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