Get Paid To Work Out with These 8 Free Fitness Apps

Getting paid to work out is very easy. Ask me how.

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There are numerous benefits you will derive from working out. However, the stress involved while working out makes you feel lazy every time. There are people who love to work out. There are also some of us who require extra motivation to work out. For instance, if someone told you they would pay you a certain sum for losing some pounds within one week? 

This is exactly what I will be talking about today. Sounds too good to be true right?

Believe it or not, there are companies that are willing to pay you to work out. So it is a win-win for you. You will shed the extra weight, and also make some bucks in return.

Here are 8 legitimate ways for you to get paid to work out.

Believe it or not, you can get paid to workout and live a healthier lifestyle. The 8 best free fitness apps are a must-download for losing weight and tracking your #fitness journey.


Gym-Pact pays you to set workout goals and achieve them. They help you earn cash for living a healthy lifestyle. All you need to do is register with Gym-Pact by downloading the app. You will need to set a goal, stick to the goal. And then you get paid at the end. For achieving your goal, Gym-Pact pays you between $0.5 and $0.75 per workout session. You can download the App today.


With Dietbet, you will get paid for every Workout bet you win. On Dietbet, you will place a bet to achieve a workout goal. If you achieve this at the end of the week, the bet is yours otherwise you will have to pay. You can choose to lose about 10% of your weight after 6 weeks. For every $30 you bet, you will earn about 2x your money if you win. There is no better way to reach your fitness goals than this. And remember, you will also get paid.


This is another get paid to work out app. HealthyWage also helps you to stick to your fitness goals. You will participate in different challenges. The more challenges you win, the more money you make. If you are determined to lose weight, HealthyWage will help you get paid to work out. If you want to win big, you will need to stake big. Stick to your workout plan, and make a whole lot of money while at it.

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Over 2 million people use Achievement to get paid while working out. With Achievement, getting paid to work out is very easy. The most interesting part is, it is free to use. Achievement pays you bucks while you track your fitness steps. 



This is another way for you to work out and get paid. It is a free fitness app available for your smartphone. You can create a workout plan with the Mapmyfitness app. The app pays cash to top performers at the end of each month. So, all you need to do is create your fitness plan and stick to it. 


Stepbet does not care about your weight loss. You just need to take certain steps regularly. Most of the games last over 6 weeks. During this period, you must set a goal and place a bet to achieve it. The average bet is about $40.

For you to get paid, you must meet your weekly goals. You can use Stepbet on your Android or Apple device.


If you are a lover of Crypto, then this is for you. Sweatcoin intends to become the Cryptocurrency for fitness enthusiasts.

Sweatcoin pays you a certain amount of coin for every step you take. The app uses your Smartphone accelerometer and GPS to calculate the number of steps you take daily. Then, your steps are converted into Sweatcoin. Your coin can then redeemed for prizes or merchandise. You can also choose to donate it to a charity.

Sweatcoin is available on iOS and Android and it is free to use.

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Bitwalk also pays you to exercise. With Bitwalking, you will get paid for walking, running, or cycling. Bitwalking is a free to use app. It is available for everyone to download. You can redeem your prize via Giftcards or merchandise. Bitwalking is currently available for Android devices only.

If you are a fitness fan, you can make money as a fitness instructor. It is a fantastic way of getting paid to work out if you ask me.

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