How To Find Work from Home Jobs and Earn Money as a Full-Time Employee

How To Find Work from Home Jobs and Earn Money as a Full-Time Employee

How To Find Work from Home Jobs and Earn Money as a Full-Time EmployeeBeing able to enjoy the flexibility of working from home is widely desirable in today's society of busy people. As I'm writing this article from home, my area has been hit with a ton of snow and schools are closed for the day.

Since I work from home, I could sleep in, watch my son, and work for a few hours without having to leave the house and big my car out of the snow. How do you get to this point?

Well, you can start a business, freelance, or become a remote full-time employee. In this post, I'm going to give you some tips for earning money as a remote full-time employee if you prefer to keep your benefits and stable income.

Start By Making Sure You Can Work From Home In Your Field

Not every job can be done remotely. If you want to work from home, you need to make sure you're in the right field to make it happen. In other words, you should be able to do your job well without going to an office each day. A banker, plumber or bus driver certainly can't make any money from home, but if do the bulk of your job online, you can make it work.

You may need to change career paths in order to make it work for you.

Brush Up On Your Skills and Resume

Next, you'll want to brush up on your job skills and resume once you narrow down the type of job you're looking for. There are tons of work from home job fields including customer service, marketing, writing, virtual assistant work, tutoring/online teaching and so on.

When you apply for remote full-time jobs, you'll likely need to submit a resume and often a cover letter so it helps to have these things ready to go. Make sure all your work history is up-to-date and it wouldn't hurt to brush up on your computer skills either.

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Search Online For Quality Leads

There are tons of places to look for quality leads on remote jobs. You must be careful though because there are quite a few scams as well. If you're going to use job boards, make sure you're using credible ones like Indeed, Career Builder, and FlexJobs.

You also might want to subscribe to sites that are dedicated sourcing valid remote job leads regularly. This site is also a solid resource for full-time work from home jobs. Check out some of these posts:

Companies That Hire Full-Time Remote Employees

We've done the liberty of taking care of the hard research work for you already and have already sourced tons of companies that will hire you to work from home full-time. Here are a few of the best options.

Alpine Access -Virtual call center provider using home-based customer service agents. (employee benefits)

Apple At Home – Apple has a work at home call center program that hires college and non-students full-time or part-time. You must be within 100 miles of specific locations. (employee benefits)  – Amazon hires part-time customer service agents. Pay is $10-$12/hr. Search the keywords “work at home” on their site to apply online. (employee benefits)

Convergys – Convergys hires virtual call center agents to take incoming calls in customer service, sales or technical support. (employee benefits)

GE Retail Finance – GE hires “Client Service Reps” to review and analyze credit applications and credit bureau information. (employee benefits)

Hilton Hotels – Hilton hires home-based hotel reservation agents in their Dallas and Tampa offices.  – The Home Shopping Network offers work at home jobs in call centers. Inbound calls are both sales and customer service. Jobs are based in St. Petersburg, FL, Roanoke, VA, and Nashville, TN. (employee benefits)

Neiman Marcus – This company hires work-at-home call center agents mostly for temporary or seasonal positions. (employee benefits)

New Corp – This is an extended warranty company pays home-based customer care reps $9-10 per hour to take inbound calls.

Sitel Work@Home – Sitel Work@Home, the company's work-at-home program, offers call center agents in the United States professional training at home. (employee benefits)

Sedgewick CMS  – This company hires customer service agents to handle claims filed through various tasks. (employee benefits)

Looking for employee-based jobs? Sign up with FlexJobs. They have an A+ rating with the BBB and dig through any online scams before posting jobs on the site.

Take the Interview and Onboarding Process Seriously

Once you start to submit applications and schedule interviews, be sure to be on your A-game. Full-time work from home jobs is more secure because they'll likely offer consistent hours and benefits. That said, they can be harder to obtain and you may have to take several assessments and complete a few rounds of interviews before you are accepted onto the team.

Be sure to ask as many questions as possible during this time too so you can get a feel for the company culture and the work-life balance. Just because you'll be working remotely doesn't mean that your schedule will automatically become perfect.

You want to make sure you're working days and hours that fit well with your needs and are performing tasks that interest you so the job will be sustainable long-term.

Are you looking for a full-time work from home job? Which j0b fields are you interested in?