How to Earn Extra Money While Staying Active

If you’re not a big fan of sitting for long periods of time, there are plenty of ways to earn extra money while staying active and healthy.It’s no secret that earning extra money online is pretty awesome. It’s flexible and most of the time you can bring in money without having to leave your home. However, sitting down and doing online work all day is not healthy.

The EASIEST Ways To Earn Extra Cash Online...

When I worked in an office, I literally gained 20+ pounds in two years.  This was due to a lack of exercise and spending an extended period of time sitting on the computer each day.

You could invest in a standing desk or establish a side hustle that doesn't require sitting at a computer. But, these aren't your only options! Here are some great ways you can earn money while staying active.

Group Fitness Instructor

If you like to exercise, you might as well get paid for it. Sometimes exercise takes a back seat when we get busy or overwhelmed with work. If you work as a part-time group fitness instructor, you’ll be more motivated to work out because you’ll get paid to do it.

Group fitness instructors are not always personal trainers or fitness experts. Many of them are regular people just like you and me who like working out and making extra money.

The easiest type of group fitness classes to run are aerobic dance classes like Zumba. You can also teach yoga or a strength class depending on your interests. To become a group fitness instructor, you usually have to undergo training or become certified. But the job doesn’t require any extra education like a degree or anything. Some companies even offer paid training.

To find jobs, check online job boards and your local fitness centers (gyms, parks, or the YMCA). Some online fitness job boards include ExerciseJobs,, and IDEA Health & Fitness Association.



Helping people move is not really fun unless you’re getting something out of the deal – like money. If you don’t mind helping others move their belongings to a new home during your spare time, you can get a good workout and become a part-time mover.

MoversCorp is a trusted website that allows you to create an account for free and list your services along with your service area. Then, when a nearby opportunity arises, you can set your own rates and get to work.

You can also ask popular nearby moving companies if they’d be interested in hiring a contract worker to help with jobs. Of course with this option, the frequency of work and the amount you earn will be varied, but it’s still a flexible way to make more money without being chained to a computer screen for several hours.

Coach or Referee

If you like sports or have kids who play sports, consider getting a side gig as a coach or referee. Some organizations don’t pay coaches especially if they are volunteer parents, but you can most likely earn money by coaching older and more advanced individuals, traveling teams, or teams that are funded by higher-education institutions.

Referees are more likely to be paid no matter what the sport is or who’s playing because they tend to work shifts and cover multiple games. Referees can make anywhere from $12-$18 per hour which makes this a great opportunity for someone who has evenings and weekends available which is when most games usually occur.

You can search for referee jobs on online job boards like Indeed or iHireSportsAndRecreation. For coaching gigs, you should check with your local park district, YMCA, or sporting organizations in your town.


When summer rolls around, all the local pools will need lifeguards. If you can swim and get CPR certified, you’ll easily qualify for a position.

Lifeguards tend to earn a lower wage and work part-time compared to other side jobs. So, you may want to pair the position with an additional side hustle as well.

You can search for lifeguard jobs using online job boards like Indeed, Guard for Life, or iHireSportsAndRecreation.

Dog Walker

This is a fun and easy side hustle that will allow you to get some fresh air and some additional steps in for the day. You can walk dogs during your lunch break, before or after work, and on weekends. Dog walkers can easily earn $10 per 20-minute walk per dog so your earnings can seriously add up. You can also start your own profitable dog daycare from home.

Rover is one of the most popular sites to use to find dog walking gigs but you can also sites like, SitterCity, and PetSitter to find clients in your area.

Don’t forget to harness the power of word-of-mouth. Tell people you know about your dog walking services to bring in more business and put fliers up and ask friends and neighbors if they’d be interested in hiring you.

Personal Trainer

If you’re obsessed with health and wellness, cash in on your passion and consider becoming a personal trainer. Personal trainers are like motivational coaches for health and wellness and they earn an average of $19.54 per hour according to PayScale.

You could become a freelance personal trainer or you could land a part-time job with a gym or fitness center. Generally, personal trainers are certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine. But experience is also the best teacher. If you have an inspiring health and fitness story, people will naturally be drawn to you.

You can search for personal training jobs on job boards such as Indeed or iHireSportsAndRecreation.

Be Active and Earn Money

If you’re not a big fan of sitting for long periods of time, don’t limit yourself to online income opportunities. As you can see, there are plenty of ways to earn extra money while staying active.  And, you can always pair an active side hustle with an online side hustle or part-time job as well. Craft a job path you love and take care of your health!

How much time do you spend on the computer? Have you ever considered any of these active ways to earn extra money?

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