9 Ways to Make Money Selling Unwanted Items Online

If you are strapped for cash, you can quickly remedy the situation by de-cluttering your home and selling unwanted items. Selling online can be quite lucrative and there are a variety of credible websites where you can sell anything from gently used clothes to used CDs and Videos.

The EASIEST Ways To Earn Extra Cash Online...

Here are 9 sites where you can start selling unwanted items and make some money.

Selling Unwanted Items Online

1. Amazon

Signing up is free with their basic membership but if you want to upgrade your membership you will need to part with $40 every month. Simply type in the product or model number of whatever it is you are looking to sell then add the description and set a price for it. After that, you will simply need to wait for somebody to make the purchase.

On Amazon, a product picture is not necessary. You don’t have the option of running an auction here either. With the basic membership, you will be charged a fee for listing on the website, but that is only after you have sold your item. In addition, Amazon will take a percentage of the amount based on which category your item falls.

2. Ebay

You will need to provide a product picture for each item that you are selling and then give a brief description. You get to set the price you are selling it for as well as the cost for shipping and handling.  The payment will be done via PayPal so it is important that you have an account. You will need to pay a fee for every item you list regardless of whether or not it sells.

Additionally, PayPal takes out a percentage when you get paid so it is important that you factor that into your pricing. There is an auctioning option with eBay.

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3. Etsy

If you have ever wanted to open up your own online shop to sell crafts online, Etsy gives you that option. You will have an Etsy shop all your own at no cost and you will be able to sell your products preferably handmade goods that are unique, vintage items, and craft supplies.

The charges are minimal, starting at as little as 24c per item. You can live it there for 4 months at a time and once it has sold, they will collect 3.5% of what you sell it at. This site does very well in the Christmas season because it emphasizes gift items and stocking fillers.

4. ThredUp

This website is ideal for selling your gently used name-brand children and women’s clothing (Read full review). This includes maternity items, handbags, shoes, and plus size clothing. They usually send packaging to your house that is already pre-paid that you can then use to send the items back to them.

Their site has a calculator that you can use to see what the estimated price is for the clothes you will be sending them, however, once they have received and reviewed the items you send, they will be able to quote their price.  If you like the quote you can then get cash in exchange or credit at ThredUp. If they do not like your items or some of them, you will be charged $12.99 and they will send them all back.

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5. Gazelle

This is the place to dispose of your electronics if you are not using them anymore or if you have upgraded your gadgets. Not only are the quotes instant, but you also get cashback. The payment is made through check, PayPal, or Amazon gift card.

Once you accept their quote they will pay for you to ship your product in the box they send you. Payout will only be after the inspection has been done. With the rate at which people are upgrading their devices, you can make money online easily enough.

6. Decluttr

This is the place to start selling unwanted items like your old videos, movies, games, and music online. You can actually sell all your items at the same time, send them to one destination and then receive the payment. The pricing system is real-time so you know exactly what you will be getting upfront.

7. Ex-Boyfriend Jewelry

This site is owned by a mother-daughter duo.  The site has various categories of gifts which are both non-jewelry and jewelry gifts. On this site you will be able to trade, buying and selling the items that you no longer have a use for, especially jewelry.

The trading is directly between the buyers and the sellers and there is no percentage charged for the transactions. The owners do not make money from the transactions but earn revenue from selling advertising to third parties. Their goal is to generate traffic to the site.

8. Foap

If you love taking pictures and have nowhere to sell them you should consider Foap (Read full review). You need to first register on the website as a contributor before you can upload any of your pictures.

The buyers will pay to download the same and that is how you make your money. You can actually use the Foap App which is free and use it to upload your pictures to the Foap Market for sale. Each picture sold earns you $5 and the good thing is that you can leave it up so that others can download it for the same amount of money, unlimited times.

9. Craigslist

If there is a way to make money online selling unwanted items, Craigslist is it!  Here you can put up a classified for any items you are selling at no cost. The sellers and buyers connect and exchange goods for money in their neighborhoods and local communities. They have a mobile app that makes it easy to list whatever you are selling and someone can buy the product in minutes or even days.

Because it has been around for long, it is a favorite with many people who prefer to use an online portal that has a huge base of sellers and buyers actively engaged in doing business.

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9 Ways to Make Money Selling Unwanted Items Online


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