How To Make Money Online as a Photography Lover

There are many work-at-home photography jobs for beginners and experienced artists. It's simply a fun and easy way to pick up extra cash in your spare time. Photographers are able to showcase their skills and build a portfolio. In this list, I have included a variety of freelance opportunities for experienced artists and photographers.

The EASIEST Ways To Earn Extra Cash Online...

List of Places That Recruit Photographers

Avanti Press – Avanti Press is a greeting card company that recruits freelancers to both write and contribute artwork/ photography for them. To be considered for a work at home position, you must send them samples.

Shutterstock  – Shutterstock is a photo stock company that hires Image Reviewers to work from home in multiple countries. The ideal candidate must have a great eye for photography. You are also able to contribute and earn anywhere between $0.25 to $28.00 per image download.

SnapWire – Snapwire is a company where mobile photographers are connected to business clients. They will only accept mobile photography, royalty-free. Clients will log in to Snapwire and either choose to buy photos or request a photo shoot.

Obeo – This company mostly deals with home photography. You must look professional and be a self-motivated individual.

Look Better Online –  This company pays photographers to take profile photos for dating websites.

OnSource – You are paid to take photographs and capture videos with OnSource. Payments are made every two weeks for every assignment completed.

PR Photos – This company pays you to capture photographs of celebrities. You will get compensated for each sale.

Extra Ways To Make Money from Your Photos

123 Royalty Free – This company allows anyone to sign up and sell their photos online. You will simply upload your photo and if someone purchases, you will receive 50% of the sale price or subscriber download.

Palm Press – Palm Press accepts unique photos all year round on special occasions (birthday, Valentine's Day, Christmas, etc.) for their greeting cards.

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Are you making money with your photography skills? Feel free to share any opportunities for those looking for work in the photography industry.

How Photographers Make Money Online

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