Best 6 Ways To Earn Easy Cash with Your Instagram Photos

If one of your guilty pleasures scrolling on your Instagram feed and uploading photos during your spare time? I must admit, Instagram is probably my favorite social network. It's pretty cool to be able to share your life and experiences through pictures.

The EASIEST Ways To Earn Extra Cash Online...

Instagram is a photo and video-sharing social app owned by Facebook, Inc. You upload images through the app on your phone and I'm always pleasantly surprised by the quality of some users' photos. The best Instagram images are clear, well laid out, and inspiring or tell a story.

It's easy to take quality Instagram photos with your smartphone given the cutting edge technology we have today with some of the best cell phone brands.

What you may or may not know is that it's easy to earn cash with your Instagram photos. Want to know how? Keep reading.

Candidly Images

Candidly is a stock photography site that focuses on authentic images. In order words, the site is marketed to people who want stock photos but don't want them to look like typical, cheesy stock photos.

The great thing about this online marketplace is that anyone can sign up and sell their photos to the site – including your Instagram pics.

Sellers receive 50% of the profits from each photo sold and images typically sell for $10 each. Another plus is that Candidly does a good job of marketing for photographers to help them sell photos on the site.

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Instaprints allows you to set your own prices for the Instagram photos you wish to sell online. Once you upload and price your photos, they take care of the printing.

There are options to print in a variety of sizes or event create canvases, clothing, phone cases, or accessories from your images.

Sellers get paid via check or PayPal once a month on the 15th for any images sold the previous month.



Twenty20 is a popular stock photo site that accepts image submissions from Instagram making it easy to earn cash with your Instagram photos. You can license your Instagram photos for commercial or editorial purposes.

When uploading a photo, be sure to tag its description with lots of relevant keywords to help users find the image during their search. For example, if you're uploading a photo of a gorgeous sunset from your vacation in Arizona, you might want to use keywords like ‘sunset', ‘summer evening, ‘outdoors', ‘Arizona sunset', etc.

Compensation is pretty low at around $2 per image, but keep in mind that you can sell the same image multiple times and even upload additional images to increase the probability of getting a sale.

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Clashot is a mobile app you can use to upload and sell your Instagram photos. Once your photos are available for sale, they will be available to Depositphotos customers for many years. And you'll be able to earn residual income as they continue to sell.

There are moderators who select the best photos and sellers receive notifications each time one of their photos is made available for sale.

To maximize your chances of selling photos, you'll want to consider an image's commercial potential and study the images that already do well on the site.

Compensation for your photos ranges from $0.50 to $80. Once you have $50 in your account, you can withdraw your cash with PayPal or Skrill.

Get Your Images Sponsored

Aside from selling your Instagram photos online, another option to make money is to get them sponsored. Brands and companies pay Instagram users to mention or feature their products or services in Instagram posts.

Instagram sponsorship deals can range from $10 – $50 per post/image to over $1,000+.

Generally, users with large followings or a significant influence will be available to obtain sponsorship deals. This doesn't mean you have to be a celebrity though. For example, if you're a mom blogger, you may be able to snag a sponsorship deal with a kid's clothing or toy company. If you own a food blog or YouTube channel, you may get paid to share pictures of yourself preparing a certain meal.

To find sponsorships opportunities, consider who you want to work with. You don't even have to reach out to them directly. You can join influencer networks in your niche that will connect you with opportunities to consider.

It's required to disclose when you put up a  sponsored Instagram post. You should @ the sponsor if they have an Instagram profile. And remember to use hashtags like #ad or #sponsored or even state that the post is sponsored during in your photo caption.

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Affiliate Marketing

Don't have a big Instagram following? No worries. You can still make money off your photos by promoting other products and companies you believe in. You can do this via affiliate marketing. Simply take an authentic picture to show off the product or service and share your affiliate link.

Now this will be a little tricky because with affiliate marketing, you are given a unique link people must click in order to earn a commission from the sale.

The only place you can place an active link on Instagram is in your bio section. Therefore, you'll either need to direct people to click on the link in your bio. Or you'll need to copy and paste the link you place in your caption. Another option would be to consider getting a unique discount code you can offer your followers. That way, when they use it to make a purchase, you can get credit.

Earn Cash With Your Instagram Photos

You don't have to be a photographer to earn cash with your Instagram photos. You can sell your quality images, get images sponsored, or even use affiliate marketing to earn money selling products and services you love. Granted you may not make a fortune, selling Instagram photos can be a great way to make some passive income.

Have you ever thought about making money from your Instagram photos?


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