Get Paid To Write and Draw Online: 30 Greeting Card Sites That Actually Pay

Very few people know that they can actually make money by just submitting poems, phrases, photography, and art to greeting card companies. Well, now you know! If you are good at writing something interesting and sentimental that can be used in greeting cards, or if you can take beautiful photos or draw, then you have the potential to earn some money from your talent. Here are 30 greeting card sites that actually pay.

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Get Paid To Write and Draw Online: 30 Greeting Card Sites That Actually Pay

American Greetings

This greeting card company pays freelancers for submitting various writings that will be used in greeting cards. However, there is a formal process to follow for you to be accepted as a writer.

Avanti Press

This is yet another greeting card company that pays individuals for their writing submissions. They are not hiring at the moment but you can send to them your writing samples to be given a consideration in their future projects.

Blue Mountain Arts

This company focuses on submissions on creative writings like love, friendship, and inspiration. If you are good at writing on these topics you should consider trying your luck here.

Amber Lotus Publishing

This company allows writers to submit their pieces of artwork electronically. You will get paid once your artwork is approved and published. Although the company accepts written submissions all the year round, the best time to submit is from April to July.

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It Takes Two

This company does most of its verse writing in-house, however, they also pay freelancers who have something unique and special to offer.

Shoebox Cards

This website allows you to submit creative and funny ideas for their witty cards. However, you cannot submit more than eight written submissions at once.


This is by far one of the best sites for freelancers who love artwork and being able to draw. The site allows you to upload your work and also allows you to set up your own shop. Customers are given an opportunity to personalize your cards and for every card sold, you earn royalties.

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Artists to Watch

This company accepts photo submissions. You can submit some of your best photos or even link to your website for a review. They review submissions on a quarterly basis and respond to them.

Caspari Online

Here, they concentrate on just illustrations and not photography. This is because they do not reproduce photographic images.


This company accepts photographic submissions. They review color, and black and white photography for publication in their postcards, posters, notecards, and t-shirts.

Crown Point Graphics

Crown Point Graphics accept art submissions for review and consideration for their cards. You should check them out and find out what they are offering.

Gina B. Designs

Gina B. designs accept designs with outstanding composition and great use of color. If you know how to use color and produce a great design, then you should consider submitting your artwork here.

Great Arrow

They accept artwork submissions from freelancers for their award-winning line of cards. They provide guidelines for freelancers to follow.

Noble Works

For those who love doing art, you can check out this company that pays freelancers for their work. They offer a full artist guideline for people to follow when submitting pieces of art.

Palm Press

This company focuses on unique and beautiful photos for special occasions to create their greeting cards.

Planet Zoo

This company focuses on wildlife and animal photos. However, they accept 10 low-resolution images only.

R.S.V.P Sellers

R.S.V.P sellers, is always on the lookout for great talent, concepts as well as ideas. It allows 20 images per single submission. This is great if you love to draw!


This is a good greeting card company that pays freelancers for their talent to draw. For details on how to submit your work, you can check out their submission guidelines.

Up With Paper

Up With Paper accepts art submissions for their greeting cards and pay freelancers for their work. You can contact them via email or through mail.

Recycled Paper Greetings

This site allows up to 10 submissions at a single moment for consideration. However, the review process takes a while.

Tiny Prints

This is a website that works with many independent photography freelancers. You can submit your photography portfolio for consideration.

Do not leave your talent go to waste while you can be paid for showcasing and submitting your talent online to the greeting card companies that actually pay.

Calypso Cards

Calypso Cards specializes in humorous greeting cards. When submitting, ensure your ideas align with their comedic style and theme. If your idea is accepted by Calypso Cards, they offer a payment of $50.


This company welcomes submissions of creative content for their greeting cards, seeking heartfelt expressions and artistic designs that resonate with their audience. They prioritize originality and emotional connection in the submissions they consider.

Allport Editions

Allport Editions seeks distinct submissions for their cards, valuing both art and writing that capture diverse sentiments. Submitting offers a chance to contribute to their varied collection for different occasions and emotions.

Shade Tree Greetings

This company welcomes heartfelt and relatable submissions for their cards, offering a platform for creative ideas that connect with people. Your submissions can contribute to their collection of meaningful and relatable greeting cards.

Oatmeal Studios

Oatmeal Studios is seeking humorous concepts that bring smiles to recipients. Contributing to Oatmeal Studios means sharing your comedic ideas with a company that specializes in light-hearted and entertaining cards. Rate for writer copy is $100 per purchased idea.

Woodmansterne Art

This company seeks visually captivating submissions for their greeting cards, offering a platform to showcase your artistic designs to a broad audience. Join their creative community to have your work featured in their diverse card collection.

Whistlefish Art

Wistelfish seeks lively and creative card submissions that capture emotions and celebrations. Contribute your unique designs to spread joy through their collection.

Blue Island Press

Seeks creative art submissions for their cards, providing a platform to share distinctive designs with a wide audience and contribute to their visually appealing collection.

Northern Cards Company

This company welcomes art submissions that reflect the beauty of nature and the charm of the outdoors, offering artists a platform to contribute their unique creations to their collection.

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