30+ Freelance Writing Sites That Pay Upfront To Work from Home

If you are looking for writing websites so you can start earning money online immediately, there are many writing websites that will pay you upfront for writing your own content for others. These sites are called upfront pay writing sites. These sites are mainly writing job sites and content publishing sites.

The EASIEST Ways To Earn Extra Cash Online...

However, to get paid for your work, your work must be accepted by these websites. On writing job sites, generally, clients post writing jobs and freelance writers like you pick up those jobs directly from the live job boards on these sites. Content-based sites pay you an upfront fee for any article and blog post you produce for them once they accept it.

Most of these sites are commonly known as content mills, and they have a bad reputation for paying low to their writers. But, not all of them pay a little money for your work. In fact, some content mills are a great place to start a freelance writing career, and some sites pay reasonably well.

Get Paid Upfront To Write Articles Online: 30+ Freelance Writing Work at Home Sites

How Do I Make Money with Upfront Pay Writing Sites?

There is a variety of ways you can get paid for your work by these sites. Some sites will pay you based on the word count of your accepted articles. Some sites will pay you a flat fee per accepted article. Freelance writing job sites that pay writers upfront for the accepted assignments pay usually per assignment, but the pay rate varies for each assignment depending on the word count, and writer level or rating (given by either the sites or clients). So in a nutshell, if you have a passion for writing, you can write online for others to make money online faster.

Top List of the Best Upfront Pay Writing Sites

If you want to earn money online faster by writing for others, here are the best upfront pay writing websites that will pay you to write upfront for others.

  1. Scripted
  2. Content Runner
  3. Green Light Articles
  4. Textbroker
  5. iWriter 
  6. LoveToKnow 
  7. Content Divas 
  8. Knoji 
  9. Zerys 
  10. Listverse 
  11. HireWriters
  12. Words of Worth 
  13. Wordgigs
  14. Get A Copywriter 
  15. BKA Content 
  16. Tempesta Media (formerly Article Content)
  17. Crowd Content 
  18. TextMaster
  19. HowToHint 
  20. The Content Authority 
  21. Need An Article 
  22. WiseGEEK.com
  23. QualityText 
  24. CopyPress
  25. Copify– Make sure to click the “apply as writer” tab.
  26. WriterAccess 
  27. WritersDomain – Writers needed for multiple languages.
  28. Skyword 
  29. Write.com 
  30. WebSiteText

How Do I Get Paid On Upfront Pay Writing Sites?

You can request a payout via PayPal, bank transfer, or a prepaid debit card, depending on the payment options of each site. You may need to request a payout or the sites may send out payment automatically.

In Conclusion

Writing for upfront pay websites can provide you with extra income fast when you need money for paying bills. It can be a source of income too if you put in enough time and effort. You can earn money faster with these sites, working from home writing about things you love or you are knowledgeable about. Upfront pay writing sites are great for freelance writers who want to earn money faster online. If you want to write about things you love or/and are willing to research topics you are not familiar with, you can make money by writing online for others via the best upfront pay writing sites listed above.

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    This Post Has 3 Comments

    1. Niki Mad

      Hi…I love your list. I can personally speak for two additional companies that you can add to it. Writerbay.com and Writezillas.com are great companies. I have been writing for them (and still do) since 2012. They have been here for a long time and always pay on time.

    2. Thomas Yanc

      I am Thomas Yanc I would like to write and get paid for written work when I get down each and every time so when I write on line I do not want to get paid through there way to either my bank account and get paid good and no nickel or dime pay that won’t pay me for things that are boring to write about!!! I love to talk about God/Jesus/, just talk in general, I don’t really like to research! If you ask me can or know about something I will write about it!Trust me I am not boring!!! I am on Facebook all the time!!!

      1. Lily

        Usually English has to be your native language and you would need to present work that is well written with proper English grammar and punctuation. Your comment does not meet those qualifications so maybe the best place to start is to “research” more about writing in proper English first. I’m sorry but the field is extremely competitive so if you want to be included, then you need to upgrade those skills, otherwise other writers who pass those tests will be paid and you won’t. That is how competition works in all fields. I don’t like it sometimes but that’s life. I have to also study the same thing in order to be more competitive if I want to be paid to write as well.

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