How To Start Your Own Home Answering Service Business

An answering service is one of the best home businesses you can start with minimum costs. Learn how to get started, what you'll need, and how to market your business.

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Working in a Home-Based Answering Service

It is always good to enjoy your work no matter how hard it may seem. With a home-based answering service, you can enjoy your work even without experiencing hardships.

Easy Way of Starting Home-Based Answering Service

The most inexpensive and easiest way to start this answering service business is to have a separate phone or phone line for each client that you are working with. Then, you will mark every single phone with the name of the company you work with as an identifier for yourself if the phone starts to ring. Having separate phone lines will run more or less $200 each. At the same time, you are going to pay for the monthly charges for every phone that you are using for this home business that you have. This is typically $35-50 every month. Whenever you are about to buy actual telephones, you can get these at very inexpensive prices at the local stores near you. This is the best option if you want to work with less than ten businesses.

Effective Operation Space

On the other hand, if you want to work on more than ten businesses, you can lease a switchboard from a local telephone company for your answering service business. By doing this action, this is going to make your operation space-effective. This switchboard will be able to accommodate a greater number of businesses.

Call Your Telephone Company

Before you begin your business, you need to check with your telephone company so you know how far you will be able to go into this business. Sometimes phone companies have limits for your residential neighborhood. You also need to know how many customers you will be able to work with and this will also depend on the number of lines that you will install. You can consider opening a home office near a commercial area where you can have as many number of lines that you need so you will be able to accommodate all of your clients for the answering service.

How Much Does it Cost?

The type and amount of equipment that you will get will be based on your budget and your goal as well. This could be as simple as individual telephone lines or as complicated as the computer screens which flashes some messages or record instructions that you need to address. If you have more advanced equipment, the more money you need to spend. If you have money amounting to $25,000, you will be able to get a switchboard that has 25 lines and a trunk line cable from your phone company. It is already given that if you are able to work with more businesses, the greater the reward you will get. This is in fact something that you need to decide for yourself.

If this answering service is just an extra business that you want to do, you can work with one or two clients to maximize your time. Meanwhile, if this is a new career for you, you can consider having a bigger investment in handling calls.

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  1. Daveeda Jane Brown

    I have an answering service and I uses affordable to software much cheaper than buying phone lines.

    1. Lashay H.

      What type of software do you use?

      1. Daveeda Jane Brown

        I uses Nectar Desk but their are others like Five9, Jive, etc.

        1. Lashay H.

          Great! Thanks for sharing!

    2. LafetaH

      I’m interested in starting a answering service in my home. please tell me where do I start.

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