How To Earn More Money as a Freelance Writer

Have you ever wondered how you can make more money as a freelance writer? You can surely earn more money in your career as a freelance writer if you can access the right resources and information.Are you a freelance writer? Have you ever wondered how you can earn more money as a freelance writer?  You can surely earn more money in your career as a freelance writer if you can access the right resources and information. Such information can turn you from a freelance writer who is just looking for more money and has less time to a freelance writer who has more money and more time at his or her disposal. This does not mean you spend all your time on your laptop writing in order to earn a lot of money.

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As a freelance writer, you are supposed to look for more creative and innovative ways of earning more money and having more time at your disposal to do other things. This can be through finding ways through which you can earn more of your money through passive income than actual writing. This can be achieved through consistency, determination, and dedication to your work as a freelance writer. With dedication, you can reach this coveted status of more money and more free time.

How To Earn More Money as a Freelance Writer

There are many ways through which freelancer writers can surely make more money in their writing career and earn a six-figure salary at the end. I know it is a dream of every freelance writer to earn a six-figure salary or pay for your writings. You are probably asking yourself how you will ever earn such kind of money and buy your dream house, car, or even go for a holiday or vacation to your desired destination. I would like to assure you that all this is possible and I believe and trust that this article is going to be a real eye-opener to help you explore and open new horizons in the world of freelance writing. Surely, what I am just about to share with you is the best ways you need to use and put in practice for you to earn more money. These methods have been carefully and thoughtfully selected for you to put into practice. There are several ways of making sure your online freelancing work pays off. The methods I will discuss and share with you will provide such insights of which are just the tips of an iceberg.

1. Build Your Writing Skills

This is the cornerstone and foundation of any freelancing work. You will be required to prove to your potential employers that you have what it takes to be hired or employed. Do you have the required skills? This is a question you ought to ask yourself before you consider yourself fit for freelance work. It is mandatory for you to build and develop your skills in order to attract high paying jobs.

Without the necessary and required skills, I can assure you that you will face many rejections and end up being discouraged. It is advisable that before you think about freelance writing and earning money you must improve your writing skills whether it is academic or article writing. Take advantage of free classes online on platforms like Coursera, and free online universities where you can learn for free and improve your writing skills. With the developed skills you are in the right position to look for a freelance job and demand better pay. Companies like Essay Mama can help you earn from your good writing skills.

2. Start by Bidding on Sites

After acquiring the required skills, it is advisable to start with bidding sites as you learn the trades of freelance writing. Some of these bidding sites are Upwork, Freelancer, and Guru.  They have several projects that you can work on and earn money, e.g copywriting, essay writing, ghostwriting and other writing projects. Freelance sites will help to act as a starting point in a quest to look for more money making sites. These sites will help you to learn the ropes of freelance writing and once you have gained enough experience, it is time to move another step that will surely help you to earn real money in freelance writing.

3. Have Your Own Website

When I talk about a website I know what is really ringing in your mind right now, but you don’t need to spend a lot of your money building a website. Simple websites that I can recommend and serve you better and the same time meets your needs is a website like WordPress. You could also start your own money-making blog! Having a website can greatly assist you to be more visible than the other freelance writers and you would have reduced competition from other freelancers that are willing to work for low pay. Through your website, you can showcase your work, build your digital portfolio, and put your profile, resumes, bio and cover letters. The website should portray you as a professional freelance writer and should have social media feeds.  When you have gained good writing skills, you can advertise yourself on your own website and get clients that way.

4. Ask for Referrals

Once you start building up your clientele from your website, work for them and they are satisfied with your work, you can ask them to refer their friends and family members to your writing services. The referral system is one of the greatest ways of marketing. Potential clients will receive fast hand information about your services from a person who has already used your services. Through the referral system, you are going to build a long-lasting relationship with your clients and in the long run you are going to have many more customers, hence increasing your income. When you have excelled with your writing, you can ask for referrals from your satisfied clients.

A good example is Freelancer and Guru, where you can subcontract your services and recommend you for bigger and better opportunities.

5. Become an Expert in Your Field

After writing for a long time, you should narrow down and start writing in areas that you have a lot of interest in and what you enjoy the most. Instead of trying to please every one of your clients, focus your writing efforts on a small amount of highly possible clients. This way, you will learn a better approach and understand your specific niche better, as this will help you to be able to cater to your writing marketing. You should specialize in those particular areas of expertise and establish yourself as such. It is important for clients to know that you are an expert in a certain field.

This way you will always have your hands full of work which will translate into earning more money. People who specialize in certain writing niches get more job recommendations.

6. Be More Creative and Innovative

If you have been given a certain topic to work on, after completing the work you as a freelance writer will possibly earn more money. Make sure to be very creative and turn that single idea or topic into a writing goldmine by being more creative and turn it around by just writing more than three articles from just one idea. For example, if you write about weight loss for working mothers, you can also write about weight loss in breastfeeding mothers or weight loss in expectant mothers. You can also recycle your already-written work by reselling the content and at the same time sell the rights you have over your written work. From this, you will earn passively and have more money and more time at your disposal.

You can also set realistic goals that you want to achieve as a freelance writer weekly, monthly or even after six months and your goals should be well thought over and must be truly realistic. You shoulder consider other additional revenue streams like writing eBooks, writing books, courses and seminars as all of these are aimed at making you earn more and maximize your earnings through freelance writing.

7. Ask for More Money

It is important for a freelance writer to have good negotiation skills. You know your skills, aptitudes, and competencies; you are therefore required to negotiate with your customers and charge more for new customers as they don’t know what you were charging the old customers. As you negotiate with your customers for better pay, negotiate in terms of hours and not words evaluate the work at hand and estimate how long it is going to take you to complete the work then charge your customer in hours. As you are doing that you are supposed to collaborate and consult with other freelance writers to be abreast of what is taking place in the industry so that you cannot overcharge or undercharge your clients.

8. Build a Lasting Relationship

Forming strong relationships with your clients is an essential component to a successful writing career. You are required to build and maintain a strong and lasting relationship with your clients. Remember to treat your clients the same way you want to be treated, and provide the same level of respect and service that you would expect from them. Make honesty the glue to all of your client relationships. When you stretch the truth about your services, you can ruin your work reputation.

Keep work light-hearted, poke fun at yourself whenever you feel it will help the client become more comfortable with you. You should be able to translate the relationship into work and it will eventually lead into money.

9. Collaborate and Explore Other Areas 

You should work with others to help you develop strong communication skills and at the same time to be aware of current and new trends in the industry. For example, data entry or transcription is another area one should explore for new methods of pay. The work is similar to that of a typist. The person is employed to update or enter data into a computer system database. This often starts from paper documents using a keyboard, a scanner, or a data recorder.

10. Consult Widely

As you collaborate with your fellow freelancers, you are supposed to consult deeply so you can make your clients completely satisfied with your work. Make sure the client understands that each project's success is a joint responsibility. Try scheduling some time of meeting with your client about the project to make sure you are both on the same page. Follow up as needed and go over the project when you are finished. By asking your clients directly, you will get a great line of feedback.

Make sure to adjust your process to each of your clients as all are not the same. Remember, a satisfied and happy client means more work in the future from them.

Final Thoughts

As we have seen from the above well-illustrated points, it is then true that a freelance writer can make more money and earn a six-figure salary if he or she keeps in mind the above points. You can move from just making money with less time to making more money with more free time. The choice is yours, put that into practice, and make more money.

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