How To Organize Your Home Office for Productivity Growth

Guest Post from Emily of Omni Papers.

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How To Organize Your Home Office for Productivity GrowthThe number of freelance workers has increased rapidly over the past five years. Today, there are more than  120 work at home jobs you can do from home, and every worker meets typical problems while working freelance.

It seems we are close to losing work-life balance while trying to manage all tasks, communicating with clients, and living our routine lives.

To be successful in this field, you need to stay productive. No doubt, if there was a chance to grow productivity with one click, there would be many people willing to push that magic button. Unfortunately, there is no such button, so people need to keep working hard on productivity growth.

Home office impacts productivity, so people should learn the art of workplace organization.

How To Keep Your Home Office Clean?


Freelance workers spend much time at their home office. We use writing desks daily, but we don't have time to organize them. It seems you waste time trying to find the right thing to use. However, there are several ways to help you keep your workplace clean. To organize your home office:

  • Use shelves for books
  • Throw out old notes
  • Use boxes for office stuff
  • Don't keep utensils on the table
  • Hide all extra stuff in a locker(s)

Clean your writing desk, and you will see your productivity growth.

Useful Tools

Nowadays, computers have become something more than simple typewriters. It is not a secret they help us complete tasks, but one can also install many tools to boost productivity while working. Moreover, you can spend time reading pieces of advice from gurus to see other ways to become more productive.

For example, you can use Toggl tool to manage your time. It is a time tracking software for those who want to be more productive.  Don't stop reading articles about time management techniques: the art of time management is hard to learn, so keep working on it.

There are many tools and apps for Windows and iOS available, so every computer user will find something useful for their work. Read more about productivity tools here.

How To Stay Healthy

Being a healthy person means to be more productive, so you'd better look after your health. If you want to save your health and not to have back and neck pain, buy a comfortable chair. As soon as you feel comfortable while working, you will see your productivity growth. Scholars claim that standing from time to time is also good for your health.

Of course, it is better to live a healthy life: sleep well, eat healthy food, breath fresh air, do activities, and take vitamins. In short, your lifestyle can help you prevent different diseases.

Finding Time To Relax

Freelance workers manage their time themselves, so sometimes they forget to relax. And it is a big problem. If you want to stay focused and enjoy what you do, you should rest well from time to time.

People claim that you'd better relax at a non-computer zone if you feel tired. First of all, paint the walls green, as this color helps to rest.  You can also decorate this zone with things that motivate you: paintings, quotes, or your favorite books.

You can do what you like while resting from work: sports activities, painting, cooking, learning foreign languages, or gardening. Remember to be inspired, and don't forget to find time for relaxing.

The Importance of Offline Communication

Basically, freelance workers don't have much offline communication. And it is a sad fact, indeed. The process of socialization is important for every human being, so don't hesitate to call your friend if you…

  • Need a piece of advice
  • Feel lonely
  • Want to share something
  • Have free time
  • Want to keep in touch with your dearest and nearest

In fact, offline communication motivates you to work harder and better. At least, many workers are more motivated to work after spending several hours with their friends.

Final Thoughts on Productivity Growth at Home

To sum up, there are many ways to grow productivity at home. In order to help you understand all these tips better, we've found a useful infographic. It is a visual manual by OmniPapers that can be used to organize your workplace at home. Don't miss the chance to see how it works. Download it right now!

So, are you ready to grow your productivity at home? Try to take the first step towards a new life where you will be the most productive freelance worker!

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