How To Find Copywriting Work at Home Jobs: 8 Places To Check for Openings

If you have a flair for writing and can write convincingly you might have a natural talent to be a remote copywriter. But where can you find copywriting work at home jobs?

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There are many places you can find work from home copywriting opportunities and some of the places for these jobs are very simple to find. But before we get into the full details let’s find out exactly what a copywriter does.

What Do Copywriters Do?

What’s a copywriter? In its simplest form, a copywriter is someone who is good at sales writing. Writing persuasive content that creates an impulse in the reader to buy a service or a product.

The tasks you perform as a copywriter can range from writing engaging product descriptions, affiliate blog posts, sales landing pages, emails promoting a new service or product, newsletters, and even creating compelling social media content.

Overall, the aim of the copywriter is to provide a content writing service that will generate some form of value, be it a direct income or new subscribers that will lead to additional income for your client.

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Where to Find Remote Copywriting Jobs

To become a copywriter you don’t necessarily have to have a degree or lots of experience but if you want to strengthen your writing abilities you might want to consider taking a copywriting course.

This will put you in a better position to gain higher paying jobs, as your writing skills will be of a higher standard, convert better to make your client more money resulting in you getting paid more and even getting more clients through referrals for your highly-skilled copywriting work. 

So where can you find these in-demand copywriting jobs? Well first, you really want to avoid the content mills such as iWriter and Fiverr. You can make money on these platforms but not much as the competition is very high. There are much better paying options out there which I’ll share below.


ProBlogger Job Board is a great place to start as a copywriter whether or not you have experience. New posts are added daily to their job board.


You can use gig platforms like Upwork to find copywriting jobs until you become fully established. Although the pay can be low when starting out, once you receive a lot of positive reviews you can quickly increase your rates.


This regularly updated job board, We Work Remotely, has a range of remote jobs that you can apply to with copywriting being one of the many categories you can search for. 


FlexJobs is a well-known site offering legitimate remote jobs from some of the world’s top companies. You can use their search facility to see what copywriting jobs are available.

Bunny Studio Writing

Bunny Studio is known for its voiceover jobs but also offers content writing of various types. A written test piece is required before starting and you will be asked your rate.


The Contently platform matches you with some of the biggest brands for content marketing. You can sign up with them if you are an experienced copywriter.

Social Media

If you're active on Facebook this is a good place to start to share your copywriting talents. There are a number of copywriting groups, freelance writing groups and also blogging groups that will at times offer freelance copywriting job opportunities or allow you to advertise your writing services which can lead to long-term remote work.

This does mean that you have to have a portfolio but this can be easily solved by uploading content to online platforms like Medium if you have not yet set up your own website.

Make sure to keep your LinkedIn profile up-to-date for others to see what skills you have and also join relevant LinkedIn groups and network with key people.

You can also use your Twitter and Instagram accounts to promote and share your services with others.

Ad and Marketing Agencies

This is the best of both worlds for a copywriter who works remotely from home. This is due to the fact that the agency finds the clients which usually produces regular long-term work and the pay can be on the higher end of the scale. If you are a reliable freelance copywriter the agency will try to make sure that they constantly allocate work to you. Explore these tactics on how to land an ad agency job.

Final Thoughts

From the information provided you can see that finding copywriting work from home jobs is not that difficult, you just have to know where to look. When starting out be prepared to start at a lower rate to get the jobs and then upscale to quickly grow your home copywriting business.

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If you have a flair for writing and can write convincingly you might have a natural talent to land a remote copywriting job. Check these 8 places for copywriting work at home jobs!

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