Earn $20 Hourly or More: 15 Credible Work from Home Jobs to Apply for Today

Earn $20 Hourly or More: 15 High-Paying Work from Home Jobs

Unlike before when working from home used to be for stay-at-home-mums, today the story has changed.

Not only do many people prefer to work from home, but it's also a new business model many emerging businesses have adopted.

Instead of staying 9am-5pm at workplace, now you can choose your own workplace, select your working schedule when you know you can be more productive.

Other benefits include:

  • Spending time with family and friends.
  • Work in a distraction-free environment.
  • Having enough time to attend to your hobbies.

So if you want to tap into this opportunity to work from home and earn $20 hourly or more, here are the 15 credible work from home jobs to apply for today.

I also recommend FlexJobs. The company has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau,  along with a money-back policy if you are unhappy with the website. FlexJobs guarantees that every single job is 100% legitimate.

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Earn $20 Hourly or More: 15 Credible Work from Home Jobs to Apply for Today




VIPKID is currently looking for online tutors, mentors, and teachers to teach young students in China via video-conferencing. This opportunity is open to those eligible to work in the US and China. You can work whenever you want, full-time or part-time. Teachers will earn on average between $14-$22 per hour. This opportunity is ideal for teachers looking to supplement their income. Go here to apply.

Pass Educational Group

A Pass Educational Group is looking for talented professionals.

They work with a wide array of different clients: publishing companies, vendors to publishing companies, state departments of education, individual school districts, Fortune 1000 companies, museums, national parks, and others.

Available Positions:

  • General Higher Education Assessment Writer
  • K-12 Science, Social Studies, Math, or ELA Associate
  • Instructional Designer
  • Artist- Illustrator and/or Layout Artist

Most positions are reported to pay an average of $18 or more per hour.


Carenet provides 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year telephone Demand Management services that include Nurse Triage, Medical Decision Support, Medical Device Monitoring Services, Member Engagement Initiatives and Healthcare Support programs.

They are looking for Individuals with recent clinical experience in public health, doctor’s office, urgent clinics, telephonic triage.

Payment is reported to between $20-$25 per hour.

Chegg Tutors

This is an online tutoring company where tutors can make $20+ per hour- Read more!

You register by selecting your best subjects and students who need help in your area of expertise would be directed to you.

Another benefit of working at Chegg is that you get to work at your own convenient time.

All payments are issued on weekly basis.


Envision Pharma

Envision Pharma Group is a global leader, with offices in the UK, US and Asia-Pacific region, providing solutions to support the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.

Associate Medical Writing is the only available remote opportunity and they are reported to pay averagely $28 per hour.


GitHub is a big company that builds tools that make collaborating and writing software easier for everyone.

There are many open positions available presently at GitHub for remote work who based in USA UK Canada, Europe, Japan,

Open positions include:

  • 35 openings under Engineering
  • 1 opening under Finance
  • 2 openings under marketing
  • 4 openings under People Operations
  • 11 openings under Sales
  • 1 opening under security
  • 3 openings under service
  • 5 openings under support

Their pay is excellent, and they have been reported to pay the Customer Success Manager position around $71k a year,


iMedX is one of the leading providers of health information and clinical documentation in the United States.

They presently offer remote medical coding that involves sending a patient's medical records, through a secure method to a remote medical coding facility or allowing the staff to securely access the electronic record. The medical records are then reviewed and coded.

iMedx pays averagely $20 per hour.

InDemand Interpreting

InDemand Interpreting works by strengthening the communication by providing translation service to health care providers.

Most of the jobs available are location-based, plus it will also be a great opportunity for you can speak more than languages.

InDemand request that you at least have two years’ experience as a translator in whatever language you register for.

The job reportedly pays $1 per minute of translation; you should be able to earn $20 or more per hour.


Are you a teacher looking for a way to make extra cash?

Magoosh is currently hiring remote test preparation experts who help out students regarding their GRE, GMAT, SAT, ACT, and TOEFL tests.

And experts are reportedly to earn around $20/hour during the week and $25/hour during the weekend.


Manhattan Prep is one of the highest paying tutoring company. They pay tutors $106 – $116 per hour plus end of the year bonuses.

They also help students regarding their LSAT, GRE, and GMAT tests.

Tutors also have the freedom to make their own schedule and teach as few as 3hours per week. They also have the freedom to use, modify, and enhance the curriculum to their best fit.


nThrive is another medical coding company where coders can earn between $20–$30 per hour.

They require coders to have:

  • A minimum two years' experience coding patient records in a hospital HIM department.
  • A thorough knowledge of medical terminology, anatomy and physiology, pharmacology and pathophysiology.
  • A current AHIMA credential.

And coding candidates are given a skills assessment to identify their strongest technical skills so that we may more closely match their expertise to one of our opportunities.


Sitepen is a web and mobile development company.

You can earn $50 per hour at Sitepen with other loads of benefits.

They are currently looking for a Javascript Engineer with a minimum of 3 years full-time experience.


10UP is a website development company where virtually all it's workers work remotely.

Open positions include:

  • Web Engineer
  • UX Designer
  • Visual Designer
  • System Engineer
  • Project Manager
  • Advertising Operation Strategist

And some other positions.

The pay varies depending on your position, but even the lowest salary is about $53,000 per year, giving you much more than a $20 per hour wage.

Working Solutions – Read review

Working Solutions is one of the highest rated home agent company that specializes in outsourcing and offshoring services.

Opening positions include:

  • Call Center
  • Technical and Customer Support
  • Travel
  • Tell-Sales
  • Ticketing
  • Editing and Data Entry

Works are given free training to get accustomed to the working system.

And works can start by earning $20 per hour depending on the type of work.

Amphion Medical

This is also a place for remote medical coders.

They reportedly pay $25 per hour.


At NextRep, you can apply for customer care or sales positions,

The position involves handling inbound and outbound calls.

And the pay is around $25 per hour.

We hope this article helped you find the best companies that pay $20 hourly or more. You may also want to see our other list of 50 jobs that pay $16 per hour or more.

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