12 Free Mobile Apps That Are Perfect For Making Extra Cash

Your phone can actually put money in your pocket and not just take it out with these 12 free apps!You get your phone bill every month; wouldn’t it be nice if you received a check monthly instead? Fortunately, there are several ways to make your mobile phone pull its own weight. You are able to do everything from completing various tasks to uploading a picture of your grocery receipt. Your phone can actually put money in your pocket and not just take it out with these 12 apps!

The EASIEST Ways To Earn Extra Cash Online...

12 Free Mobile Apps For Making Extra Cash

#1 – Inbox Dollars

InboxDollars is a great app because you get paid when you play games, search the internet, or take surveys.  It is also a free download and you get $5 just for signing up.  The payout is made by check when you get to $30.

#2 – i-Say Mobile

Another great app is i-Say Mobile.  This is a survey app by Ipsos. Most of the surveys take about ten to fifteen minutes to complete and will pay about $1 or $2.  However, other much longer ones can pay as much as $95. The rewards are in points redeemable for gift cards, Paypal, iTunes or Amazon.

#3 – Mobee

Mobee is an app for mystery shoppers.  Basically you go undercover and rate some of your local stores for cleanliness, service, etc. and get paid.  Pay can be $8 or less.

#4 – National Consumer Panel

The National Consumer Panel (formerly Nielsen Homescan) will allow you to scan your grocery bar codes using your phone.  You send the information to Nielsen and get gift points in return.  You can then redeem those for merchandise such as jewelry, toys, electronics, and the like.

#5 – Media Panel App

With the Media Panel App you have an app that measures how you share and view mobile data, digital data, social and TV as well.  They pay $5 each month for each device you download the app on.  You can download it on as many as 3 devices and once you cross the 12 week mark, you get an extra $5.

#6 – Slidejoy

Slidejoy is an app that once downloaded will put up ads on the lock screen of your smartphone but it will need to be Android.  They pay a monthly amount for that.

#7 – Bookscouter

If you have lots of books collecting dust at home using Bookscouter will get you a buyer real quick.  Simply scan the barcode on your books and you automatically have access to more than 20 buyback companies.

#8 – Ibotta

Since you are always buying stuff why not get Ibotta (Read full review)! It will pay you for taking pictures of the receipts you bring home.  You get all kinds of rebates. So much money for uploading a receipt that shows you bought a certain product or shopped from a certain store.

#9 – Screenpay

ScreenPay (No longer available) works just like Slidejoy.  They put apps on your lock screen and pay $3 every month with a sign on bonus of $1. Again you need to have an android phone for this.

#9 – Field Agent

Field Agent gives simple tasks that you complete and get paid between $2 and $8 on average via Paypal. This app then pays you based on the task you have just completed.

#10 – ESPN Streak

If you like predicting games and are pretty good at it then ESPN Streak for the Cash is the right app for you.  If have a long streak of right predictions you get paid.

#11 – ReceiptHog

ReceiptHog works very much like Ibotta.  Take pictures of your receipts and you get redeemable points for Amazon and Paypal. Any receipt you take a picture of will give you points.


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