9 Side Jobs for Teens: Work and Earn Online from Anywhere

Did you know there are many flexible side jobs for teens to earn money from anywhere?

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When your kids hit their teens they often start asking for expensive things whether it's electronics, shoes, clothes, or video games. I used to be a teen so I know as well as anyone.

The silver lining though is that teens often have a desire to make their own money so they can feel independent and pay for a few things. Allowing your teen to make their own money is also a great way to teach them about budgeting and money management. 

Luckily, there are many flexible ways for teens to start making money online. Check out these 9 side jobs for teens who want to work and earn money online from anywhere.

Looking for flexible side jobs for teens? Here are 9 of the best ways to work flexibly and earn money online from anywhere9 Best Flexible Side Jobs For Teens

1. Etsy

Owning an Etsy store can be a great side job for teens to showcase their creative abilities and make great money doing so. They can start an online Etsy shop and sell different embroidery projects, crocheting, and other crafts.

Anyone under 13 isn’t allowed to have an Etsy store but once your child is at least 13 years old they are able to use Etsy if you supervise their account. The parent is the technical owner of the account but the child can use it under their parent's name. The financial information for the account must be in a parent or guardian's name. 

2. Rover

Pet lovers can use Rover to earn for walking and watching dogs. Many teens help care for their pets at home so they often have experience working with animals which is a plus. Once your teen turns 18, they can begin earning on the platform.

Unfortunately, even if a parent signs them up a child under 18 isn’t allowed to make money on Rover. Top sitters earn up to $1,000 per month caring for pets so this can be a very profitable and flexible side job for teens.


3. Take Surveys

Something teens can do right from their computers is complete surveys. Sites like Swagbucks and Survey Junkie let kids 13 and older earn. The great thing about sites like these is the earning isn’t just limited to surveys.

The sites also let you play games, watch videos, and search the internet to rack up points to go towards a gift card. Both sites though are known for members sharing their opinion on a wide range of topics. Members can log in daily to check for new surveys. 

Survey sites are something the whole family can do together. There are some sites like PanelPolls and KidzEyes that allows children aged 6-12 to sign up with parental consent. 

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4. Tutoring Side Jobs for Teens

Register on Enroll to start making money to test and give opinions on websites. As long as the teen is 13-years or older then they can use the platform. If you live in a European Union you have to be at least 16.

Enroll will give you a chance to get a first look at what companies are working on and trying to roll out and provide an opinion on it. 

5. Teach English with Same Speak 

Earn $10 for every 30 minutes of tutoring you do with Same Speak. Teens 16-year-olds can teach English to those seeking help. Classes are held on Skype. This platform helps given non-native speakers plenty of time to help practice English. Payments are sent every Friday as long as you have earned at least $100.

Teens can also request payments that are under $100  by simply pressing the request payment button and money will be delivered within 3-5 business days. 

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6. Babysitting Side Jobs for Teens

If your teen wants to earn money by babysitting the best site to check out is Care.com. If a teen is between 14-17 a guardian must apply for the teenager. They look for responsible people on care.com because caregivers on the site have to know what to do in certain situations like when a child is choking, gets a minor scrap, there’s a fire, or the child runs off.

If you’re brand new to babysitting they do ask for you to have adult supervision at first. You make the rate with the parents prior to starting a job. You may have to interview before beginning the work they are either done over the phone or in person. 

7. Bookscouter

Older teens can sell their old textbooks on Bookscouter. College freshmen can sell back their old textbooks for a profit. The site will collect prices from multiple sites and have them in one place for you to choose from. Most vendors pay you within 3-5 days of checking and receiving your books. PayPal is the preferred payment method, but paper checks can be sent.

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8. Make YouTube Videos

Teens can also make good use of their time making videos on YouTube. YouTube is all about viewers and how many people the content reaches. Kids can have success there. It's not unheard of to see YouTubers like 8-year-old Ryan from Ryan’s World who earned 26 million in 2019 and has 24 million subscribers.

There are plenty of other success stories out there. People go to YouTube for entertainment and if your teen is good behind a camera this can be a perfect way for them to earn money. Google Adsense is a way to start earning through ads. 

9. Become A Voice Over Actor

Has your teen expressed an interest in voice acting? Voices.com does let teens have an account. There is no age requirement for the site, but any child under 13 has to be registered under a Child account. Before being chosen for a voiceover voice actors will have to read a script, record it, and send it back to the client. 

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Final Thoughts on Side Jobs for Teens

Teenage years are the perfect time to help your child start earning their own money so they can enjoy spending and saving it. There are so many opportunities to get started. Most of these options can be started as early as 13-years-old. It’s a great way to help your children use their time valuably and make some money doing it.  

Have you looked into flexible side jobs for teens yet? Why or why not?


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