Slice the Pie Review: Get Paid To Listen To Music Online

Slice the Pie is a site that was created to give upcoming artists a chance to showcase their music and have it reviewed. This can lead to them being able to raise funds for the creation of their first album. Members are able to write short reviews which enables you to earn a little extra money yourself.

When signing up, you’re asked to rate a variety of music on a “Love to Hate” scale. You may be asked to rate a variety of tunes, so if you feel uncomfortable reviewing a certain area of music, you can always skip it.

How Does Slice the Pie Works?

Here’s how it works – I have share a video tutorial explaining step by step on how to get setup and start reviewing your first song with Slice the Pie.


Tips To Earn Money with Slice the Pie

Slice the Pie Review: Payment Proof and Video Tutorial

Whether you’re earning four cents, seven cents or 15 cents per review, increase your Slice the Pie earnings by learning some inside advice:

  • Give the site your full, undivided attention. It will be hard to give an honest review while you’re doing something else. To maximize your income with Slice the Pie, you should try to review as many tracks as possible per hour — so that will require much focus.
  • Start writing your review as soon as the track begins playing. This will help you describe how you honestly feel about the track. Try to have the review fully written in 90 seconds.
  • Write reviews quickly and easily by sticking to a method. The first sentence can be about the song's rhythm, then the second sentence can describe the instruments. Follow that sentence with your feelings about the vocals, then another sentence.

How To Get Started with Slice the Pie?

To get started, you would simply visit this Slice the Pie sign up link.

You will need a valid email address and Paypal account to receive payments. You can cashout as soon as you reach $10 in your account. Payments are sent out every Tuesday and Friday.

Final Thoughts

Slice the Pie is a great way to make  money quickly and easily. But keep in mind the pay is very low and could be time consuming.  However, if you’re the type of person who really enjoys listening to music and sharing your thoughts through a written review, then Slice the Pie is a good way to earn a bit of extra money for your effort.

Have you ever used Slice the Pie? How much money did you earn? Would you recommend it to others?

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  1. Desiree Lewis

    slice the pie is a legitimate site but you have to be creative with your writing becouse if you are not the system will notice

    1. I agree! They really expect your reviews to be genuine with a lot of detail.That’s actually how you are able to earn more money with Slice the Pie.

  2. dave

    That pay is nasty though. 2 cents for 90 seconds listening plus a written review? Up to 15 cents for 90 seconds at the top level? That means $6/hr *at most* if you’re working these non-stop and don’t have to deal with load times. Pretty bad recommendation, eh?

    1. Yes this is definitely only for extra money when you are bored lol. The whole purpose of this article was to show it is a legitimate company, not for anyone to make a living from it.

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