Work at Home Payment Proof – February 2015

Work at Home Payment Proof for February 2015. I have gathered this month's payment proof just to show that there are legitimate work at home jobs that REALLY PAY!Hello There! It's that time Again!

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I have gathered this month's payment proof just to show that there are legitimate work at home jobs that REALLY PAY! You just have to know where to find them. I hope this page will be an inspiration to those looking for a genuine way to make money online.


February 2015 – Work at Home Payment Proof

#1 – Survey Savvy 

This is a paid survey site that been in business since 1999. Survey Savvy pays typically pays members a minimum of $2-$3 per survey. Longer surveys pays up to $20 per completion. I have seen surveys last anywhere from 5 – 30 minutes long . All earnings are paid in cash via check once you have accumulated at least $1.00.

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Survey Savvy Payment Proof: $15.25

surveysavvy check


#2 –  YouTube

YouTube is a video sharing site that allows you to monetize your uploaded videos.  You must first become a Youtube partner and sign up for Google Adsense to monetize your video content. Most publishers earn between $0.30 and $2.50 CPMs from YouTube. (Example:., They average between $0.30 and $2.50 for every video per 1,000 views. To learn more about how to get started , watch this video tutorial>>

 YouTube Earnings for February: $127.00

youtube earnings

#3 – Slice the Pie 

Slice the Pie is a music reviewing site that pays you to rate music online. When you first sign up, you’re asked to rate a variety of music on a “Love to Hate” scale.  If you give a well written, detailed review, you will earn more money. Slice the Pie pays out every Tuesday and Friday, as long as you have at list $10 in your account.

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Slice the Pie Payment Proof: $51.00

slicethepie pp


#4  – WhatUsersDo

WhatUsersDo is a site that pays you to visit a website online and give your feedback. Members from anywhere can sign up and start making money. You are typically paid $8 per each website you test. You will also earn $2.00 per person you recommend to the site. A paypal is required to receive your earnings. To learn more about how to get started , watch this video tutorial.

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 WhatUsersDo Payment Proof: $14.00


#5 – Clickworker

Clickworker is a global company that recruit freelancers to work from home completing a variety of tasks. The amount you earn will depend on the project you’re working on. In their FAQ, Clickworker says that most workers average around $9 an hour. I have not experience that since I'm not on the site as much. Clickworker pays weekly via Paypal.

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ClickWorker Payment Proof Below: $10.00

Screenshot_2015-02-27-19-56-31 Screenshot_2015-02-27-19-56-46

#6 – Call Center QA

Call Center QA recruits US telephone mystery shoppers to work from home. This is deal work especially for those that don't want to be held to a computer. The work involves you calling businesses asking about products and services. CallCenter QA pays weekly via Paypal.

Click Here To Apply for Call Center QA>>

Call Center QA Payment Proof: $55.00

Screenshot_2015-02-27-20-01-24 Screenshot_2015-02-27-20-01-36 Screenshot_2015-02-27-20-01-45

Total Income Earnings: $257.00

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  1. MSJohnsonLewis

    Hey Shay I appreciate all that you do. Thank you.

    1. Lashay H.

      Hey Ms. Johnson! You are very welcome 🙂

  2. Layne

    Thank you, Lashay! Really appreciate all the work you do! Could you let me/us know how long it took you to accumulate the earnings you received for these (except probably Youtube, since I won’t be doing that, and WhatUsersDo since it seems that is all just your referral payments). I would greatly appreciate it! Very interested in them, but just curious how long ti takes to accumulate a decent amount. Thank you!!!!

    1. Lashay H.

      Hey Layne! You’re Welcome dear. For Survey Savvy, it took me about 2 months to receive my first check from them, since the processing time is quite lengthy. For Clickworker,it takes me the whole month since I am not on that site very much. Call Center QA pays weekly, and those are mostly referral payments as well. I have heard some complaints from some people saying that it took them a few weeks to receive their payment. So it seems it vary per person. For Slice the Pie, it takes me about 2 weeks to make the cashout minimum, so part is from me reviewing and also people that are signed up under me. They will pay faithfully every Tuesday and Friday.

    2. Lashay H.

      You’re Welcome! 🙂 I have never downloaded The Survey Savvy Connect App, just because I’m always iffy about downloading things that are not necessary. So yes If you think the app is affecting your computer, you should disconnect it.

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