Intelichek Hiring! Get Paid To Make Mystery Shopping Calls from Home

InteliChek is looking to hire Certified Agents to assist with telephone mystery shopping to gather the general details about company pricing, services and other relevant information. It is an ideal job for stay at home moms or dads with a noisy home as they actually encourage background noise. Yes, you heard correct, it doesn’t matter if kids are screaming or music is playing, you are still able to make calls.

 Job Duties at Intelichek:

As a telephone mystery shopper for Intelichek, you will be responsible for gathering general and pricing information about products and services. Some of the data you gather include the cost of an oil change, the price of a specific tire, warranty information, hours of operation among others. Calls can be made using any type of phone as workers are not restricted to a landline. This position is open to people living in the US and Canada.

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Pay and Schedule:

Intelichek offers a guaranteed hourly rate of $10/hour plus commission.  The average agent earns in-between $15-$16/hour and this total includes the base guarantee plus the average commission paid out. Some seasoned agents earn as much as $25-$29/hour.  The pay is bi-weekly via check.

Intelichek offers great flexibility and allows you to work anytime between the hours 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST. You will need to commit to 15-25 hours a week between the hours between 9 am and 5 p.m, Monday to Saturday. You are hired as an independent contractor, meaning that you will are responsible for your own taxes, internet, computer, and other home expenses.

The best candidates must:

  • Excellent communication skills (written and verbal)
  • Provide a designated workspace with minimal distractions as possible.
  • Be comfortable with call recordings during call sessions.
  • Be available Monday through Friday (and available to work Saturday)
  • Open to optional schedule to choose daily full or part-time hours.
  • Maintain reliable high-speed internet, phone service and access to a desktop or laptop computer.
  • Be comfortable with commission-based pay with performance bonuses.
  • Be open to completing a mandatory skill-set questionnaire as a prerequisite to moving forward in the application process.
  • Have the ability to capture detail in an organized manner.
  • Provide exceptional phone etiquette and customer service.

How to Apply to Intelichek?

If you are interested in applying for a job at Intelichek, you must complete an online application.

Apply here: InteliChek Open Roles

Intelichek is a 100% remote team who promotes work-life balance. Candidates in the United States may apply for this role. Competitive salaries and equal employment opportunities available in their careers.

Intelichek Review: Get Paid To Make Mystery Shopping Calls from Home

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