10 Bad Signs To Avoid During Your Remote Job Search

When on the job-seeking trail you may feel that you need to accept the first offer you get for the sake of securing a job and making money as quickly as possible. 

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However, while job searching there are certain red flags and not so obvious signs to avoid during your remote job search.

Today you will learn that there are several ways to identify if a particular job is right for you. 

There are different stages in the recruitment process that will show your best attributes and how valuable you are to a company. But these stages should also be used to see if the company is right for you.

10 Bad Remote Job Search Signs To Avoid

Here are 10 bad signs to avoid during your remote job search.

1. Vague Job Description

When reading the job description there should be no confusion as to what you’ll be required to do and how to qualify. 

Vague descriptions signal an employer who is not sure exactly what they need and might be seeking an all-purpose employee. 

They may also be on the lookout for unrealistic skills and qualifications. This can be an indicator that you’ll be assigned multiple responsibilities while being underpaid.

2. No Opportunity for Growth

When being interviewed ask about opportunities for growth. If the recruiter keeps dodging the question, this means that the job may be a stagnant position. 

Candidates can get roped into a dead-end position that often becomes tedious causing job dissatisfaction.

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3. Lengthy Recruitment Process

After an interview, waiting for a response can feel like forever. If you have not received a response within a few weeks or months, this shows your employer may not be eager to fill the position. 

Unless there is a good reason for such a late offer, you might want to think twice about accepting the job as it might also jeopardize other successful job offers you may receive.

4. High Turnover

A major red flag is a high turnover of staff. Why are staff not staying in the position for very long? If you constantly see the same position being advertised after a few months, this is an indicator of high turnover.

You can do a bit of research through sites like Trust Pilot, Better Business Bureau and Glassdoor to read staff comments.

Also, make sure to ask about the history of the position you’ve applied for as you might very well end up job hunting again in a few months.

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5. Low Salary and Few Benefits

Look out for keywords such as ‘earning potential’ or ‘great commissions’ if you’re not involved in Sales. If a recruiter stresses on earning potential rather than actual salary, that’s a bad sign.

In some cases it’s not all bad, a lower salary with many benefits including a health and retirement plan, travel and study allowances with paid vacations can be worth it. 

However, a job with a low salary and no benefits may not be worth your time. 

6. Lack of Communication

Communication after an interview is a major way to identify red flags. If you accepted an offer and the company has not reached out for the onboarding process within a realistic timeframe this identifies poor communication. 

It may sound strange but some recruiters may overload you with information too and be very eager for you to start the job. Be cautious and curious as to why!

7. Poor Company Reputation

Always do your research. Check the latest news about any company you plan to join. 

If journalists are reporting them for the wrong reasons such as breach of ethics and financial issues, you may want to take a step back. 

If you’re able to get reviews from current and past employees that would also be useful. 

8. Illegal Interview Questions

When in an interview conversation should flow naturally. Only relevant information should be asked and shared. 

If you’re being asked a series of illegal interview questions such as race, religion or political beliefs, or financial questions about your previous job, think twice before accepting.

9. Terms of Employment Constantly Change

Make sure to take a mental note of what is being offered before accepting a job whether in office or remote. 

Carefully read your terms of employment in case of any changes that you might not be aware of.

For instance, if 12 days of paid vacation leave was mentioned and you’re offered only 8 days this is a sign that terms might change hence your employer won’t always honor their promises.

This could lead to scope creep of work duties and you end up doing a lot more than you’re being paid to do.

10. Compulsory Overtime 

This is one major red flag you need to definitely avoid. Work-life balance is important and a company that mandates overtime limits that flexibility. 

Working overtime during a busy time of year is acceptable but all the time shows the company may be understaffed and poorly managed.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know what signs to look out for you are now on your way to finding the right remote job to suit your skills and experience. 

Become a valued member of staff with a company that will communicate well and appreciate your skills and time. They should provide a comfortable environment for you to work and grow and get paid an amount that you are happy to earn.

Share this post with others who may be finding it difficult when searching for the ideal remote job. They may just be missing some of the bad signs they should be avoiding.

10 Bad Signs To Avoid During Your Remote Job Search

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