Avoid These 5 Resume Mistakes During Your Remote Job Search

Writing a role-winning resume is tough work. You constantly hear about what should be included, but rarely what should be left off. It’s also a lot more than just getting rid of typos and irrelevant hobbies. 

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If you want your resume to shout “Hire me!” make sure to avoid these 5 resume mistakes that can hurt you during your remote job search. 

Common Resume Mistakes to Avoid

Resume Mistake #1 – Boring Resume Intro Statement 

When sending out your resume, it needs to really stand out, attract attention and draw the reader in. 

You want the potential recruiter to be so interested in what’s in the resume introduction that they’re eager to know more about you. That is the aim of the introductory statement.

Your opening statement should be a direct and short summary listing your qualities, skills, and achievements all in a brief statement that you can expand on later in the resume.

The common mistake made is that too much information is placed in the introduction and vague soft skill descriptions are used rather than direct words that explicitly tell the reader what you can do and how you can do it.

Use action words such as delivered, collaborated, improved, maximized to express your accomplishments and knowledge.

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Resume Mistake #2 – Poor Resume Structure 

Another common mistake is poor resume structure. A good-looking resume with poor structure and layout is no good to anyone. Ensure that the structure of your resume is set out correctly for easy reading. 

Be aware that Hiring Managers don’t have much time to scan through a resume. Having your resume structured correctly helps them to identify relevant information quickly and also shows off your best qualities. 

Make sure to use subheadings, clear non-cursive fonts, and bullet points to increase readability. 

Use keywords from the job description and submit your resume in the format requested such as a Google Document link, Microsoft Word, or a Pdf.

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Resume Mistake #3 – Not Highlighting Your Achievements

A major mistake that can hurt your chances of getting a remote job is not fully highlighting your achievements on your resume. 

This is not something to overlook as it is critical to an employer to know what you can contribute to their company. 

The results at your previous and current employment not only show the role you played in the company's success but also your work ethic and help to make your resume more memorable to the reader. 

Don’t be afraid to share your accomplishments with a future employer.

Use examples such as, boosted company sales in the first quarter of 2020 from 15% to 30% by creating strong bonds with new clients.” 

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Resume Mistake #4 – Omitting Dates

You may decide to omit dates and time periods for various reasons but this can sometimes go against you.

Having gaps in your resume will automatically raise questions and may bring up issues in regards to honesty and that is something that you definitely want to avoid.

Of course, some omissions are totally understandable as your very first weekend job as a paperboy or girl would not be relevant to a current managerial application.

On the other hand, one of the main reasons for omitting dates is ageism. 

Having to reveal your age as an older employee can seem daunting but being truthful will definitely be a benefit as your extensive experience will shine through on your resume.

Resume Mistake #5 – Creating One Standard Resume

Major mistake number five when submitting your resume is not tailoring it to fit the job you are applying for.

This is an absolute no-no. One resume does not fit all job descriptions. You will have to tailor your resume to match the requirements if you are qualified for the remote position.

It may seem tedious to constantly update your details, but submitting a set resume to several remote jobs is a bad idea. This will lead to your resume not being noticed. or noticed for the wrong reasons.

Customize the information, especially the summary statement and your skills and ensure you add keywords from the job posts. 

You may not realize it but the Application Tracking System can identify keywords on your resume making you a well-matched applicant.

Final Thoughts on Avoiding Resume Mistakes

Now that you know what you should not do when preparing your resume you are well on your way to creating an eye-catching, well-structured, job-winning resume.

Avoiding the five common mistakes listed above will increase your chances of being hired for your ideal remote position. 

Did you find this post useful? Make sure to implement all that you have read and don’t forget to share it with others who are looking for remote jobs.

Avoid these resume mistakes pinthat can hurt you during your remote job search

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