7 Easy Resume Hacks You Can Do To Get Hired Faster

Whether you’re looking for an online job or a traditional face-to-face job the contents of your resume determine whether you impress recruiters to get an interview or not. That means you will need to update and add some easy resume hacks to get hired. 

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Grabbing a potential employer's attention and making them eager to meet you is the ultimate goal, and tailoring your resume is the ideal way for an automatic pass to the next level.

Hiring managers from various companies sort through resumes regularly. With hundreds of applicants applying for offline and online jobs, you need to capture the reader’s attention within the first few seconds. 

So what are the steps that you need to take? Well, if you follow these seven steps below you'll be scheduled for an interview in no time.

Ways to Make Your Resume Stand Out 

Having a great-looking resume template is an excellent idea but can only bring you so far as to capture the employer’s attention. The suggested resume hacks below should, however, help you to get the interview then ultimately your ideal job. 

Depending on your current working requirements, you may be wondering what about writing a resume for remote jobs. Well, it’s no different. 

In the last year and a half, most have had some kind of online work experience. During the pandemic, many had to work from home and learn new ways to communicate and carry out tasks as easily and as quickly as possible.

Make sure to mention any relevant remote work you have done and new applications that you have learned to use especially if they are in-demand apps that companies are requesting or ones that could help a potential employer in their business.

For instance, don’t forget to mention software such as Zoom, Slack, G-Suite, Microsoft Teams.

Now onto the top seven helpful resume ideas.

#1 – Introduce Yourself 

The first thing an employer should notice when looking at your resume is your name. Ensure it doesn’t have the same font size as the rest of your resume. Make it big and bold! Below your name, list your contact details (address, email, phone number).

#2 – Write A Good Summary Statement 

Your summary statement should be short yet informative with around 2-3 sentences. State your experience, skills, and achievements that make you qualified for the job. For example:

An interactive customer sales agent with 6+ years of experience in a call center environment. Skilled at transforming customer queries into actions increasing revenue and customer loyalty.

#3 – Quantify your Experience

When writing or updating your resume make sure to only mention work experience related to the job you’re applying for. There’s no need to mention your first job from 20 years ago when you were 16 and worked at your local supermarket packing groceries. Unless it’s truly relevant.

Employers are pleased to see that you have work experience. However, quantifying your experience will make your resume even better. 

Example: Assisted over 35 customers daily and increased sales by 8% based on exceptional product knowledge.


#4 – Be Concise

Lengthy paragraphs tend to turn off employers. Make your points short, spicy, and avoid using unnecessary words. 

Don’t just state what you can do, be specific by giving a snapshot of the major responsibilities and skills you have. Also, ensure they’re aligned with the job description.

#5 – Make Your Resume Readable

Use simple words to write simple sentences. Writing an impressive resume doesn’t mean you need technical jargon in every sentence. Explain simply how you will be able to provide value to the organization.

#6 – Properly Organize Resume

A well-organized professional resume is easily recognized and selected for review. Once you have a well set out resume it makes it easier to read and be able to pick out the most important points.

Carefully select and use fonts such as Times New Roman, Arial or Calibri, of a readable font size of 12. Using bright colors are considered unprofessional so using black, white, and blue are acceptable.

#7 – Proofread

After writing your resume, a must-do is to proofread your document to ensure there are no errors. It's also a wise idea to get someone else to read it too as sometimes you can miss your own mistakes.You could also use a free proofreading site like Paperrater to proofread the document for you. This allows for an easy read showing your professionalism and ability to carry out the qualities of a detail-oriented person.

Final Thoughts

Your resume can always do with a makeover especially if it hasn’t been updated for a while. Your most up-to-date skills and job roles must be added and remember that employers have limited time and short attention spans so applying these resume tips is important. 

Try to add these seven simple ways to make your resume better to capture the potential employer’s attention within 5 seconds of reading. Adding these resume hacks will not only increase your chances of getting interviewed but eventually hired.

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Your resume can always do with a makeover. Adding these resume hacks will not only increase your chances of getting interviewed for a remote job, but eventually hired faster.

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    Do you have suggestions for stay-at-home moms who haven’t been out in the working field? I’ve done online jobs, but I feel like my resume could use some work.

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