How To Improve Your Resume : 5 Simple Tweaks You Can Try Now!

Before presenting your resume to a potential employer one of the first things that you need to do is to check your resume to see that it is fully up-to-date. You may need to make some changes so let me share with you some simple ideas on how to improve your resume this year.

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Tips on How to Improve Your Resume

You not only want your resume to look great but you want it to really shine compared to other resumes that an employer will receive. You want yours to clearly show what you can do, how you can be a great help to an organization and how you can assist a business be more profitable, streamlined, organized and productive.

You can do this just by making a few small tweaks to your resume that will make a big impact.

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1. Add Your Business Links

One of the things that can easily upgrade your resume is adding live links within your digital document. This could be in the form of using linked icons such as LinkedIn, your website, and other relevant social media pages such as Facebook.

It is always said that a resume should never be longer than two pages and with these additional links you are able to expand on your skills and experience and may even have visual examples of your work contained in your links.

Another benefit is that any testimonials, reviews or ratings can be shared with your potential employer or new client through these links.

2. Use Simple Formatting for Your Resume

The key to making your resume stand out is to use easy-to-read fonts, larger or bold text for emphasis, and bullet points for highlighting important information. The font Arial and the classic Times New Roman are easy to scan and read and when used in the right way will make your resume look attractive.

Make sure to use equal spacing to make sentences and paragraphs look clear and to avoid an overcrowded wall of text.

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 3. Break the Number Rule

To save space and to make your resume easily scannable use numbers when writing text. So rather than spelling out the numbered word if less than 10, use the number instead. 

For example, “nine successful outbound sale calls made in a day resulted in a fifty eight per cent increase in revenue for the month of May” can be written as “9 successful outbound sale calls made in a day resulted in a 58% increase in revenue in the month of May.”

Remember you only have a maximum of 2 pages to express what you can offer a company or future client so this resume hack is a great space saver.

4. Provide Examples of Your Successes

As mentioned earlier you will need to review your resume to see how and where you can update it and how you can make it look and sound fresh and relevant to the job you are applying for.

A great way is to list your work successes as a way to show how you can help an employer improve their business with your help. Don’t forget to add the years of skills and experience in both your work and home life to provide solutions.

So, for instance, if you’ve moved from commuting to remote working and achieved more productivity, then you can share that information on how you did it when applying for a remote position.

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5. Add Name and File Format

Another great way to make your resume stands out is to make sure your resume filename is named after you and that your name can be clearly seen on the first page. This makes it easy for an employer to find your file easily when searching through their files whether hard copy or digitally. 

Another useful resume tip is to make your resume available in various formats. Why? Because some online application platforms may list special instructions in how they want to receive your resume. 

You might need to populate a text box, upload a file in Microsoft Word, a PDF, and occasionally an image file. So it makes sense for you to have your updated resume ready in various formats.

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Final Thoughts

Now that you know the ways to improve your resume by introducing these simple resume hacks you can update and have your work experience document looking great in no time to take you to the next step of having an interview and a new job.

If you found these resume ideas useful why not share this post with others so that they too can tweak and revamp their resume to job success!


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