How To Write an Eye-Catching Resume Summary

Capturing the attention of hiring managers with the first few sentences on your resume summary is crucial. Your summary statement is a big push factor that helps determine whether you land an interview or not. 

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For this post, I’ll show you how to write an eye-catching resume summary with job-winning examples. 

What is a Resume Summary?

A resume summary is a professional statement that sits below the applicant’s contact information. It consists of 3-5 sentences and allows recruiters to get a sense of a candidate’s qualifications, skills and experience before diving further into their resume. 

In short, a resume summary is an elevator pitch.

How to Write a Resume Summary?


Before you think of putting your fingers on the keyboard, head back to the job description and read over. 

Scan through the information to find keywords and use them to maximize your chances for selection. Remember, Applicant Tracking Systems are programmed to search resumes with keywords. 

Identify who exactly the company is looking for and what qualities a potential candidate must possess.

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You should already be aware that a resume should not be any more than 2 pages. Therefore, you have limited space to add lots of detail to your resume. 

This can pose a problem if you are unable to summarize clearly in a way that will make you stand out from the other candidates.

From the job post, identify the problems and how you’ll be able to solve them. With the information collected, state three to four unique things that define you as a professional and would make you the perfect hire.

Add Numbers

Rather than just stating what you did, quantify your accomplishments. If you’re unable to state exact figures use a range or estimate. 

Hiring managers will be more inclined to continue reading and this makes your statement more credible. Numbers can be in the form of dollar amounts, percentages or lengths of time. 

Be Concise 

Make a note that the request is for a resume summary. Keep it short and to the point. When you’ve accomplished a lot, it can be very tempting to pile all that into your resume. 

For instance, limit your information to the last 10 years. Be specific and relevant to the job you are applying for when stating your skills and experiences but don’t just list them. Use a few dynamic describing words to display your passion for the position. 

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Resume Summary Examples

To set you on the right path here are a few examples that can guide you to writing an eye-catching and job-winning resume summary.

Example #1: 

A motivated and well-organized e-commerce executive with 6+ years of experience. Passionate about developing new businesses and planning marketing strategies. At PFC Inc. increased revenue by 35%, boosted ROI by 45% YOY, and reduced annual costs by 20%. Now aspiring to boost and redefine JDE'S Key Performance Indicators. 

Example #2:

A Marketing Director with 12 years of experience leading teams in market research and innovative campaign design. Led the team that created the Naturals Hair Serum campaign that won the Hair and Beauty Award in 2014. I was featured in Top Marketers Magazine, in July 2015 for launching the multi-billion-dollar PRP Project. An influential, and results-oriented leader committed to mentoring new marketers.

Example #3:

A patient and energetic bilingual customer service specialist with 5+ years of experience in tech support, and customer care. Experienced in using Intercom and Microsoft Dynamics. Received an average 93% customer satisfaction rating to date, 20% higher than the company average.

Final Thoughts on Writing A Winning Resume Summary

An excellent resume summary is your job-seeking wingman. It highlights the value you’re able to bring to the table. 

Once you can attract and reel in your resume reader in the first few sentences you’re well on your way to getting an interview.

Make your resume summary compelling to any hiring manager by using these simple steps and examples to improve your summarized introduction. The quicker you update your resume with these helpful tips the quicker a recruiter will want you on their team.

Struggling to write a winning resume summary? Learn how to write an eye-catching resume summary with job-winning examples.

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