How To Use Instagram to Search for Remote Work from Home Jobs

Have you ever used Instagram to search for work from home jobs?

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When we think of using social media for job hunting, the platform that comes to mind is LinkedIn. It’s crowded with recruiters trying to find suitable candidates for jobs, but did you know Instagram is another source you can tap into? 

Hiring professionals are using the Instagram platform to help find the best fit for their companies. 

Here are 5 effective ways how to use Instagram to search for work from home jobs and how it will make your job-hunting process easier. 

Make Your Account Professional

If you already have a personal Instagram Account but also using your account to find remote jobs, do this first.

  • Review the content you have posted. 
  • Check if it reflects your professional life? 
  • Does the content jeopardize or increase your chances of landing a job? 
  • If concerned create a separate professional Instagram account to help your job search. 
  • Be careful when creating a separate account as recruiters want to see your social side too. This can help them to see your friendliness, team spirit, and family values which can show good principles and work-life balance.

Go Public

Make sure your Instagram account is public so that it is accessible to everyone including potential employers. 

You’re building your brand so add a professional-looking profile photo or a relatable profile image and fill the bio section stating your line of work, interests, and accomplishments. 

It’s a good idea to also include links to your other social media accounts like LinkedIn and Twitter. 

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Display Your Skills 

As Instagram is a place where you can upload attractive images why not post photos using key hashtags to highlight winning moments. 

Engaging pictures can definitely boost your chances of finding a job. Share your work by showing a snapshot of what you can do. 

For instance, if you’re a graphic designer, Instagram is the perfect social platform to show off your best work.

If you have pictures of events that you were actively involved in such as a conference share that too. 

Post a photo with a professional caption and ensure that the tags used relate to your industry or niche. Again, update your bio to take potential clients to your linked resume or portfolio.

If you’re an expert at using Instagram another popular way of becoming recognized by employers is to create reels. You can create a reel of you productively working which can help increase the reach of your account. 

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Use Hashtags

One of the easiest ways to gain the attention of the right audience is by using relevant hashtags. 

Using hashtags can help you to network with other professionals in your field and also help to put you on the radar and connect you to the right opportunities. 

Examples of easy yet essential hashtags you can use when looking for work from home jobs are:

  • #Remotework
  • #Jobs
  • #Workfromhome
  • #Jobsearch
  • #virtual
  • #freelance
  • #flexjobs
  • #dreamhomebasedwork

It helps to be specific by tagging the position you’re looking for and using keywords relating to the job in captions for your photos and reels. 

For example, if you are a social media manager you would include the keywords social media in your caption with hashtags of the different platforms. #Instagram, #Facebook, #Twitter etc.

Follow the Right Instagram Accounts

An essential task to do when trying to find online work is to follow Instagram accounts of companies that you would like to work for. 

By doing this you will get curious people checking your account and you will start to receive regular updates on the latest job offers from these companies. 

Another tip is don’t just click the follow button of the companies, engage with a comment where you can. Offer suggestions and make sure to also follow the key professionals in your industry. 

You might just end up becoming a potential employee because you interacted with their posts.

Keep Your Instagram Up-to-date

One thing with social media, there are a whole lot of platforms, and trying to stay on top of all of them can be overwhelming. 

Having an Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, plus all the other social platforms means they all have to be kept up-to-date.

You can easily fall into the bad habit of not updating your social accounts including Instagram. This is a bad idea when you’re looking for work online.

Not consistently updating your account will reduce your reach as you are not engaging with your audience ad providing fresh content.

To make things easier you can simply schedule interesting and relevant content using a social media scheduling tool.

Final Thoughts

Learning how to use Instagram to search for work from home jobs in the right way is an effective method to help you boost networking opportunities with experienced industry personnel. 

Instagram allows you to showcase your skills and is a great platform for both new and experienced freelancers such as graphic designers to show completed projects and attract new employers and clients. 

Why not follow these 6 steps to upgrade your Instagram account to find the ideal remote job?

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