Best 9 Virtual Interview Tips to Help You Land a Job

You just got the exciting news that you’ve been selected for the remote position you applied for and they want to interview you virtually. What do you do? Do you know the right steps take to get ready for a virtual interview? Well here are just a few virtual interview tips to help you land your ideal remote job.

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Helpful Virtual Interview Tips

1. Get Prepared

This might seem obvious but you have to put as much effort to get ready for a virtual interview as you do an in-person interview if not more. 

  • Make sure to do research on the company or business and write down any key points that you can refer to so that you can ask relevant questions
  • As the interview will be a virtual call make sure that you upload the latest application to the device that the call will be done on. This could be Zoom or other applications.
  • Make sure to test the audio and video equipment on your pc, laptop, or phone beforehand.
  • Make sure to have a backup internet service so top up that data on your phone so it can used as a hotspot. Have a power bank nearby just in case. (I’ve personally had instances where the local power company or internet provider was doing work in my local area and I ended up being without power and internet for a couple of hours).

Things happen and the last thing you want is to miss out on a great online job opportunity.

2. Be On Time

Attending your virtual interview on time is a standard requirement. Being early shows professionalism and as mentioned earlier also gives you time to sort out any technical gremlins before the start of the interview.

3. Choose a Suitable Location

Choose your meeting location wisely. Make sure that your environment is quiet and free from distractions and interruptions. Check the lighting of the room or add additional lighting where possible so that you can be seen clearly during the virtual interview.

Look around your environment, is your surroundings neat or cluttered and unorganized? For your background to look the best you can use a blank wall or a separation screen. You also have the option to use a professional-looking virtual background too.

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4. Inform Household of Your Appointment

To avoid interruptions from family members, friends and even pets inform them of a specific time when you should not be disturbed. If you have young children such as toddlers or babies arrange for someone to babysit and that your pet dog be taken for a walk in case of barking during your scheduled interview. 

5. Mute Your Devices

Don’t forget to place your devices on mute or do not disturb so that you are not distracted by unwanted calls and notifications during your virtual interview slot.

6. Dress the Part

Dressing for success even if it’s just the top half of you that will be seen. Dressing as if you’ve already got the job will give you a boost of confidence during the interview. 

Find suitable attire that will impress but not intimidate or look out of place and don’t forget, your personal grooming must also be on point, no messy bun. These modern-day HD cameras are no joke when it comes to showing up every detail.

7. Communicate Clearly

A noticeable habit that tends to happen due to nerves is speaking too quickly and you do want to give the best impression in your interview. Pronounce your words clearly and slowly so that the interviewer will fully understand. This will also help in case there are any glitches with the video image.

8. Listen Carefully

Listening is an important factor in communicating well. Listening means you are paying attention and will allow you to communicate better when responding to questions.

When going through an online interview there may be technical feedback issues or audio delays so do make sure to pause and listen to ensure that you hear everything that is being said.

9. Observe Facial Expressions and Body Language

Being able to read facial expressions when speaking remotely on a visual device helps with social cues. Your interviewer will be watching your reactions to various questions and your expressions can reveal how you truly feel about a situation.

Along with being dressed appropriately, your posture should be upright and relaxed. Try to smile as it will make you sound and look friendly.

Show enthusiasm and interest in whoever is speaking with you as this will express your interest in them, the company, and the actual virtual job.

Final Thoughts on Virtual Interview Tips

To review these basic virtual interview hacks make sure to do the following

  • Plan, prepare and practice
  • Always be punctual
  • Choose a suitable and comfortable location
  • Let family and friends know you are unavailable due to an appointment
  • Mute your devices to avoid distractions
  • Dress for interview success
  • Communicate clearly
  • Listen carefully
  • Watch for social cues including your own

If you follow these 9 simple steps for a successful virtual interview listed above you’re bound to be selected for the perfect remote job.

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9 Virtual Interview Tips to Help You Land a Job


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