Fancy Hands Review: Now Hiring Work from Home Virtual Assistants

A while back, I ran across a virtual assistant opportunity with Fancy Hands. You might have seen their ads on Craigslist and similar classified sites. The offer virtual assistance help for a pool of clients that are willing to pay for your help.

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Overview of Fancy Hands

The purpose of Fancy Hands is for workers to handle all small tasks that tie up a business professional’s valuable time. From simple errands to quick clerical duties, you will do a variety of everything when you work for Fancy Hands. Administrative jobs are always a favorite around for many, so I thought I would provide some great information about Fancy Hands. Here’s what I found out:

Fancy Hands Video Tutorial

What Type of Jobs Will I Do?

Here is an idea of some of the tasks you may complete for Fancy Hands:

  • Research information on the internet.
  • Make dinner plans and reservations.
  • Schedule doctor’s appointments.
  • Proofread an article.
  • Research travel plans for a client’s upcoming vacation 
  • Call and book a limo for client pick up at the airport.

All tasks can be completed with your cell phone or via the internet.


Do I Need a Landline Phone?

Unlike many phone jobs, Fancy Hands does not require you to have a landline phone for work. Calls are made through their computer system, then routed to your designated phone.

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How Much Does Fancy Hands Pay?

The pay depends on the type of jobs you do and how quickly you complete them. Fancy Hands claims to pay around  $3-$7, assuming that you can complete tasks within 15-20 minutes. According to Glassdoor, most workers average to earn about $12 per hour.

Some ads on Craigslist say the beginner virtual assistants can make $50 per day. Payments are made through Dwolla, similar to Paypal.

What are People Are Saying About Fancy Hands

If you check out reviews online, Fancy Hands seems to have pretty good feedback. They have received positive feedback from Time Magazine, Forbes, and Mashable. You can also get the inside scoop about Fancy Hands on the community forum.

How to Apply

You can apply to Keep in mind that job availability changes regularly. When they have enough workers to cover job assignments, they will post a message saying “Check Back Soon!”. Do not get discouraged if you see this message. Continue to check back for future openings.

Careers page

To apply, you will need to register with a Gmail account. You are not giving them access to your account, so don’t worry about spam. They require this for more organization with the company.  Good Luck!

Fancy Hands Review: Now Hiring Work from Home Virtual Assistants


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    This Post Has 12 Comments

    1. Dolores POLEN

      What can you do if you have no sales experience or start up fees.
      Thank you for your time you putting this information. My problem is college degree or sales experience, what can I do.

    2. Kathleen Filor

      I need help getting my pay check it was sent to my card but rejected due to my name was not on the check or account just letters and number . Ive been looking to see where to contact someone but Iam getting no where the payment referrance is 3ee 2c bae-03c77-45e6-8347-c8a 970cff313e

    3. ATLviaDMV

      As someone who used to work for Fancy Hands, please know that what they tell you is totally different than what is actually happening. As has already been shared with you, the majority of the tasks are nowhere near the $3.65 that Meghan has indicated.

      Their vetting process is next to nothing – complete an application and you’re basically hired. The training? A video that you can complete in a few minutes that shares with you how FH works, how you get paid, (you’re paid through Dwolla, but there is no tax forms given, so you’re basically working under the table), and that’s about it.

      Now, as for the work, well….when clients submit their task, it’s open season and anyone can grab it. Most folks look for the easier/less time-consuming tasks with a higher pay rate. Why? because, as has been shared previously, the pay rate is usually on the low end. I’ve seen a task for $2.18 – and that was paid whether it took that VA 15 minutes to complete or 4 days (that’s cents on the dollar there folks.)

      You even have some clients who will submit a request/task, it will be completed and then they’ll open it up again, adding on more work that had nothing to do with the original task. No worries, you’re still getting paid the original amount as the mentors/managers very rarely approves additional time, (and can be quite rude if you dare ask.)

      Also, please don’t take too long completing a task – and there’s no rhyme or reason as to what’s “too long”, it all depends on who the mentor/manager of the moment is, (you see, there’s no uniformity/consistency in policy with FH) – as the task can be reassigned to another VA and the original VA gets no credit. So, in essence, the original VA, who could have spent a few hours on a task, did not make any money.

      I joined FH in the hopes of picking up a little extra money, but after 2 weeks of work, (10 days), and only making $40, (that’s $4/day), I decided it just wasn’t worth it for me. Please know that my information is not a one-off complaint from a disgruntled ex-contractor. You’ve got two contractors who have commented previously, but you can also visit and see for yourself.

      If you’re looking to make a consistent, living wage with FH – you’ve come to the wrong place.

      1. Lashay H.

        Thank you so much for sharing your experience with them!

    4. Charlene Everette

      You should definitely try Habiliss ( which offers virtual assistant services.

    5. Kandi

      I was accepted for work with Fancy Hands, and tried it for one day; then decided it wasn’t for me. Here is what I based my decision upon:
      When I logged on, there were 2 unclaimed tasks, so I claimed them for myself. Each task paid under $3.00. After reviewing my tasks, I worked on the first one – for about 15 minutes and submitted it. Then I started working on the second one, thinking – “well at this rate, I will be earning about $10 per hour”. I found what I thought the second task needed and submitted it; then received a message that the information I send the first task needed more info. I did about 30 minutes of research and phone calls (through the Fancy Hands phone system so it does not charge my phone or look like it’s coming from my personal line). I submitted my answer and that one was accepted. Whew! 40 minutes for $3.00! Then I turned my attention back to task #2 after checking to see if there were any new, unclaimed tasks – but there weren’t. I worked on task #2 – back and forth with the client – for a period of 1 day, and about 2 hours of work, research and phone calls. I was ready to “unclaim” the task and be done with it, but something in me wanted to finish the job. After 2 days of some back and forth, I finally was able to give an answer that satisfied the client. All that work for less than $3.00. Wow! I really felt quite worthless at that point! I’ve made more money selling things online at ebay than that, and I thought ebay was a losing proposition!!
      Regarding Dwollo – it was easy to set up, and Fancy Hands was faithful to pay me – that part was good.
      After receiving payment, I decided two different days to give it a go – again. I’m a glutton for punishment!! I reviewed the available tasks, and all seemed to need quite a bit of detailed work. So I didn’t claim them.
      My aftermath is this: I currently work as an Admin Assistant, and LOVE the position (in a real world setting). I need to be able to work virtually due to family issues, and wanted to see if there is virtual work that is like what I do in the office setting. Fancy Hands is NOT that type of job. If you are seeking to be able to work for the same individual or maybe two different companies – then this isn’t for you!!

      1. Lashay H.

        Hi Kandi, Thank you for sharing your feedback about Fancy Hands. I have heard mixed reviews about the company, but I think this will definitely help others make a decision to go forth with this Fancy Hands.

      2. Facebook User

        I agree! I stopped working there because of this same issue with the
        pay plus the support system that they have is horrible to me! The way
        managers/ mentors response to you is in a very condescending way!

        Furthermore, I had a task that I picked up that took 2 hours or more to complete and
        when I tried to release it because I wasn’t aware that the task was
        going to take that long due to them posting that task should take 15 to
        20 minute a manager by the name of Scott responded in a extremely rude
        way about the whole process and didn’t even try to understand where I
        was coming from on why I needed to release the task.

        Therefore, I tried to email another manager by the name of Mandie to resolve the
        issue and she responded back to me in a very condescending way as well! I
        tried to brush everything off because at the time I was sick and had a
        lot going on and I wanted to start all over with them with apologizing
        and I got no response! How rude! I would not recommend this company to
        anyone in my personal opinion!

    6. Meghan

      Hey there, great article! I work for Fancy Hands, so I just wanted to clear a few things up that aren’t quite right.

      Unlimited long distance isn’t required because you don’t call out with your own phone. You call out via the phone system and then receive a phone call from the system that connects you to your call. That means you can call anywhere in the world without incurring any long distance on your own phone bill.

      Deciding what tasks you take isn’t determined during the application process, so you won’t have to choose. Each task that comes in can either be claimed or not claimed. It’s totally up to you which tasks you take.

      New workers don’t necessarily make any less than more seasoned workers. The prices per task don’t change as you move up the ranks. New earning opportunities may become available, but tasks are priced the same for everybody. Also, there are very few tasks priced below $2.75. That and $3.65 are the most common prices you’ll see. That is assuming that the task can be completed within 15-20 minutes. If it will take more than that, a manager might bump up the price according to how long it will take. I’ve seen small increases and huge increases so it really just depends on the task.

      Payments are made through Dwolla, not PayPal.

      Hopefully this is helpful. I just wanted to make sure you had all the correct information. Happy Monday!

      1. Lashay H.

        Hi Meghan! Thanks so much for writing in to update us. I have updated this article with that information 🙂

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